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Feedback E-mail Boris Kozintsev who maintains all this stuff. Include 3038 in the subject line to make sure you bypass the spam filter. Keren 30 Homepage of the Israeli 30-ka Graduates Club founded by Ilya (Eli) Kislyuk (1981, 7). The page is maintained in Jerusalem by Benjamin Dysin (1991, 2).

Webpage about A.R.Maizelis, by Boris Klimenkov.
A message from Boris Samsonovich Medved. A message from Alexey Dmitrievich Usachenko.
The homepage of The 30-ka FUND in America. The page is maintained by Bair Budaev (1971,4), Yuri Gusev (1975,5), Vadim Kagansky (1974,7), and Senia Klebanov (1982,4). School #38, 10b, 1970.
Another 30-school-related server maintained in S.-Petersburg by Boris Zaslavsky. The S.-Petersburg Club of 30th school graduates.
The class of 1951 (sent by Valeria Shadrova) School #30, 10-7, 1981
In Memory of Vladimir Komm Yet another 30-school-related server maintained in Florida by Nikolai Kozlovski.
http://www.fmg30.narod.ru http://phys-math30.narod.ru
http://www.pmg30111.narod.ru http://www.sch30.spb.ru
The official site: http://www.school30.spb.ru http://www.30ka.ru
Live Journal community LinkedIn community
St. Petersburg Mathematical Society on teaching math Papers on mathematical education @ math.ru
A TV program on math schools.
Mark Saul. Kerosinka: An Episode in the History of Soviet Mathematics, Notices of the AMS, 11, 1999.
A. Vershik. Admission to the mathematics faculty in Russia in the 1970s and 1980s, Math. Intelligencer, 16, 1994.
A. Shen. Entrance examinations to the Mekh-mat, Math. Intelligencer, 16, 1994.
I. Vardi. Mekh-mat entrance examinations problems, Prépublication.
The Culinary Institute of America.
The calculator museum. Quant magazine
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