#30/38 School Graduates (sorted by last name)

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Abajantsev Yury(1990, 1) e-mail: ayl@kot.spb.ru, ayl0901@mail.ru phone: (+7-812) 230-3994 profession: Computer engineer employer: KORUS Consulting position: Senior programmer country: Russia address: Malyi pr., P.S., h.1-b, fl.10 birthday: January 9, 1973 last updated on 01/27/09

Abelskaja Alexandra(1977, G, started in school #38) e-mail: pabelskiy@na.ko.com profession: Software Engineer country: Russia address: Spb last updated on 8/29/97

Abelskiy Pavel(1986, 1) e-mail: p31412@hotmail.com profession: Software development employer: selfemployed position: Consultant country: USA address: Atlanta, GA last updated on 09/06/01

Abikh Eugeniya(2002, 4) e-mail: foxrou@bk.ru, foxrou@lycos.ru, foxrou@yandex.ru url: http://www.foxrou.narod.ru phone: 351-47-28 profession: student URFAC country: Russia birthday: 07/12/1985 last updated on 04/22/03

Abkin Michael (1963, 2) e-mail: mabkin@optonline.net, michael.abkin@om.com phone: 201-794-0986 country: USA last updated on 04/15/03

Abramov Evgenia(1973, 5) e-mail: evgenia.abramov@intel.com profession: programmer employer: Intel country: Israel address: Haifa,Israel birthday: 8/8/56 last updated on 01/07/01

Abramova Liuba(1974, A, school 38) e-mail: mi_alexandre@mail.ru, kosta-prn@peterlink.ru phone: 4440806 profession: economist employer: Kosta Ltd. position: director country: Russia last updated on 06/12/04

Abramova Masha(1981, 7) e-mail: mabramova at list.ru phone: +7(812)269-61-09 profession: mathematics employer: Kosta Ltd position: Deputy director country: Russia address: St. Petersburg Sophijskaya 38-1-121 birthday: 29.11.1964 last updated on 07/30/05

Adamenko Anatoly(1968, 5) e-mail: adamenko@bhv.ru phone: (812) 251-65-01 profession: math., comp. science employer: Publishing House BHV-Petersburg position: Science Editor country: Russia address: 197046,S-Peterburg,Kuybysheva 10-95 birthday: 25 oct. 1951 last updated on 08/22/01

Aero Natalia(1991, 3) e-mail: na_spb@mail.ru; , n_e_aero@yahoo.co.uk phone: 812 936 66 52 profession: mathematician employer: Quadriga-Capital Russia position: Investment Officer country: Russia address: Chernishevskogo sq. 9-70, 196128 St.Petersburg, Russia birthday: 31/12/1974 last updated on 02/27/06

Afonin Peter(1991, 5) e-mail: pnafonin@yandex.ru url: http://www.spbrca.ru profession: professor employer: Russian Customs Academy position: the Head of Department of technicl means of customs control country: Russia birthday: 31.05.1974 last updated on 12/25/10

Aga(Ashkinadze) Luda(1969, 3) phone: 5210192 profession: Mathematic country: Russia address: St.Petersburg Nastavnikoff XX-XX

Agron (Tyomkin) Marina(1974, 3) e-mail: marina.tyomkin@gmail.com, marinat@molsa.gov.il phone: 972-2-5853679 profession: programmer country: Israel address: Jerusalem birthday: 26-04-1957 last updated on 02/21/07

Aglarov Stanslav Mamaikhanovich(1976, 2) e-mail: aglar@mlc.usr.pu.ru phone: 812-260-7396 profession: programmer employer: freelance position: programmer country: Russia address: Plehanova st. 26/27-12, St.Petersburg, Russia

Agranov Alexander(1991, 1) e-mail: alexagr@internet-zahav.net url: http://www.geocities.com/a_agranov phone: +927-54-928435 profession: Software Engineer + MSc. in Solid State Physics employer: Comgates (http://www.comgates.com) position: Senior Software Engineer country: Israel address: Shenkin 30/13, Givatayim, 53001 birthday: 17/01/1975 last updated on 05/08/02

Agranova Marina(1995, 2) e-mail: ma1372@nyu.edu profession: student country: USA address: New York birthday: 18/09/1978 last updated on 07/25/06

Akimov Mike Alexandrovich(1999, 3) profession: student employer: SPBGETY country: Russia last updated on 02/05/00

Akimtcev Vladislav(1964, 3) phone: +7 (812) 260-71-57 employer: SKBK position: sector chief country: Russia address: 192239, Russia, SPb,pr. Slavi., 5, ap. 31 last updated on 10/27/97

Akmaev Rashid(1968, 2) e-mail: akmaev@spb.colorado.edu phone: work:+1(303)492-0286; home:+1(303)499-2731 profession: Atmospheric Physics employer: University of Colorado position: Research Associate country: USA address: 2147 Holyoke Ln, Superior, CO 80027, USA

Akopov Anatoly(1964, 3) phone: +7 (812) 173-16-02 profession: psychologist employer: Nutry plus corp. position: manager country: Russia address: 192286, Russia, SPb, Dimitrova str., 18/1, ap. 66 last updated on 10/27/97

Akselrod Anton(1986, 5) e-mail: anton@introstyle.ru phone: 88129218800 profession: director employer: introstyle country: russia birthday: 11/04/1969 last updated on 08/03/05

Akselrod Arkady(1972, 1, school #38) e-mail: Aakselrod@powerint.com phone: office (408) 523-9238, fax (408) 523-9338, home (408) 244-5156 profession: Programmer Analyst employer: ITI position: Programmer Analyst country: USA address: 2462 Painted Rock Dr., Santa Clara, CA 95051

Akselrod Viktoria(1997, 11A) e-mail: victoriaakselrod@hotmail.com profession: graduate student country: USA address: San Jose birthday: 05/07/1980 last updated on 09/09/03

Aksenova Tatiana(1999, 3) e-mail: taksenova@hotmail.com address: Chicago, IL last updated on 10/17/04

Akulov Roman(1998, 1) e-mail: Roman.Akulov@paloma.spbu.ru phone: 321-4920 profession: student employer: SPBGU Math country: Russia birthday: 29.06.81 last updated on 11/6/98

Akulova Tatyana(1998, 2) e-mail: tatyana77_@hotmail.com phone: 612-617-6600 profession: Student country: USA/Russia address: Minneapolis, MN birthday: 01/23/81 last updated on 03/15/01

Akulova Yuliya (1981, 3) e-mail: 6500yul@ucsbuxa.ucsb.edu phone: (805)893-8465 profession: electrical engineering employer: University of California Santa Barbara position: student country: USA last updated on 2/9/98

Aleiner Boris(1968, 4) e-mail: Boris_Aleiner-W15279@css.mot.com (B), baleiner@netscape.net (H) phone: (732)249-2512 (Home), (732) 743-7489 (Office) profession: RF Engineer employer: Motorola position: Staff Member country: USA address: 575 Easton Ave., #20E, Somerset, NJ 08873 last updated on 2/2/99

Alekseev Andrey(1993, 2) e-mail: andy_br@mail.ru phone: +7 812 9398632 profession: free country: Russia birthday: 02 april 1976 last updated on 12/01/99

Alexander Arkady(1974, A, school #38) e-mail: alex@kostaprn.spb.su phone: (812)221-08-06 profession: engineer employer: TMConsulting Ltd. position: Manager country: Russia

Aleshina Elena(2001, 2) e-mail: lena-aleshina@yandex.ru employer: EQuator position: Project Manager country: Russia last updated on 02/13/06

Alexander Mikhail(2000, 1) e-mail: mi_alexandre@mail.ru url: http://www.mi-alex2.narod.ru phone: +78124440806 employer: student position: Math-Mech country: Russia address: SPb, Novocherkassky pr., 22-174 birthday: 16.12.1983 last updated on 05/22/04

Alexandrov Alexei(1998, 1) e-mail: ===none=== profession: Student employer: SpbSU, The Math-Mech Faculty. country: Russia last updated on 12/08/99

Alexandrova (now Obraztsova) Marina(1967, 4) e-mail: marinao@vortex.attmail.com phone: home: (703) 787-8671; bus: (703) 713-8231 profession: Programmer/Analyst employer: AT@T (Telephone Company) position: Contractor country: USA address: 11667 North Shore Dr. #11B, Reston, VA 20190

Alexeev Nickolaj(1985, 3) e-mail: alexeev@lans-media.ru, handyguide@inbox.ru url: http://www.homeplans.ru phone: (812) 963-7523 profession: publisher employer: LANS GROUP position: owner country: RU birthday: 21/07/1968 last updated on 01/13/05

Alexeev Dmitri(1987, 3) e-mail: alexeev@math.tulane.edu phone: 847-304-0549; cell 312-399-2404 employer: HFR Asset Management position: Director of Research country: USA address: 911 Division St. Barrington IL 60010 last updated on 01/17/05

Altbregin Andrey(1988, 3) e-mail: aaltbregin@freenet.de phone: +49 40 20004282 profession: engineer employer: Seabridge Transport GmbH position: dept manager, East Europe country: Germany address: Wandsbeker Chaussee 185A, 22089 Hamburg birthday: 26.09.1971 last updated on 05/20/03

Altshuler Alex(1972, 4) e-mail: Bnepeg@gmail.com profession: Engineer employer: Canon country: USA address: Boston, MA last updated on 02/23/16

Altshuler (Andosova) Valeria(1985, 2) e-mail: andosovalera@inbox.ru, VAndosova@rttv.ru phone: +7 926 112 12 20 profession: Economist employer: TV "Russia Today" position: Head of economic planning department country: Russia address: Moscow birthday: 25.07.68 last updated on 01/20/06

Alyavdin Mikhail(1970, 3) e-mail: boss@vast.spb.su phone: (812) 272-91-44 profession: Programmer employer: VAST Inc. position: Project leader country: Russia address: 19123, S.Petersburg, Radistcheva 42-35 last updated on 10/20/98

Ambrosovsky Yury(1995, 3) e-mail: ambr@webphysics.ru, ambr@dtu.spb.ru employer: School 30, teacher country: Russia birthday: 23.03.78 last updated on 02/15/04

Amdur Yevgeny(1989, 1) e-mail: yamdur#ptc-dot-com, amdur99#yahoo-dot-com phone: 09-833-39-56 employer: PTC position: Software Engineer country: Israel address: 16/19 Dizengoff st. Netania 42405 birthday: 06 July 1972 Click here to see photograph last updated on 03/15/03

Ananiev Michael(1995, 1) e-mail: Ananiev.M@nwgsm.com profession: engineer employer: Megafon last updated on 06/02/05

Ananjev Alexej(1991, 2-3) e-mail: Alex@spbvedomosti.ru country: Russia birthday: 08.05.1974 last updated on 07/18/01

Andosov Valery(1985, 2) e-mail: evroles@yahoo.com url: http://www.zirax.com phone: +7 495 998 60 89 employer: Zirax plc position: director country: Russia address: Moscow birthday: 29.12.68 last updated on 03/09/06

Andreenko Victor(1977, G, school #38) e-mail: victor@nevalink.ru url: http://www.nevalink.ru/info/russian/staff/va.html phone: +7(812)2958878 - home, +7(812)3105628,3105442,3109951,3109052 - work profession: sytem administrator employer: Nevalink Co., Ltd country: Russia address: 38/4-87, Novoizmaylovsky pr.,St Peterburg, 196191, Russia

Andreev Dmitriy Alekseevich(1966, B, school #38) e-mail: dmaandreev@nwgsm.ru last updated on 08/01/03

Andreev Pavel(1998, 3) e-mail: pavel.andreev@mail.ru profession: Student employer: SPbGUEF (FINEC) last updated on 10/01/01

Andreev Sergey(1993, 2) e-mail: sergey.andreev@vitec.ru phone: 393-35-28 profession: Programmer engineer employer: ViTec Co. Ltd. country: Russia birthday: 24 march 1976 last updated on 01/03/02

Andreev Valentin(1989, 1/5) e-mail: kelav@mail.ru, kelav@yandex.ru phone: 9214391304 employer: BTC Group JSC position: leading systems analyst country: Russia address: Saint-Petersburg, Morskaya Embankment birthday: 07/04/73 last updated on 07/08/15

Andreeva (Kenunen) Olga(1972, 2) e-mail: o_kenunen@mail.ru, olga@kenunen.net last updated on 04/07/03

Andreyev Alexander(1975, 2) e-mail: alex (at) softjoys.com employer: SoftJoys Labs position: President and CTO last updated on 10/27/06

Andrianov Dmitry(1992, 2) e-mail: root@dima.spb.ru phone: 7 (812) 355-0982 profession: programmer country: Russia

Andrushchenko Miroslav(1987, 2) e-mail: mira@itcwin.com, mira1806@gmail.com, mira1806@hotmail.com phone: +7 812 9432614 profession: IT/Security/SysAnalist employer: GGA software position: IT Manager country: Russia address: Nakhimova 5/4 birthday: 18 jun last updated on 07/06/07

Andzhan Pavel(1989, 1/5) e-mail: pavel.a@usa.net phone: 7 (812) 356 8936 profession: engeener employer: Phantom/AST position: manager/administrative country: Russia address: 199106, Russia, St.Peterburg, V.O. Gavanskaya str. 19/100 apt.69 birthday: 08.11.72 last updated on 1/26/98

Anikin Dmitriy(1993, 3) e-mail: anikin@spb.cityline.ru phone: (812) 461-11-86 employer: Bussiness Technologies position: manager country: Russia address: SPb, Kolpino, Kommuny str., 5-7 birthday: 25/09/1976 last updated on 12/03/00

Anisimov Andrei(1968, 4) e-mail: anwan@mail.ru, avanissimov@mail.eltech.ru, anwan@yandex.ru phone: +7(812)4300212 country: Russia address: Primorsky pr. birthday: 10 jan last updated on 11/15/03

Anissimov Viatcheslav(1991, 2) e-mail: anissimo@staff.uni-marburg.de phone: +49/6421/309618 (private), +49/6421/2823179 (work) profession: lawyer (Attorney-at-Law), economist employer: University of Marburg position: Assistant Lecturer, Institute for Comparative Law, University of Marburg country: Germany address: Auf der Weide 1, 35037 Marburg, Germany birthday: 20. April 1974 last updated on 02/08/08

Antoshina Svetlana(1974, 4) e-mail: reshikova_sveta@mail.ru phone: 178-07-01 profession: Auditor country: Rossia birthday: 07.02.57 last updated on 08/02/01

Apreleva Maria(1988, 2) e-mail: maprelev@caregroup.harvard.edu phone: (617) 667-8511 profession: Biomechanical Engineer employer: Harvard Medical School position: Research Engineer country: USA birthday: April 6, 1971 last updated on 03/17/01

Archipenko Jakov(1981, 2) e-mail: arkhipenko@marvel.ru last updated on 08/06/08

Arkind Roman(1989, 5) e-mail: roma@aroma.com country: USA last updated on 09/19/01

Arlievsky Aron (1966, G, school #38) e-mail: aga_tira@hotmail.com last updated on 12/30/02

Aron Mikhail(1978, 1) e-mail: mikearon@home.com phone: 515-267-8572 profession: Engineer employer: Compressor Controls Co. position: Senior Field Engineer country: USA address: 10259 Lincoln Avenue, Clive, Iowa 50325, USA birthday: 15 Feb 61 last updated on 08/02/99

Aronchik Albert(1995, 5) e-mail: aalbert@inter.net.il phone: (972)050-986-288 profession: student country: ISRAEL

Aronov Igor(1978, 4) e-mail: igoryok@tiac.net phone: (617) 630-8650 profession: Software Engineer employer: PerSeptive Biosystems, Inc. position: Software Engineer country: USA address: 175 Adams St. #11 Newton MA 02158

Artem'ev Serge(1977, 4) phone: +7-812-460-4162 profession: Artist country: Russia birthday: 18.03.1960 last updated on 10/07/02

Artiouchkov Sergei(1972, V, school #38) e-mail: sergeart@yahoo.com phone: 415-567-7346 profession: Network Administrator employer: Deltanet position: Network Administrator country: USA address: 1235 Bay St., #4, San Francisco, CA 94123 last updated on 2/19/99

Asanov Stanislav(1987, 1) e-mail: acm@int.spb.ru profession: Programmer employer: Institute of Network Technologies position: Department manager country: Russia address: 21 apt. 6, Matrosa Zhelesnyaka str., St. Petersburg, Russia, 197343 last updated on 8/15/98

Ascheulov Sergey(1984, 4) e-mail: sa67@comset.net; sergey_ascheulov@hotmail.com phone: +7 (812) 967 8539 profession: Transport Logistics employer: Various position: Various country: Russia address: Various birthday: 09/02/67 last updated on 08/12/00

Aseeva Anna(1994, 4) e-mail: anberry@mail.ru profession: teacher employer: School (liceum) #30 country: Russia last updated on 11/29/03

Ashkenadze Alexey(1998, 5) e-mail: ashket@mail.ru phone: 521-01-92 profession: Student employer: SpbSTU, FTC division :-) country: Russia birthday: 29-04-1981 last updated on 01/07/01

Asimov Ludmilla(1983, 3) e-mail: asimov@actcom.co.il country: Israel last updated on 10/02/02

Asinovski Constantin(1989, 5) e-mail: const.asinovski@gmail.com phone: +1646-8945606 country: USA address: New York birthday: Dec 11. 1971 last updated on 07/23/06

Asnis Ekaterina(1984, 1) e-mail: eur1exp@europe.ups.com phone: 78123763027 employer: UPS position: CSTC SUPERVISOR country: RUSSIA birthday: 01/02/1967 last updated on 09/23/03

Astanina Natalia(1993, 3) e-mail: ponka30@yahoo.com employer: Soft Balans position: programmer country: Russia birthday: 06.03.76 last updated on 11/12/99

Astanovskij Michael(1974, 4) phone: 153-45-52 profession: engeneer employer: STR position: sales manager country: RUSSIA address: Leninskij av. 110-1, flt. 279, St.Petersburg, Russia last updated on 10/7/97

Avdioukhine Antuan(1987, 5) e-mail: deka@tic-tac.ru phone: +7-921-956-5411 profession: Programmer employer: Internetmedia Holding position: Senior Analyst country: Russia address: Shlisselburgsky pr, 2-1-27 birthday: May 3, 1970 last updated on 05/21/02

Averbuh (Galkin) Michail(1977, 2) e-mail: mgalkinspb@mail.ru phone: +7921-957-4341 profession: manager employer: development position: c.director country: Russia address: SPb, L.Golikova st. 52-4-41 birthday: 02-03-1960 last updated on 02/15/07

Averkov Denis(1996, 4) e-mail: cyberden@mail.ru url: http://chstudio.dax.ru phone: +7 911 916-27-86 profession: programmer, web-designer country: Russia birthday: 26.05.79 last updated on 02/02/02

Avrachenkov Konstantin(1990, 3) e-mail: matkea@zarniwoop.levels.unisa.edu.au url: http://www.unisa.edu.au phone: +61 (8) 302-37-89 profession: Mathematician employer: The University of South Australia position: Ph.D. student (in Mathematics) country: Russia, Australia address: Russian: Apt. 400, 36-5 Nalichnaya str., St.Petersburg, 199226, RUSSIA; Australian: Rm. 63, Home D, Hampstead Centre, 207 Hampstead Rd., Northfield, SA 5085, AUSTRALIA.

Ayupov Iliyas(1996, 3) e-mail: ayupovim@yandex.ru phone: +7-095-998-4796 country: Russia address: Moscow birthday: 30/03/1979 last updated on 03/25/03

Averina Arhipova Natalia(1991, 4) phone: 585-41-24; 352-99-48 country: Russia birthday: 07.06.1974 last updated on 06/02/01

Axelevitch Alexander(1965, 11-3) e-mail: alex_a@hit.ac.il url: http://www.hit.ac.il/staff/alexa phone: +972-544-718122 profession: Physical electronics employer: Holon Institute of Technology position: Lecturer, Head of the Microelectronics Lab country: Israel last updated on 06/13/06

Axelrod Alexander(1966, B, school #38) e-mail: alexa1@concentric.net profession: Operations Management employer: Altek Associates position: President country: USA address: San Jose, California

Axelrod David (Dima)(1981, 2) e-mail: daxelrod@hotmail.com, daxelrod@amadeus.net phone: +61-430-440849 profession: Airline IT Consultant employer: AirSoft Consulting Pty Ltd position: Director country: Australia address: 62 Parklands Rd, Mount Colah NSW 2079, Australia last updated on 09/25/06

Azbel Josef(1983, 7) e-mail: azbel@online.de phone: 049(0)231 2862389 profession: Mining Engineer employer: 1&1 ServiceLine GmbH position: Technical Support Engineer country: Germany address: Josef Azbel, Vinckestr. 3, 44139 Dortmund, Germany birthday: 08.08.66 last updated on 04/26/99


Babitski Maxim Aleksandrovich(1993, 2) phone: 351-41-43 profession: student employer: SPB Technical University country: Russia

Babushkin Anatoly(1976, 2) e-mail: banatoly.at.iil.intel.com phone: office:972-4-8655192; home:972-4-8123079 profession: electrophysics employer: Intel position: engineer country: Israel address: Nisinboim 12/47, Haifa last updated on 02/23/03

Bach Stanislav(1980, 1) e-mail: stasbach@bk.ru last updated on 10/27/14

Bachrech Natalia(1966, V, shkola #38) e-mail: chenille23@yahoo.com position: librarian country: USA, California last updated on 07/05/05

Bakeeva Lyudmila(1969, 2) phone: (812) 293-67-47 last updated on 01/28/01

Bakulin Andre(1972, E, school #38) e-mail: andre@bae.spb.su url: http://www.spbinfo.ru/web/bae/index.html country: Russia

Balashova Arina(1990, 1) e-mail: balashova@mail.ru phone: (812) 516-14-01 profession: Mathematicion employer: Coca-Cola Saint-Petersburg Bottlers position: Buyer country: Russia birthday: 05.02.1973 last updated on 11/30/98

Balyakhov Dmitry(1978) e-mail: dimab@softjoys.ru phone: 7-812-2452814 profession: Programer employer: Softjoys country: Russia address: Hartchenko st. 18-34, St.Peterburg 194100 Russia

Balykin Pavel(1976, G, school #38) e-mail: pavelbalykin@aport.ru phone: 7-911-9486751 position: Head of Publishing Company country: Russia last updated on 02/25/05

Baranovsky Andrey(1991, 2) e-mail: andreyb@dune.ramat-negev.org.il phone: (972) 07-6562196,84 profession: Electronics engineer. employer: MBT position: System analyst. country: Israel address: Kibbutz Revivim 85515, Israel. birthday: 11 Dec 1974

Barbalat Alexsandr(1954, A) e-mail: alexsa-b@yandex.ru phone: 5336697 profession: engineer country: Russia address: S.Petersburg, . , 14/1, .6 birthday: 27/02/1936 last updated on 01/07/08

Barbashin Oleg(1991, 2) phone: ++7 (812) 355-05-54 country: RUSSIAN FEDERATION address: SPb

Barkan (Levina) Vera (Dvoira)(1984, 3) e-mail: ariel@caucasus.net profession: judaism teacher employer: Hebrew school "Tiferet Zvi" country: Gruzia, Tbilisi address: 380005 Gruzia, Tbilisi, ul.Tumaniana, 12 last updated on 04/26/99

Baron Zhenia(1985, 4) e-mail: zhenia@hotmail.com phone: 212-666-8929h. 718-242-5145 W. profession: Network Engineer employer: Chase position: Sr. Tech. Officer country: US address: 203 W103 St. Apt 1a, New York NY 10025 birthday: 09/14/68 last updated on 6/2/98

Bashkovich Boris(1985, 1) e-mail: ie@rendez.spb.su phone: 812-5525146 profession: trader RTS employer: Rendezvous country: Russia/Israel

Baskov Jury(1999, 5) e-mail: carphagenum@yandex.ru , carphagenum@mail.ru phone: +7 906 227 92 22 profession: Programmer birthday: 23/10/1981 last updated on 04/25/05

Basovskaya Inna(1988, 5) phone: 2989988 employer: RAMAX International position: Sales manager country: Russia

Bass Igor(1991, 2) phone: ++49 2084 77831 country: Germany birthday: 16 Feb 1974

Bauman Dmitrii(1988, 2) e-mail: bauman@mail.ru or bauman@fn.csa.ru profession: Physicist employer: Institute for High Performance Computing and Data Bases position: Senior Researcher country: Russia birthday: 6 March 1971 last updated on 11/12/99

Bazhenov Anton(1992, 1) e-mail: bazenov@bor.ifmo.ru profession: Computer Science Student employer: IFMO position: 4 year student country: Russia

Bazlov Igor(1971, 3) e-mail: postmaster@komitet.nit.spb.su employer: Education Commitee of SPb position: expert country: Rassia

Bekhterev Peter(1996, 2) e-mail: Ice@netaddress.ru profession: Programmer employer: SBS position: Programmer country: Russia address: Korablestroitelei str. 38/1 511. birthday: 03.09.1979 last updated on 09/25/02

Belinskaya (Smirnova) Maria(1979, 3) e-mail: mcs@wplus.net phone: 7-(812) 269-72-60 profession: computer programmer country: rus address: Spb, Turku 15-2-63 birthday: 03.01.1962 last updated on 05/13/99

Belitskaya-Levy Ilana (1990, 2) e-mail: ilana.belitskaya@med.nyu.edu url: http://www-stat.stanford.edu/~ilana phone: 917-209-7254 profession: Statistician employer: New York University School of Medicine position: Assistant Professor of Biostatistics country: USA birthday: April 5, 1973 last updated on 11/21/03

Beloborodov Sergey(1989, 4) e-mail: Sergey.Beloborodov@usa.net phone: +1(773)338-3011 profession: Computer consultant employer: Comtek International Inc. position: Stable ;-) country: USA last updated on 8/10/98

Belousov Anton(2001, 1) e-mail: bigmac_0@mail.ru url: http://www.oszone.net phone: +78129531249 last updated on 04/17/02

Belov Boris(1994) e-mail: Krechet296@aol.com profession: Student country: R U S S I A birthday: Ooo , eto bilo tak davno ... last updated on 11/19/97

Belov Konstantin(1984, 5) e-mail: bkv@mail.physics.utah.edu phone: +1-(801)-583-6760 (home) +1-(801)-581-5504 (office) profession: Graduate Student employer: University of Utah position: TA country: USA address: 242 University Village, Salt Lake City, UT 84108, USA

Belov Sergey(1995, 3) e-mail: s_belov@hotmail.com, serg@li.excom.spb.su, belov@math.duke.edu url: http://fds.duke.edu/db/aas/math/grad/belov phone: +1 (919) 660-2832 profession: mathematical physicist employer: Duke University position: PhD student country: USA address: Durham, NC birthday: 04.07.1978 last updated on 07/25/04

Belskaya Eugenia(2002, 2) e-mail: fluency7@soc.pu.ru phone: 328 -27 - 93 profession: Sociologist ( student ) employer: SPb State University position: faculty of sociology ( + German Center ) country: Russia address: Saint - Petersburg , V.O. , 7th line, 56 , 3 birthday: 13 July 1985 last updated on 02/28/03

Belsky Alexander(1979, 3) e-mail: belsky@rusmuseum.ru, alexsoft.piter@bk.ru profession: IT Specialist employer: The State Russian Museum in Saint-Petersburg position: HEAD of IT Construction dept. country: Russia birthday: 24.03.1962 last updated on 01/31/08

Belyakov Aleksei(2005, 2) e-mail: Quzon@mail.ru profession: engineer country: Russia birthday: 15.08.1988 last updated on 03/09/16

Beltchenko Grigoriy(1979, 3) e-mail: grigoriy.beltchenko@sonera.ru url: http://www.sonera.ru phone: +7 812 3291387 profession: Mathematician employer: ZAO "Sonera Rus" position: senior telecom engineer, Ph.D. country: Russia address: Russia, Saint Petersburg birthday: May 19, 1962 last updated on 06/10/99

Beniaminova (Vassilieva) Liudmila(1993, 2) e-mail: Liudmilka@mail.ru ICQ#: 40918445 phone: (812) 355-4825 profession: marketing employer: Nordinkraft International position: Marketing Director country: Russia birthday: 23/03/1976 last updated on 10/22/00

Bensman Vera(1974, 7) e-mail: LBensman@juno.com url: http://www2.gsu.edu/~usglpbx phone: 770-279-2702 profession: Teacher of Mathematics employer: USCI Inc. / Gwinnett Technical Institute country: Ga, USA address: Vera Bensman, 980 Traymore Dr., Norcross, GA 30093

Berdichevsky Dmitry(1981, 5) e-mail: dab@ntr.net phone: (502) 228-4776 profession: programmer employer: Seven Lands Software position: VP of Software development country: USA address: 7209 Fox Harbor Rd Prospect KY 40059 birthday: 4/28/64 last updated on 10/23/97

Berdichevsky Igor(1982, 4) e-mail: igor_berdichevsky@stcl.scitex.com profession: programmer employer: Scitex country: Israel address: Gan-Yavne birthday: 31.12.65 last updated on 6/14/98

Berdnikov Boris(1993, 1) e-mail: berdn@mit.edu phone: 1-617-577-5681 position: Physics graduate student country: USA last updated on 1/24/99

Berezny Alexander(1974, 1) e-mail: alex@excalib.com phone: (619) 727-1687 profession: programmer employer: Excalibur Technologies, Inc. position: software engineer country: USA address: 1204 Bridgehampton St., San Marcos, CA 92069, USA

Berger Sasha (Alexander)(1977, V, school #38) e-mail: sashab@microsoft.com phone: 1 (206) 7031443 profession: Programmer employer: Microsoft Corp. position: Technical lead country: USA

Berishev Igor(1983, 7) e-mail: igor@space.svec.uh.edu phone: (713) 743 3621 profession: physicist employer: Space Vacuum Epitaxy Center, University of Houston position: research associate country: USA address: U of H, SVEC, Science & Research One, TX 77204-5507, USA

Berkovich Evgeny(1998, 4) e-mail: jania@tepkom.ru phone: 5250270 profession: student employer: St-Petersburg State University country: Russia birthday: 09.10.1981 last updated on 02/11/02

Berkovitch Michael(1973, B, school #38) e-mail: mberk@013.net.il, Mich.Berk@gmail.com phone: 972-8-8656085 profession: Physical Chemistry country: Israel last updated on 07/25/06

Berkovski Andrew(1977, 1) phone: (812)1138463 - home country: Russia

Berson Mark(1980, 6) e-mail: markbe@cellcom.co.il phone: +972 58 723 999 profession: programist employer: Cellcom position: SystAdmin country: Israel address: Bat-Yam birthday: 11.11.62 last updated on 01/03/01

Bezprozvanny Alexander(1978, G) e-mail: polkovnik@rbcmail.ru profession: SW Architector employer: Nokia position: Project Manager country: Finland birthday: 05.09.1960 last updated on 07/30/04

Bezzateev Sergey(1974, 5) e-mail: bsv@aanet.ru profession: teacher employer: SUAI position: Professor country: Russia birthday: 10.06.1957 last updated on 04/25/12

Biryulin Svyatoslav(1990, 2) e-mail: biryulin@yandex.ru url: http://biryulin.narod.ru phone: 8-902-115-69-60 profession: Journalist employer: Various country: Russia address: Moscow birthday: 23.08. last updated on 09/04/02

Bistrov Vasiliy(1974, 6) e-mail: bystrov@spb.cityline.ru last updated on 12/15/99

Bitkolova-Kortchnoi Alena(1976, B, school #38) e-mail: kor@ofisa.ch phone: (41) (21) 701-37-16 position: Housewife country: Switzerland address: Le Sansy, 1029, Villars - Ste Croix

Bitter Marina Musalewski Marina(1975, 1) e-mail: marina@bitterweb.de phone: +49 (030) 753-79-18 profession: painter country: Germany address: Arnulfstr.95, 12105 Berlin birthday: 22.05.58. last updated on 09/26/01

Blank Michael(1978, 8) e-mail: blankm@bezeqint.net, michaelbl@clalit.org.il phone: (972) 88647490, (972) 64419920 profession: medical doctor employer: "Clalit" medical services position: branch director and practising physician country: Israel address: sderot Rishon le-Ziyion 18/4 Ashdod birthday: 17/07/1961 last updated on 12/27/03

Blanter Alex(1981, 7) e-mail: BLANTER_ALEX@AMAT.COM profession: Engineering (semiconductor equipment) employer: Applied Materials, Inc position: project manager country: USA address: 6020 Mt. Hamilton Ct, Castro Valley, CA 94552, USA

Bliok Anatoliy(1981, 5) e-mail: chtcha@mail.miral.ru phone: 007812-9656764 profession: business employer: Mirror factory position: director country: Russia address: not available birthday: 30.10.1963 last updated on 7/17/98

Blokhine Gennady(1974, B) e-mail: ppspbtra@softhome.net country: Russia last updated on 12/11/07

Bobenko Alexander(1977, 1) e-mail: bobenko@sfb288.math.tu-berlin.de url: http://www_sfb288.math.tu-berlin.de/~bobenko/bobenko.html phone: (Germany) 30-314 24 655 profession: mathematician employer: Technical University Berlin position: Professor country: Germany

Boborykin Dmitriy(1984, 4) e-mail: bobo.spbpost@rex.iasnet.com phone: (7-812)-350-56-94 profession: programmer employer: Federal post of SPb position: Engineer country: Russia address: 3-54, Kima pr., St.Petersburg,199155

Bobrova Irina(1968, E, school #38) e-mail: c26-04@fs1.niimm.spb.su phone: (812) 352-37-64 profession: engineer employer: The Union Agency position: reelter country: Russia address: St-Petersburg, Korablestroiteley st., 38-3-161 birthday: Aug, 8, 1950 last updated on 10/23/97

Bobrovsky Misha(1983, 7) e-mail: mb@1c-buh.ru profession: programmer employer: Alcom-Service position: general direktor country: Russia birthday: 19.11.66 last updated on 12/16/04

Bochkova (Eremeeva)(1968, V, school #38) e-mail: sc631@neva.spb.ru phone: 2473815 profession: teacher employer: 631school position: teacher country: Russia address: Russia,S-Petersburg,Bolotnaya, 16-13 birthday: 24. 03. 51 last updated on 2/27/99

Bogdanov Pavel(1990, 5) e-mail: pvb@altavista.net profession: Engineer employer: Export Import Bank position: Developer country: Russia birthday: 16 October 1973 last updated on 6/25/98

Bogdanov Vladimir(1985, 2) e-mail: vova@cpr.cor.neva.ru phone: 594-2076 (w),355-2396 (h) employer: Clinical Pharmacological Research Ltd position: Programmer, DBA country: Russia last updated on 3/29/98

Bogdanova (Shepeleva) Elena(1976, A, school #38) e-mail: helen.shepeleva@usa.net phone: (812) 5838603 profession: economist country: Russia birthday: 21/03/59 last updated on 01/03/01

Bogdanova Olga(1973, 6) e-mail: otcherk@gmail.com profession: Professor of Biochemistry and Molcecular Biology employer: Georgetown University, Washingto DC position: Professor country: USA birthday: 8 September, 1956 last updated on 03/14/08

Boiko Nikita(1995, 5) e-mail: bonikvad@hotbox.ru, bonikvad@gmail.com, bonikvad@gmail.com phone: +7 967 284-1982 employer: AHML birthday: 10.05.1978 last updated on 05/30/14

Boikova Liliy(1980, 1) e-mail: maxlevel@wplus.net.ru country: Russia birthday: 28/12/62 last updated on 05/08/99

Bolshackov Nickolay(1990, 4) e-mail: kolya@spmu.rssi.ru phone: ++7 (812) 550-2114 profession: Physicist engineer employer: SPbMU position: Programmer country: Russia address: 194156 St Petersburg Institutsky st. 4-1-16

Bolotovsky Michael(1970, 3) e-mail: mbolotov@softdev.spb.ru url: http://MISHA.softdev.spb.ru phone: 465-08-83 profession: programmer employer: softdev sPb position: programmer country: Russia address: Shkolny per.53 app.36 Pushkin, Spb

Bolshakova (Beilina) Sasha(1995, 7) e-mail: abeilina@ucdavis.edu phone: (530)-750-7822 profession: molecular biologist employer: UC Davis position: PhD student country: USA address: 3800 Solano Park Cir, #3911 birthday: 02/08/77 last updated on 05/13/02

Bomash Alexander(1971, i, school #38) e-mail: albom0101@hotmail.com phone: 416 429 2376 -home profession: Applied Math; Software developer employer: MCI Canada position: Sr developer country: Canada address: Toronto last updated on 02/07/07

Bomash (Landman) Eugenia(1976, 1) Died on 25.12.1999.

Bomash Gregory(1976, 2) e-mail: gbomash@hotmail.com, greg_bomash@glic.com phone: 203-322-2505 profession: Actuary employer: The Guardian position: Actuarial Assosiate country: USA address: 58 Buckingham Drive, Stamford, CT 06902-8310 last updated on 01/07/01

Bondyrev Yury(1994, 5) e-mail: j_bondirev@rambler.ru position: PHD position country: Netherlands birthday: 13.08.1977 last updated on 06/03/03

Bord Vladimir(1957, A, school #38) phone: (410) 580-0579 country: USA address: 17 Warren Park Drive, #B-1, Baltimore, MD 21208, USA last updated on 08/02/99

Borisov Pavel(1988, 1) e-mail: borisov@rambler.ru profession: Software Developer position: Solutions Architect country: Germany address: Schillerstr. 35, 79618 Rheinfelden, Deutschland birthday: 30.07.1971 last updated on 07/25/13

Borisov Viacheslav(1998, 1) e-mail: bvjan@dcn.infos.ru, archer@newmail.ru url: http://archer.mail333.com phone: +7-812-9163116 profession: Analyst-developer employer: Russian Academy of Science country: Russia address: Krzhizhanovskogo 13/213 birthday: 15.12.1980 last updated on 08/01/03

Borisova Ekaterina(1979, 3) url: http://https://vk.com/kassandra_k profession: journalist country: Russia birthday: 18.04.1962 last updated on 05/25/14

Borodin Peter(1999, 5) e-mail: borodin@petr.ru phone: 247-15-73 profession: student employer: RGPU country: rus last updated on 05/08/03

Borodyansky Alexander(1989, 4) e-mail: alexhi@erols.com phone: 1-718-375-4525 profession: graphic artist employer: Golden Books Family Entertainment position: production artist country: USA address: Brooklyn, NY birthday: Feb 4, 1972 last updated on 11/19/97

Borovkov Felix(1968, 2) e-mail: tira@mail.rcom.ru phone: 812-3566613 profession: radio engenier position: comm. director country: Russia address: 199226 St.Petersburg Morskaya nab.9-272 birthday: 25-3-1951 last updated on 04/16/00

Borukhin Igor(1975, 4) e-mail: ericbor@comcast.net country: USA last updated on 06/09/08

Botvinnikov (nee Isserlin) Victoriya(1981, 1) phone: ++972 (0)3 966 4887 profession: Programmer employer: Softel (IBM) country: Israel address: Wolfson St. 24/6, Rishon Le-Zion 75202 last updated on 8/19/97

Boul (Kudriyvkina) Svetlana(1980, 3) e-mail: Svetlana_Boul@rjri.com phone: 7 812 3294012 profession: acoountant employer: RJR-Petro position: Supervisor country: Russia address: 53-56 13line V.O. Saint-Petersburg 190000 birthday: 16.03.63 last updated on 9/2/98

Bourov Alexander(1973, 7) e-mail: alex@alexir.com profession: software consultant employer: AT&T Labs position: Technology Consultant country: USA address: San Jose, CA last updated on 8/24/97

Bovykin Andrey(1993, 3) e-mail: indiscernibles@mail.ru url: http://logic.pdmi.ras.ru/~andrey profession: brodyachij matematik employer: Steklov Mathematical Institute (LOMI), University of Liverpool position: researcher country: Eurazia birthday: 14/01/1976 last updated on 02/22/05

Braguine Alexey(1996, 1) e-mail: albragin@gmail.com, abragin@5micron.ru country: Saint-Petersburg birthday: 23.12.1979 last updated on 09/10/13

Brilliant Michael(1975, 3) e-mail: ybrilliant@yahoo.com phone: (847)367-7903 profession: psychiatrist employer: private practice country: usa address: 1402 N. Pinehurst Dr., Vernon Hills, IL 600061 birthday: Feb 4,1958 last updated on 10/31/02

Bronshtein Tatiana(1967, 4) e-mail: knobe22@hotmail.com profession: programmer/analyst employer: anysoft position: consultant country: usa last updated on 05/24/02

Bronshteyn Georgy(1969, 2, school #38) was killed in Leningrad

Buchanov Igor (1987, 3) e-mail: bilsoft@ncconsulting.ru url: http://www.ncconsulting.ru phone: +7 812 9385536 employer: NC consulting ltd position: CEO country: Russia birthday: 25.03.1970 last updated on 02/20/04

Budaev Bair(1971, 4) e-mail: budaev@cml.me.berkeley.edu phone: 510-643-5776 profession: Applied Mathematics employer: UC Berkeley position: Researcher country: USA address: Berkeley, CA birthday: May 20, 1954 last updated on 10/04/99

Bukhvalova Vera V.(Zhemerova)(1966, 1) e-mail: bukh2@bukh.usr.pu.ru phone: 7 (812) 301-1725 profession: mathematician position: Senior assistant of Department of Operation Research (SPbSU) country: Russia

Bukina Ekaterina(1991, 4) e-mail: ekaterina_bukina@yahoo.com, katy@baltin.spb.su phone: (812)322-45-06 profession: Applied mathematics employer: Investment company country: Russia address: SPb, Gavanskaya st.19-84 birthday: 5 July 1974 last updated on 10/22/99

Bukreev Maxim(1984, 3) e-mail: mivolgin@yahoo.com phone: 8-812-3523184 profession: injener systemotecnic employer: individual position: sysadmin country: RUSSIA address: Michmanskaya 2-1-291 birthday: 10 december 1966 last updated on 04/18/03

Bulavski Sergei E.(1977, 1) phone: (812)5889851, (279)24746 - home profession: Surveyor, Law student ( 5th year ) country: Russia address: 193168, St.Peresburg Dybenko 20-1-159

Bursian Viktor(1976, 3) e-mail: Viktor.Bursian@mail.ioffe.ru, VBursian@mail.ru, VBursian@hotmail.com url: http://www.ioffe.ru/DepSSO/Bursian profession: physicist employer: A.F.Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute, St.Petersburg position: Sr.Researcher country: Russia last updated on 12/23/03

Burukhin Dimitry(1987, 4) e-mail: dimitry@burukhin.com phone: 847 424-0459 country: USA birthday: 10-03-1970 last updated on 06/01/01

Buryachko Sergey(1971, 4) e-mail: svbur@610.ru, svbur@yahoo.com phone: +7 921 9611654 profession: mathematics teacher employer: St. Petersburg Classical Gymnasium (# 610) position: headmaster country: Russia address: Kanal Griboedova 158, ap. 2, 190008, St. Peresburg, Russia birthday: 09.09.1954 last updated on 03/30/08

Butorin Vasily(1987, 5) e-mail: vasil.butorin@gmail.com url: http://kinosite.ru/ phone: +7 921 9301301 employer: kinosite position: cto country: russia address: st.petersburg birthday: 07.10.1970 last updated on 01/07/07

Bytchkova Ljuba(1974, A) e-mail: bystedt@hotbrev.com phone: 031/457570 profession: mathematics-teacher country: SWEDEN address: Louise Bystedt, Smyckegatan 18, 426 50 V.Frolunda , Gothenburg birthday: 27.05.57. last updated on 10/02/02

Bykova-Usova Anna(1968, 2) e-mail: usova@centras.lt, aleksa@elnet.lt phone: +37067601113 profession: Doctor of Biochemic country: Lithuania address: Vytenio 29-3,Vilnius birthday: 19510.02.28 last updated on 02/13/04


Chebootaev Platon(1980, 1) e-mail: platon@mail.rcom.ru phone: 118 82 18 profession: manager employer: Desglass position: director country: Russia birthday: 11/09/63 last updated on 07/16/00

Chekmarev Mikhail(1989, 3) e-mail: misha.c@writeme.com phone: +1(617)848-5892 employer: Adesso Systems country: USA address: 280 Grove St, #5, Auburndale, MA 02466 last updated on 12/25/03

Chepovetsky Michael(1976, 3) e-mail: chepm@tangraph.com phone: 201-320-1968 profession: Software developer employer: Tangraph Technologies, Inc. position: President country: USA address: 37 Wilkinson Way, Princeton, NJ 08540 last updated on 09/08/03

Cherepanov Andrey(1970, B, school #38) e-mail: andrew@radio.stu.neva.ru phone: 599-1829 employer: SPbSTU position: Professor country: Russia last updated on 04/14/01

Cherepenko Maxim(1993, 4) phone: 348-35-15 profession: student of the SPbSU country: Russia address: 193373,SPb,Dolgoozernay st.,10-208

Chernivetsky Oleg(1968, 2) e-mail: oleggch@onebox.com, oleggch@optonline.net phone: 1-718-801-9311 employer: UMC, New Jersey position: Electrical and Electronic Engineer country: USA address: 3710 Shore Pkwy, Brooklyn, New York 11235 birthday: November 5, 1950 last updated on 11/11/07

Chernov Victor(1964, 3) phone: +7 (812) 264-09-08 profession: mathematician employer: SPb Econoic & Finance University position: assistent professor country: Russia address: 196211, Russia, Gagarina pr., 20/3, fl. 218 last updated on 10/24/97

Chernova Victoria(1976, G, school #38) profession: Business position: Owner country: USA address: Boston birthday: 29 Nov 1959 last updated on 01/05/05

Cherny Michael(1991, 2) e-mail: cherny@ericom.co.il profession: Software developer. employer: Ericom Ltd. position: Sinior software developer country: Israel birthday: 13/12/74 last updated on 8/20/98

Chernyaev Alexandr(1966, 2) e-mail: promat@yandex.ru phone: +79112898194, +78123740293 profession: programmer employer: Public Corporation "Eksperimentalny Zavod" position: lead engineer country: Russia address: Saint-Peterburg birthday: 06.03.1948 last updated on 03/27/08

Chernyi () Eugene ()(1987, 2) e-mail: chernyie@yahoo.com, echernyi@iseg.com url: http://www.ofoto.com/I.jsp?m=49391277103&n=830150825 phone: +972-54-347109 profession: Software Developer employer: iSeg Technologies position: System Architect, Development Team Leader country: Israel address: Emek HaEla St. 13, apt 3, Modi'in, 71700, Israel birthday: July, 15 last updated on 08/26/01

Chervonaja Ljudmila(1972, 2) e-mail: nevsush@mail.wplus.net phone: +7-(812)-583-7191 country: Russia birthday: 9/2/1955 last updated on 7/7/98

Chetvertakov Victor(1999, 4) e-mail: sergeych@chetvertakov.spb.ru phone: 7-812-328 5363 profession: student employer: SPB State University country: Russia address: 13 6th line of Vasilyev Iland, 199004, SPB birthday: 23 September 1982 last updated on 08/16/00

Chistyakov Andrew(1988, 4) e-mail: drew@s2.ifmo.ru profession: programmer employer: AndrewSoft position: any country: Russia

Chizhov Ilya(1987, 2) e-mail: ilya_chizhov@yahoo.com employer: Therma-Wave, Inc. position: Research Scientist country: USA address: Redwood City, CA last updated on 08/26/00

CHTCHetanov Alexandre(1976, 2, school #38) e-mail: chtcha@mail.admiral.ru phone: (812)232-6595,965-1839 profession: ------- employer: glass and aluminium industry position: unfortunately high country: RU address: St.Petersburg


Dadiomov Alexander(1974, A, school #38) e-mail: alexdad@microsoft.com phone: 1 (425) 861-0115 profession: Programmer employer: Microsoft position: Software Design Engineer country: USA address: 10318 177th Ave NE, Redmond WA 98052 last updated on 04/10/01

Damskaya Lilia(1980, 8A) e-mail: lily_vall@hotmail.com, lilia_gloumakova@hotmail.com phone: 1-617-869-4970 profession: Programmer employer: Comverse position: Software Engineer country: USA address: Boston birthday: Feb 8th last updated on 08/01/05

Danilov Mikhail(1996, 1) e-mail: mike@stat.ubc.ca, michael_danilov@mail.ru (don't use), dmm@MD2025.spb.edu (don't use) url: http://stat.ubc.ca/~mike phone: 1(604)603-5743 profession: Statistician employer: Univ of British Columbia position: Graduate Student country: Canada address: Vancouver birthday: 1979-02-14 last updated on 11/26/03

Danilov Sergey(1985, 4) e-mail: sergeyd@demi.spb.ru phone: 812-4302480 profession: manager employer: "DemI" country: Russia address: S-Pb, Savushkina st., 58-6 birthday: 26.12.1967 last updated on 4/9/98

Dantsig (Lunin, Light) Igor (Gary, Ernie)(1973, 4, 2) e-mail: brightlights@innocent.com phone: (416)398-9339 profession: psychologist employer: Time Research Institute position: Executive Director country: Canada address: 4750 Bathurst St. #304, North York, Ontario M2R 1W9, Canada birthday: 17.12.1955 last updated on 9/23/97

Datsevich Leonid(1972, E, school #38) e-mail: ldatsevich@web.de last updated on 12/27/02

Davidova(Raynus) Elena(Ellen)(1968, 2) e-mail: ellendr1951@gmail.com phone: 612-600-9726 country: USA birthday: April 22, 1951 last updated on 04/11/13

Davidovich Alexander(1980, 3) e-mail: alexander.davidovich@jpmorgan.com phone: +1 (973) 610-3666 country: USA address: Livingston, NJ last updated on 10/04/11

Davydova (Vilkoff) Marina(1990, 1) e-mail: marinav@ottawa.com url: http://www.vilkoff.com, http://vilkoff.com phone: (613)828-9060 country: Canada address: 223 Britannia Rd., Ottawa, ON birthday: Sept 18, 1973 last updated on 10/17/01

Degtyarev Alex(1979, 4) e-mail: degt@fen.bilkent.edu.tr phone: 90 (312) 266 4000 x2512 (office), 90 (312) 266 4070 x5433 (home) profession: researcher employer: POMI (Spb) & Bilkent University position: Visiting Professor country: Turkey address: Sorry, I prefer business... Bilkent University, Science Faculty, Department of Mathematics, 06533 Bilkent--Ankara, Turkey birthday: 12/3/62 last updated on 8/21/97

Delgiado Phillip(1992, 2) e-mail: dph@v-real.spb.su phone: +7 (812) 213-7910 profession: Programmer employer: Laboratory of Macroeconomical Researches position: Developer country: Russia last updated on 4/9/98

Dembo Oleg(1991, 1) e-mail: oleg@okresearch.ru url: http://www.okresearch.ru employer: O+K position: Director country: Russia address: 11-121 Nakhimova St, St Petersburg, Russia birthday: 02.01.1974 last updated on 03/02/07

Dementeve Evgenia(1997, 2) e-mail: nenski@hotmail.ru phone: 812-306-83-86 country: Russia address: Russia, Spb, Komendanskii pr. d.27 k.2 kv.4 birthday: 16/05/1980 last updated on 10/02/02

Dementiev Dmitry(1997, 6) e-mail: dad@dmysoftware.ru profession: Programmer birthday: 11.03.80 last updated on 04/17/02

Demin(1968, 4) e-mail: victor_demin@mail.ru phone: 344-06-59 profession: mathem. employer: S-Pb IM(Vtuz) country: Russian birthday: 13.06.51 last updated on 07/16/00

Demjanchik Dmitry(1970, 6) e-mail: dad@sprl.sps.mot.com, dmitry_dem@hotmail.com phone: +7-(812)-524-7425 profession: Programmer employer: Motorola Semiconductor Product Sector position: Lead Software Developer country: Russia address: Nastavnikov 9-1-285, St.-Petersburg, 195298, Russia birthday: 2/1/1953 last updated on 7/7/98

Demski Andrei(1998, 1) e-mail: demid.spb@nm.ru profession: poor student ;) employer: SPbGU position: programmer country: Russia address: e-mail me birthday: 04.05.81 last updated on 09/24/01

Demushkin Alexandr(1983, 2) e-mail: alexdem@ulm.spb.ru url: http://www.mti-usa.com/savoir.htm phone: 7-812-307-0057 profession: Programmer employer: Savoir Ltd country: Russia address: 197373, Russia, S.Petersburg, Aviakonstruktorov, 31/1-58

Denisenko Kirill(1979, 5) e-mail: kirill.denisenko@pobox.com url: http://www.pobox.com/~denisenk profession: IT Consultant employer: Price-Waterhouse LLP position: Principal Consultant country: USA

Denisov Evgeny(1987, 2) e-mail: denisov@snoopy.phys.spbu.ru phone: +7(812)428-65-28(h), +7(812)428-44-98(w) profession: Physics employer: Scientific Research Institute of Physics, SPb University position: Researcher country: Russia address: 199155 Halturina 3-25, Petrodvorets, St.-Petersburg, Russia. birthday: 06/28/70 last updated on 7/9/98

Denisov Ilia(1975, 4) e-mail: denisov@uiuc.edu phone: (217) 244-6901 profession: Biophysics employer: University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign position: Research Associate last updated on 08/16/99

Dergach Nadegda(1981, 5) e-mail: nadinspb2006@yandex.ru phone: +7 921 632 9777 position: Manager country: Russia birthday: 20 november 1963 last updated on 09/10/06

Dergatch Fedor(1973, 6) e-mail: fvd@aport2000.ru phone: +7(812)350-6544, +7(812)945-5579 profession: jewellery trading employer: private business country: Russia address: St. Petersburg, pr. KIMa, 4-144 birthday: 05.08.1956 last updated on 03/14/02

Deych Anna(1985, 4) e-mail: deych@cattell.psych.upenn.edu phone: 215-563-3011 profession: psychologist employer: U of Pennsylvania position: student country: USA address: 2045 Chestnut St. #5 Philadelphia, PA 19103

Diakov Alexei(1982, 7) e-mail: aldi@stella.spb.su phone: +7-812-226-7558 profession: x-Astronomer employer: ASL Microsystems position: hard&soft specialist country: Russia

Dimakov Sergey(1971, b, school #38) e-mail: dimakov@mail333.com last updated on 01/29/08

Dinerstein Yosef(1983, 5) e-mail: yosefd@microsoft.com phone: 972-4-8256138 profession: Programmer employer: Microsoft position: Programmer country: Israel address: Einstein str. 77/5, Haifa

Diuzhev Sergei(2003, 4) e-mail: ncux777ahmatar@mail.ru, ncux777@narod.ru profession: student country: RUSSIA last updated on 09/16/03

Dmitriev Sergey(1993, 4) e-mail: dmi3evsv@mail.ru url: http://www.livejournal.com/users/dmi3s/ phone: +7(812)918-92-21 profession: Programmer country: Russian address: St.-Petersburg birthday: 1975/12/26 last updated on 10/18/05

Dmitriev Vladislav(1986, 2) e-mail: vlad_dmitriev@yahoo.com, v.dmitriev@chello.nl, v.dmitriev@tomtom.com phone: +31 641506639, +31 365296566 profession: Radioelectronic engineer (Radar Technology) employer: Palmtop Software BV position: Senior Software Engineer country: The Netherlands address: Oktoberstraat 78, 1335 EV Almere, The Netherlands birthday: 26.05.69 last updated on 12/03/02

Dmitriev Volodya(1972, 3) e-mail: vladimir@erols.com last updated on 09/19/00

Dobromyslov Michael(1966, 1) e-mail: dmv@star.spb.ru phone: 7812-5911790 profession: programmer employer: STAR SPB, Russia position: Quality Manager country: Russia address: 195297 Svetlanovsky Ave. 115/2, SPb,Russia birthday: 6.08.1949 last updated on 02/01/02

Dobrykh Dmitriy(1988, 3) e-mail: dd@ocs.ru phone: (812) 356-24-63 profession: Programmer country: Russia

Dodonov Nikolay(1999, 4) profession: programmer employer: CREAT Studios Inc. position: lead programmer country: Russia birthday: 08.02.1982 last updated on 09/21/08

Dokutchaev Alexander Borisovitch(1969, 1) e-mail: sing@slakst.spb.ru country: Russia address: S.-Petersburg

Dolgoborodov Alexei(1991, 2) e-mail: dlgbrdv@home.ru phone: ++7 (812) 267-53-22 country: Russia address: 193012, SPb, 9 Zaporozhskaya St., apt. 88 birthday: 8 Jul 1974 last updated on 10/19/99

Domaratsky Yaroslav(1990, 1) e-mail: R35383@email.mycompany.com (please replace mycompany with mot) phone: 1-408-853-5300 profession: Software Engineer employer: Motorola Inc. position: Software Engineer country: USA birthday: 09 Dec 1973 last updated on 02/11/01

Dombrowska (Dombrovskaya) Henrietta(1980, 2) e-mail: henr@vinnet.com phone: (847)991-9411 (home) profession: Computer scientist employer: Value Integrated Network position: Database Administrator country: USA address: 920 Sterling Ave, apt#214, Palatine IL 60067

Donskoy (Shekhter) Mark(1982, 5) e-mail: m_donskoy@yahoo.com phone: (718) 946-0062 profession: programmer employer: M&O position: software developer country: USA birthday: 03/02/1965 last updated on 08/05/00

Dorfman Ilya(1974, 4) e-mail: school30@imx.unixfreak.org country: USA last updated on 01/10/01

Dorofeyev Vladimir(1996, 3) e-mail: greatduce@hotmail.com position: Marketing Director country: Russia last updated on 04/07/05

Dorojkine Daniil(1991, 4) e-mail: dorojkin@pochta.ru phone: (862)2201605 country: USA last updated on 06/11/05

Doubinko Tatyana(1986, 2) e-mail: TDoubinko<navis@telros.net> phone: (812)144-85-65 profession: mathematics, programming employer: RDLab "Navigation Systems" position: Leading scientific member country: Russia address: S.Petersburg, Liotchika Piliutova st., 5-261 birthday: 01.06.69 last updated on 05/22/01

Dubinskiy Stanislav(1995, 2) e-mail: DubinskiyStas@gmail.com, dbstas@mail.ru url: http://ultraunion.ru phone: +7(921)9450457 profession: IT, Programmer employer: 1C Programmer, 1C IT Consultant, CEO position: CEO country: Russia birthday: 15.05.1978 last updated on 05/14/17

Doudnicov Mickle(1992, 1) e-mail: mishanchik@usa.net phone: 7-812-321-4418 profession: Radio engineer employer: frank tireur country: Russia address: St.Petersburg 199034, 17 Line, 8-37 birthday: 29/11/74 last updated on 4/19/98

Draggeim Valera(1983, 5) e-mail: vdraggeim@dc.com profession: IT Consultant employer: Deloitte Consulting position: Senior Manager country: U.S.A. address: Gruneburgweg 101, 60323 Frankfurt, Germany birthday: 26.4.1966 last updated on 10/31/01

Dratchev Alexei(1978, 8) e-mail: dratchev@snoopy.niif.spb.su phone: +7-812-213-7254 profession: physicist employer: St.Petersburg State University position: engineer-researcher country: Russia address: 9 linija 54-44, V.O., St.Petersburg 199004, Russia

Draznina Ira(1989, 2) e-mail: irad@amdocs.com phone: +972-3-602-30-66, +972-53-63-47-46 profession: Software Engineer employer: Amdocs inc. country: Israel address: Ibn Gvirol str., 173/7, Tel Aviv, 62033 birthday: May, 6th last updated on 2/27/99

Dribinsky Boris(2000, 3) e-mail: bobruisk@aport.ru profession: student country: Russia birthday: 16-06-1983 last updated on 02/19/01

Druzhinin Fyodor (Ted)(1991, 2) e-mail: ted@iphys.nw.ru url: http://www.iphys.nw.ru/~ted/ phone: Home: +7-812-351-6771, Work: +7-812-218-4451 employer: IPhys position: Senior Software Officer at IPhys Group country: RUSSIAN FEDERATION address: 199397 St.Petersburg, 39/1 Korablestroitelej st., apt. 196 birthday: May 24, 1974 last updated on 9/22/97

Dubinovskiy Grigoriy(1989, 5) e-mail: lenin@bayserve.net url: http://www.bayserve.net/~lenin/index.html employer: Ajilon position: comp.program. country: USA address: Baltimore, MD

Dubinovsky Mikhail(1982, 6) e-mail: mike-at-msaqua.com (use @ instead -at-) url: http://www.krolikudaff.com position: Chief optical engineer country: US address: Sunny Florida last updated on 06/14/03

Dubitsky Simon(1977, B, started in school #38) e-mail: simon@tor.spb.su phone: 1107833 profession: Software Engineer employer: TOR Coop position: Software Engineer country: Russia address: Russia 193130 9th Sovetskaj ul. 21 kv. 10

Dubkova Daria(1996, 2) e-mail: dasha@astro.spbu.ru url: http://www.astro.spbu.ru/staff/dasha phone: +7 (812) 323 50 43 profession: astronomer position: aspirant country: Russia birthday: 27.11.1979 last updated on 12/11/01

Dubovsky Arkady(1973, 6) e-mail: dubovskyark@hotmail.com, arkadyd@eyron.com phone: ICQ 19265120 profession: programmer employer: Eyron position: programmer country: Israel address: Hazait 3, Sharey Tiqua, Israel birthday: 25.03.56 last updated on 04/27/03

Dudkov Alex(1997, 1) e-mail: dudkov@mail.ru profession: radio technics last updated on 12/15/02

Dukhanin Andrey(1969, 7) e-mail: chg@scl30.spb.su phone: 295-16-93 profession: Geologist employer: VIRG-RUDGEOPHISIKA country: RUSSIA address: St.Petersburg, Leninski Av. 166-55

Dukhovnaya (Yakobson) Nina(1972, D) e-mail: sensr@kompac.spb.su url: http://www.compas.ru phone: (7 812) 321 58 32 profession: programmer employer: Compass position: General director country: Russia address: Russia, 199178, SPb, Sredniy pr., 65, 5 birthday: 30.09.1955 last updated on 2/19/99

Dunaev Anton(1995, 2) e-mail: dunaev.anton@astrosoft.ru phone: +79213087412 profession: IT technology employer: ASTROSOFT position: DBA country: Russia birthday: 30.06.78 last updated on 09/26/03

Dvas Nikolay(2005, 1) e-mail: dvas@dvas.ru, pml30@mail.ru url: http://www.livejournal.com/users/dvasnickolas/ phone: +79213109586 position: St. Petersburg country: Russia birthday: 29.12.1988 last updated on 08/20/05

Dvinina (Pavlova) Svetlana(1984, 2) e-mail: sv_pavlova@hotmail.com phone: +45 - 4092 4093 employer: HIH - Business School country: Denmark address: Herning, Denmark birthday: March 23 last updated on 4/6/98

Dvinov Anatoly(1971, B, school #38) e-mail: anatolyd@aol.com phone: 781-271-1405 profession: software engineer employer: software consultant position: contractor country: USA address: 18 Burlington Rd birthday: July 5 1954 last updated on 12/15/99

Dvorkine Sergey(2000, 3) e-mail: dvoser@kodeks.net, dvoser@mail.ru url: http://hunterrrr.narod.ru phone: (+7812)3514132 profession: Programmer employer: IPK "Kodeks" position: Programmer country: Russia address: Korablestroiteley 44-2-405 birthday: 14.12.1982 last updated on 09/02/02

Dvortsov Victor(1977, 4) e-mail: victor_dvortsov@yahoo.com, victor.dvortsov@pacificorp.com phone: 503-813-6033 profession: jack of all trades employer: PacifiCorp position: Lead/Senior Consultant country: USA address: 1420 NW Lovejoy #407 Portland OR 97209 birthday: March 18, 1960 last updated on 02/19/03

Dvortsova (Sochava) Ekaterina(1977, A, school #38) e-mail: kdvortso@dsci.com phone: (408)446-96-72 profession: Software Engineer employer: DSCI position: Software Developer - consultant country: USA address: 10601 E.Estates Dr., Cupertino CA 95014

Dvortsova Raisa(1971, 3) e-mail: radvortsova29@yahoo.com phone: 860-669-2680 profession: teacher employer: guilford high school country: usa address: 140 osprey circle, westbrook, ct 06498 birthday: 1/17/54 last updated on 10/17/01

Dymkova Galina(1988, 2) e-mail: __gdymkova@usa.net__.net phone: 1-(617) 924-6949 profession: Software Engineer employer: e-Travel country: USA address: 50 Watertown St. #207, Watertown, MA, 02472, USA birthday: Sep 11, 1971 last updated on 07/29/02

Dysin Benjamin(1991, 2) e-mail: benj@bdbd.net url: http://www.bdbd.net phone: ++972 (0)54 357911 employer: The Israel Museum, Jerusalem position: Internet / Multimedia Instructor country: ISRAEL address: P.O.Box 46153, Jerusalem, 91461 birthday: 9 Aug 1974 last updated on 1/5/99


Eberman Julia(1984, 5) e-mail: YuliyaE@pacbell.net phone: (415)390-0474 profession: Chemist employer: Inchcape position: Environm Chemist country: USA address: 375 Oaktree Dr #213, Mountain View CA 94040

Eberman Vladimir(1987, 1) e-mail: VVEberman@lbl.gov url: http://www.lbl.gov/~eberman phone: (510)582-8725 profession: Computer Systems Engineer position: UNIX Sys. Admin. country: USA address: 18734 Walnut Road, Castro Valley, CA 94546

Efimov Yury(1999, 5) e-mail: yorik82@rambler.ru phone: (812) 596-7205 profession: Student employer: St.-Petersburg Marine Technical University country: Russia birthday: 6 Septemberl 1982 last updated on 12/01/01

Efroimsky Michael(1979, 4) e-mail: efroimsk@NOSPAMima.umn.edu (remove NOSPAM to send an e-mail) url: http://www.ima.umn.edu/~efroimsk profession: Astronomer employer: US Naval Observatory, Washington DC position: Research Scientist country: USA birthday: 1 of June 1962 last updated on 2/9/2010

Egorov Artjom(2001, 5) employer: SPbGU position: student of MatMech, Astronomy country: Russia last updated on 02/11/02

Egorov Arseniy(1998, 1) e-mail: arsegorov@gmail.com profession: e-Learning employer: Reasoning Mind, Inc. position: Senior Knowledge Engineer country: U.S. last updated on 05/20/13

Egorov Sergey(1973, A, school #38) e-mail: egorov@phtf.stu.neva.ru phone: 552-77-91 (job) profession: plasma physic employer: Technical University country: Russia address: 193177 S.Petersburg, Ustinova 6-237

Egorov Vsevolod(2002, 5) phone: +7-921-648-18-26 profession: student PM-PU country: Russia birthday: 27.08.1985 last updated on 09/07/02

Egorow Eugene (1978, 7) e-mail: eve@efo.spb.su phone: +7-812-2478900 +7-812-2454996 profession: sales professional employer: EFO Ltd, St.Peterburg position: industrial automation sales executive country: Russia address: St.Petersburg birthday: 24/12/61 last updated on 12/19/00

Eytvid Dmitry(2001, 5) e-mail: e-dmitrij@mail.ru profession: fizisyst country: Russia address: Saint-Petersburg birthday: 04.07.1984 last updated on 07/16/12

Ekimova Larisa(1985, 1) e-mail: svir@ars.dorms.spbu.ru profession: programmist employer: SPbGU last updated on 2/14/99

Elgort Misha(1974, E, school #38) e-mail: michaelelgort@clear.net.nz phone: 64+4+4765222 profession: Engineer employer: R H Freeman ltd position: Manager country: New Zealand address: 21Hauraki str. Karori Wellington birthday: 30.11.1956 last updated on 05/18/05

Eliashevich Ivan(1981, 7) e-mail: elia@emcore.com phone: (732)271-9090 profession: Engineer/Physicist employer: Emcore Corp. position: Staff Scientist country: USA last updated on 12/18/98

Eliseeva (Kassactier) Maria(1976, G, school #38) e-mail: Maria@fors.spb.ru, Maria_Eliseeva@epam.com phone: +7(812)444-7800 profession: programmer position: project manager country: Russia last updated on 02/08/06

Elkin Ben(1975, school #38) e-mail: elk@igb.fhg.de phone: +49-(711)-4570416 profession: Applied Physical Chemistry employer: Fraunhofer Inst. for Interfacial Engineering and Biotechnology position: engineer country: Germany last updated on 1/24/98

Emelianov Pavel(1999, 4) e-mail: pavl2000@mail.ru, epavel@nwgsm.ru phone: +7 812 1787436 profession: physics employer: SPbSU position: student country: Russia birthday: 19 oct 1982 last updated on 03/15/02

Entin Nick(1989, 2) e-mail: entin@oisoft.ru phone: +7-(812)-351-2980 employer: Object International Software GmbH position: Software Developer country: Russia last updated on 4/9/98

Entus Jakov(1970, 4) e-mail: jakov.entus@gmx.de country: Germany last updated on 01/06/06

Ermilova Katerina(1980) e-mail: acontino@ntlworld.com, katiaermilova@hotmail.com phone: 044 29 20218211 profession: Civil Engineer employer: Capita Symonds Consultancy position: Principal Engineer country: UK address: Cardiff, South Wales birthday: 28/10/1962 last updated on 11/07/04

Erofeev Anatoly(1968, 2) e-mail: erofeev@dyes.spb.su phone: (812) 218 33 36 (home), 252 09 54 (office) profession: Manager employer: "COLOREX Inc." position: General Director country: Russia address: 199161, 12 line, 53-142, St.-Petersburg, Russia.

Erofeev Denis(1991, 1) e-mail: derofeev@typhoon.spb.ru phone: (812)321 9248 profession: Programmer employer: Santa Barbara ltd. position: Software engineer country: Russia address: St.-Petersburg, 16 liniya, 79-19 Click here to see photograph last updated on 06/22/99

Eronko Ekaterina(1988, 1) country: Canada last updated on 01/26/11

Ershov Alexey(1993, 5) e-mail: a_ershov@rambler.ru profession: mathematician, programmer employer: ZAO "ADD" position: programmer country: Russia birthday: 01.09.1976 last updated on 11/10/06

Ershov Oleg(1983, 6) e-mail: olersh@narod.ru phone: (812) 553-62-90 profession: IT country: RUS address: St.Petersburg, Gdanskaya 3-92 birthday: 11.05.66 last updated on 02/16/02

Erusalimchik Olga(1995, 2) phone: ++972 (0)3 950 1970 country: ISRAEL address: 8 Horovitz St., apt. 14, Rishon-Letzion

Eskov Anton(1985, 3) e-mail: anton@eskov.spb.ru, anton@as.usr.pu.ru phone: (812) 173-3258 profession: Programmer employer: M.Soft (not Microsoft!!!!!) position: Software engineer country: Russia address: Budapjeshtskaya 66-1-210

Esterkin Alexander(1973, 2) e-mail: esterkin@bigfoot.com phone: (781) 455-6361 profession: Software employer: Various Software Development Companies country: USA address: Massachusetts (Boston area), USA last updated on 9/19/97

Evdokimov Andrey(1980, 3) e-mail: andrey@wcharter.spb.ru phone: 113-04-00 profession: engineer-navigator employer: Astra Shipping Agency position: Managing Director country: Russia birthday: 05.02.63 last updated on 07/11/00

Exarkhopoulo Pavel(1982, 4) e-mail: pexarkh@yahoo.com country: USA last updated on 09/30/02

Eybshits Elena(1975, 2) e-mail: eibschits@yahoo.com, eibschits@rambler.ru phone: +7 812 323-02-44 profession: marketolog employer: FINTRA (Finnish Institute For International Trade) position: marketing director country: Russia address: 12 linia of Vasilievsky Ostrov, 37-3 birthday: 11.01.1958 last updated on 11/22/05

Eydeland Julia(1984, 5) e-mail: eydeland@hotmail.com phone: (812)-114-1839 profession: physics teacher employer: 30 school address: St. Petersburg Sadovaya 127-41 birthday: August 20 last updated on 1/18/99


Falk Kirill(1999, 1) e-mail: falk@infopro.spb.ru phone: (812) 316- 38 - 69 profession: student country: Russia address: Moskovskij pr.40 -11 birthday: 21.01.82 last updated on 10/30/99

Falkovich Eugene (1968, B, school #38) e-mail: FALKON1@IX.NETCOM.COM phone: (201)712-0629,(201)712-0566 fax profession: ELECTRONICS employer: GE position: Imaging specialist country: USA address: 29 Shelby ave, Paramus,NJ 07652 birthday: 09/26/51 last updated on 11/23/97

Faynblat Michail(1980, 7) e-mail: mfaynblat@worldnet.att.net phone: (718) 615-91-01 profession: Programmer employer: BTM position: Senior programmer-analyst country: USA, New York address: Brooklyn birthday: 11/18/1963 last updated on 03/16/02

Faynzilberg Simon(1975, 2) e-mail: sfaynzilberg@yahoo.com phone: 617-2320515 profession: medical doctor employer: Harvard University position: clinical insructor country: USA address: 157 Winthrop rd#2, Boston, MA , USA 02445 birthday: 08/21/58 last updated on 01/07/01

Fedorov Alexey(1991, 3) e-mail: alexis@dp.ru profession: astronomer, matematician, build-editor employer: Bonnier Business Press position: graphic designer country: Russia birthday: 1974 June 19 last updated on 07/06/01

Fedorov Sergey(1983, 2) e-mail: fsb@ou.ru phone: +7 812 9311300 profession: manager employer: Open Business School position: Director country: Russia birthday: 30/11/66 last updated on 02/19/03

Fedorov Sergey(1986, 5) e-mail: SergeFe@hotmail.com phone: 591-10-15 247-64-45 profession: programmer employer: Temp the First position: programmer country: Russia birthday: 8.5.69 last updated on 1/24/99

Fedorova Natalia(2003, 4) e-mail: natasha@ou.ru position: student PMPU country: Russia birthday: 20/02/87 last updated on 11/26/03

Fedosova Nina(1980, 1) e-mail: nf@os1801.spb.edu phone: 1520977 profession: programmer employer: baltunexim bank position: unix admin country: russia address: golikova 7-216 birthday: 10.11.1963 last updated on 1/10/99

Fedotov Sergey(1971, 6) e-mail: cyclone@sp.ru phone: (812)553-04-82 country: Russia address: St-Petersburg last updated on 09/05/00

Fedotov Vladimir(1974, 1) e-mail: csi@csa.ru phone: (812) 584-73-92 profession: mathematician employer: CSI-Technology country: Russia address: St.-Petersburg, Solidarnosty, 8-5-99 last updated on 10/25/98

Fedulin Andrew(1998, 1) e-mail: a.fedulin@creatstudio.com phone: 326-82-78 (work) profession: Mathematician employer: CREAT Studio position: Programmer country: Russia birthday: April 2 1981 last updated on 10/29/00

Festchenko Semen L.(1977, G, school #38) e-mail: adm@bulgaria.ru url: http://www.bulgaria.ru phone: ****** position: Sofia country: Bulgaria birthday: 12.01.1960 last updated on 1/16/98

Fetisov Sergey(2001, 4) e-mail: astro@SF10408.spb.edu phone: 262-93-19 profession: student of Math-Mech , Astronomy employer: SPbGU country: Russia birthday: 21.10.83 last updated on 02/18/02

Fialkov Dmitry(1979, 2) e-mail: microtag@actcom.co.il phone: +972-7-6421516 (Home), +972-7-6556985 (Office) profession: Electronics Engineeer employer: MicroTag Temed position: Engineer country: Israel address: Ha-Zvi 111/18

Fichtenholtz Natasha (Natalia)(1965) e-mail: Natasha.Fichtenholtz@KINGCOUNTY.GOV, nfichtenholtz@hotmail.com phone: (425) 369-2091 profession: mathematician, programmer employer: King County, Information @Telecommunication Services position: not changed country: USA address: 3492 NE Meadow Way, Issaquah WA, 98029 USA birthday: May 9, 1947 last updated on 09/02/11

Filippov Misha(1968, zh) e-mail: mofilippov@gmail.com phone: 1-781-492-7841 profession: Electrical Engineer employer: Approach One LLC position: Electrical Engineer country: USA address: Boston birthday: May 19th 1951 last updated on 01/21/19

Filippov Victor(1987, 3) e-mail: phv@icb.spb.su phone: +7 (812) 329-8259 profession: IT Manager employer: Industry & Constuction Bank, SPb position: Head of department country: Russia address: Moskovsky pr. 106-87, 109084 St.-Petersburg, Russia birthday: 12-Jul-1970 last updated on 3/29/98

Finkelshtein Alexander(1991, 3) e-mail: Alexander_Finkelshtein@yahoo.com profession: Software Engineer country: Canada last updated on 09/26/06

Fiodorov Eugene(1987, 5) country: Russia birthday: 02.02.1970 last updated on 11/1/97

Fishkin (Ojigina) Anna(1980, 2) e-mail: anna_fishkin@rogers.com url: http://www.webtracery.com phone: 1-416-512-6835 profession: programmer country: Canada address: 19 Bison Drive last updated on 08/25/06

Flegontov Alexei(1987, 7) e-mail: legont@gmail.com phone: 646-731-9717 employer: OCLC country: USA last updated on 01/22/14

Fomin Nikolai(1978, 8) e-mail: phi96kib@studserv.uni-leipzig.de profession: physic-bajanist employer: Brain Drain position: Leader country: Cosmopolit birthday: 04.01.1961 last updated on 7/17/98

Fomin Sergey(1995, 2) e-mail: SF@m-200.com, sssfff@mail.ru profession: programmer employer: programmer country: Russia last updated on 09/26/03

Fomin Valery(1964, 3) phone: +7 (812) 106-71-63 profession: mathematician employer: Pulkovo Observatory position: s.n.s. country: Russia address: Russia, SPb, Kupchinskaja str., 8/1, ap. 666 last updated on 10/27/97

Fooksman Eugene(1993, 3) url: http://https://www.facebook.com/eugene.fooksman profession: Software Engineer country: USA address: Mountain View, California birthday: 09/02/1976 last updated on 01/05/17

Fradkova Evgenia (Feder)(1966, 2) e-mail: zenia@unifx.com phone: +972-8-921-2019 profession: Mathematician employer: Tikhon Hadash position: Teacher country: Israel address: Ganei Aviv, 625-b, apt 36, Lod, Israel, 71338

Frantsuzov Yuriy(1991, 2) e-mail: mark@mmf.stud.pu.ru (Subject: for Frantsuzov) phone: ++7 (812) 235-21-14, 235-68-72 position: student at SPbGU country: RUSSIAN FEDERATION address: 197110, SPb, 16 Chkalovsky prosp., apt. 11 birthday: 5 Oct 1973

Fratkina Raya (1990, 1) e-mail: raya@cs.stanford.edu phone: (510)558-8482 employer: Stanford University position: Graduate student country: USA last updated on 10/10/97

Frenkel Mark(1991, 2) e-mail: info@robotics.ru, markfrenkel@mail.ru, hvatit etogo url: http://www.frenkel.spb.ru phone: +7 (812) 959-44-11 profession: Muzh employer: Zhena position: From 1 till 400 country: Russia address: SPb, Kronverkskiy pr. 23-44 birthday: 22/05/1974 last updated on 05/01/04

Frenkel Vladimir(1996, 1) e-mail: vova_frenkel@mail.ru phone: (972) - (0)67-959408 position: PhD student country: Israel birthday: 6.07.1979 last updated on 12/23/03

Fridlyand Roman(1973, school #38) e-mail: romanf@ksl.co.il phone: 04-8230922 profession: Programmer/System Architect employer: Kuilicke and Soffa position: team leader country: Israel address: Aba Hilel Silver str, 109/83, Haifa, Israel

Fridman Andry(1987, 3) e-mail: af@poboxes.com url: http://www.netforward.com/POBoxes/?af profession: Network administrator employer: Internet Service Ltd. country: Russia address: Novosibirskaya st. 1-53, St.Petersburg, 197342, Russia

Friedman Lev(1971, 4) e-mail: acl.sol@worldnet.att.net phone: 718-921-4692 profession: computer programmer employer: ACL SOLUTION, INC position: consultant country: USA address: 580 84 Str. Apt 4C, Brooklyn, NY 11209, USA birthday: 1954 Oct 7 last updated on 10/27/97

Friedrichs Alexej(1987, 5) e-mail: jeck@mostek.spb.su phone: 394-21-73 profession: Korablestroitel' employer: Mostek position: Slyzhba besopasnosti country: Poka Russland address: V.O. birthday: 05.12.69 last updated on 11/6/98

Fromzel Aleksandr(1993, 4) e-mail: aleksandrfromzel@hotmail.com phone: 203-324-4423 profession: MIS/Business IT employer: Gartner Group position: Industry Analyst country: US address: 873 Washington Blvd. #10B Stamford, CT 06901 birthday: Dec. 25' 1975 last updated on 09/08/02

Fromzel Len(1983, 2) e-mail: lfromzel@hotmail.com phone: (201) 803-0860 profession: computer programmer employer: DTCC ( Depository Trust & Clearing Corp ) position: senior P/A country: USA address: 5-08 Third Street, Fair Lawn, NJ 07410 birthday: Sept 25, 1966 last updated on 05/04/02

Fromzel Leonid(1974, 3) e-mail: leonid.fromzel@pwc.ca, fromleonid@yandex.ru phone: 7-812-184-3064 profession: Engineer Analyst employer: Pratt & Whitney rus country: Russia last updated on 10/14/03

Frumkin Alexander(1978, 2) phone: 0049-30-8594080 profession: M.D. employer: Moabit Hospital position: Doctor on Staff country: Germany address: Fregestr. 38A, 12161 Berlin birthday: 06/12/1961 last updated on 4/21/99

Frumkin Dmitry(1997, 1) e-mail: ddf@andrew.cmu.edu country: USA address: San Mateo, CA last updated on 06/24/02

Fuhrman (now Petrov) Mikhail(1981, 4) e-mail: mikhailpetrov@mail.ru phone: +49-211-4249140 (home) profession: Engineer for optishe design employer: LIMO GmbH position: Engineer country: Germany address: Mintarder Weg 37 / 40472 Duesseldorf / Germany birthday: 03.02.1964 last updated on 08/15/01

Furmanov Alexandr(1992, 5) e-mail: afurmanov@meta-comm.com phone: (319)-466-17-25 profession: Programmer employer: MetaCommunications, Inc country: USA

Furmanova Anna(1998, 3) e-mail: simpan@mail.ru phone: 521-80-67 profession: tutor, manager employer: SPb Highest School of Economics country: Russia address: Nastavnikov Prospect, 29-3-315 birthday: 26.04.1981 last updated on 08/27/04

Fyodorov Yaroslav(1991, 2) e-mail: yaroslavf@iname.com url: http://www.cs.technion.ac.il/~yaroslav phone: +972-54-643199 profession: student employer: Technion - IIT country: Israel address: 39 Haviva Reikh St., apt. 4 last updated on 05/01/01


Gaaze Michael(1975, A, school #38) e-mail: micle@loniis.org phone: 321-93-43 employer: LONIIS (Institute of Telecommunications) position: head of laboratory country: Russia last updated on 08/16/05

Galankin Timophey(1999, 5) phone: (812) 328-2817 profession: Student employer: St.-Petersburg Medical University named by Pavlov country: Russia address: 11 line, 58, ap. 40, St-Petersburg Russia 178199 birthday: 3 April 1982 last updated on 12/01/01

Galanov Sergey(2002, 2) e-mail: sgsoftware@mail.ru, sg2@nwgsm.ru url: http://www.phys-math30.narod.ru phone: +78125265435 profession: student employer: SPbSU, mathematics and mechanics faculty country: Russian Federation address: Udarnikov prospect, 56-1-335 birthday: 02.12.1984 last updated on 02/08/03

Galianov Paul Valerievich(1999, 3) e-mail: morbidman@mail.ru phone: 321-1099 profession: Student employer: SPbGETU address: Maliy prospekt, 46 - 27 birthday: 27/09/82 last updated on 02/02/01

Galinsky Serge(1994, 3) e-mail: serge@sg2787.spb.edu profession: Aplied Finances country: Russia birthday: 23 may 1977 last updated on 10/19/99

Galinsky Vitaly A.(1987, 4) e-mail: Vitaly@sg2787.spb.edu, CGSG@as4012.spb.edu url: http://www.pabl.ru/paul/CGSG profession: Programmer employer: School 30 (Phys-Math Gymnasium # 30), CGSG position: Teacher for programming, lead the computer graphics group country: Russia address: S.-Petersbourg birthday: Feb 10, 1970 last updated on 02/09/00

Galitzyn Michael(1993, 5) e-mail: eldagar@mail.ru phone: 351-7376 profession: tehnician employer: ELSI position: tech chief country: Russia address: permanently travel ?))) birthday: 12/08/76 last updated on 03/24/00

Gandelsman Mark(1971, 3) e-mail: mygandelsman@gmail.com phone: 972-4-8327153 profession: physicist employer: Elbit Systems position: algorithm developer country: Israel address: Moshe Levin Gottle 9/19 Haifa 32922 birthday: 01/06/1954 last updated on 10/02/16

Gantman Evgeny(1967, 1) e-mail: evgeny.gan@gmail.com phone: +972-544594771 profession: retired officer of the Soviet Army, now programmer position: Software Engineer country: Israel address: 5 Sprintsak St., Rishon LeZiyon birthday: 16 February 1950 last updated on 11/30/06

Garber Boris(1970, 6) e-mail: bgarber@sympatico.ca, boris_garber@canadalife.com phone: (416) 667-0858 profession: Computer Engineer employer: Canada Life Assurance position: Senior Systems Consultant country: Canada address: 50 Robert Hicks Dr., Toronto, ON M2R3R4,Canada birthday: July 6, 1953 last updated on 01/15/03

Garnovskaya Maria N.(1973, 2) e-mail: garnovsk@musc.edu phone: (803)856-3838 (h); (803)792-4122 (w) profession: Scientist employer: Medical University of South Carolina position: Ass. Professor of Medicine country: U.S.A. address: 338 Old South Way, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464, USA

Gavrilov Artem(1997, 2) e-mail: tema25@mail.ru country: Russia birthday: 23.05.80 last updated on 11/04/04

Generalova Julia(1984, 2) e-mail: general@isida.ipa.rssi.ru profession: mathematician-programmer employer: Institute of Applied Astronomy country: Russia

Genkina Irina(1980, 5) e-mail: genkina@bk.ru country: Russia address: St.Petersburg birthday: 04.01.63 last updated on 11/23/05

Genusov Alex (Sasha)(1971, 2) e-mail: genusov@world.std.com employer: ASIC Alliance country: USA last updated on 3/10/98

Gerasimenko Alexander(2000, 2) e-mail: gerasimenko.alexander@gmail.com profession: scientist employer: Ioffe institute country: Russia birthday: may 20 1983 last updated on 08/28/10

Gershman Yuri(1991, 2) phone: Contact only (in urgent case): ++972 (0)3 536 8206 country: ISRAEL address: Yeshivat Zikhron Michael, P.O.Box 18, Zikhron Yaakov birthday: 31 Oct 1974

Gersht Vladimir(1976, A, school #38) e-mail: vlad@thecars.net profession: Business manager country: USA last updated on 02/12/11

Geylperin(Iakovleva) Inna(1991, 2) e-mail: inka.iakovleva@netikka.fi phone: +358-408425812, +358-64147743 country: Finland last updated on 01/23/05

Gilbo Eugeni(1983, 3) e-mail: cau@comset.net phone: 7-(812)-346-26-90 profession: Economist employer: The State Duma country: Russia address: 69-50 Bolshoy pr PS 197101 SPb Russia 197101 p/b 971 birthday: 20.12.1965 last updated on 8/27/98

Gindina Tatyana(1991, 5) e-mail: tg2x@andrew.cmu.edu phone: 1-(412) 422-72-16 employer: Carnegie Mellon University position: student country: USA address: 2209 Murray ave.#1 Pittsburgh, PA 15217

Ginzburg Alexander (Sasha)(1971, 5) e-mail: alexginzburg@juno.com country: USA last updated on 04/08/09

Ginzburg Alexander(1973, 2) e-mail: ginzburg@mail.gran.spb.ru phone: (7-812) 323-1398 profession: Programmer employer: Lenenergo position: Leading Engineer country: Russia address: 199004, 8th line, 45/34, apt.36 birthday: 10/27/56 last updated on 10/06/99

Ginzburg Alexey(1999, 5) e-mail: alex_ginz@mail.ru phone: (7-812) 323-1398 profession: Student employer: St.-Petersburg State Electrotechnical University country: Russia address: 45 8-th liniya st. apt.36 St-Petersburg Russia 199004 birthday: 18 Dec 1982 last updated on 12/01/01

Ginzburg Boris(1968, 2) e-mail: borginz@hotmail.com, borginz@soreq.gov.il phone: +972-8-946-7228 profession: Physisist employer: NRC SOREQ position: Senior Researcher country: Israel address: 17/10 Miller St., Rehovot 76284 last updated on 09/29/02

Ginzburg Elena(1973, 5) e-mail: ginzburg@pbworld.com phone: (212)465-5236 profession: Environmental science employer: Parsons Brinckerhoff, Inc. position: Senior environmental scientist country: USA address: Fair Lawn, New Jersey, USA

Ginzburg Igor(1982, 5) e-mail: find on my website url: http://home.earthlink.net/~imginzburg/ phone: 858-794-1874 profession: Programmer employer: Cardiff Software position: Software Engineer country: USA address: 12531 Caminito Mira del Mar, San Diego, CA 92130 last updated on 08/04/01

Ginzburg Michael(1994, 2) e-mail: ginzburg@tx.technion.ac.il url: http://www.technion.ac.il/~ginzburg/ phone: 972 - 4 - 8237170 profession: Applied Mathematician employer: Technion - Israel Institute of Technology position: Graduate Student country: Israel address: Hankin road, 11, Haifa, 32762, Israel birthday: 13.04.1976 last updated on 11/11/98

Ginzburg Viktor(1966, B, school #38) e-mail: vginz@gmx.de profession: Software development position: Developer country: Muenchen, Germany last updated on 10/19/06

Gisin Boris(1977, 4) e-mail: bgisin@nycap.rr.com phone: 518 382 1972 profession: electrical engineer employer: PowerGem country: USA address: 2151 Rankin Rd, Schenectady, NY 12309 last updated on 10/29/00

Gladina Yuliya(1991, 2) phone: ++7 (812) 314-47-03 (home); 278-86-88, 278-86-63 (work); fax: 252-46-66 profession: Economist employer: TOO "ARES" employment agency position: Financial Manager country: RUSSIAN FEDERATION address: 190000, SPb, 36/81 Bol'shaya Morskaya St., apt. 36 birthday: 28 Jun 1974

Gladkiy Artem Mihailovich(1999, 3) e-mail: artemlust@mail.ru phone: +7(812)-321-5105 profession: Student employer: SPbGU MatMeh country: Rossia birthday: 17.07.82 last updated on 02/26/00

Gladkova (Stern) Elena(1964, 3) e-mail: gld@spbex.ru phone: +7 (812) 356-17-30 profession: mathematician position: programmer country: Russia address: 199226, Russia, SPb, Nachimova str., 3, k.1, fl.100 last updated on 10/24/97

Gladkova Lydia(1991, 1) e-mail: lgladkova@hotmail.com, lgladkova@ets.org phone: (201)583-1750 profession: mathematician employer: ETS position: Associate Research Scientist country: USA address: 227 Jane St. Weehawken NJ 07086 birthday: June 16, 1974 last updated on 04/14/04

Glazov Ilya(1997, 6) e-mail: glazov@dinas.spb.ru, teohim@skylink.spb.ru url: http://teohim.ru country: Russia last updated on 07/20/05

Glazunova Olga(1978, 2) email: glazunova@og9248.spb.edu, glazunova@hotmail.com url: http://www.phil.pu.ru/depts/20.htm phone: (812) 277-24-82 employer: St.Petersburg State University, Faculty of Philology position: Associate Professor country: Russia address: 193167, St. Petersburg, Prof. Ivashentsev Str., 4/30, Apt. 21 birthday: September 4, 1961 last updated on 3/14/05

Glazyrin Mikhail(1994, 3) e-mail: mglazyrin@gmail.com, mag@creatstudio.com, mag@mastermag.info url: http://www.mastermag.info phone: +78129324950 employer: Creat Studios, Inc position: Executive Producer country: Russia last updated on 09/09/09

Glevinsky Sergey(1983, 7) e-mail: swg@wplus.net phone: +7 (812)421-24-16 profession: manager employer: ONIX position: country: Russia address: Russia, St.Petersburg, ul. Dekabristov 8-9

Glezer Mark(1975, 2) e-mail: glezer@cs.umd.edu url: http://www.cs.umd.edu/~glezer profession: grad student employer: University of Maryland country: USA

Gnedina (Chelkak) Irina(1989, 4) phone: +7(812)113-68-55 profession: high school teacher of mathematics employer: 239th School of St.Petersburg position: teacher of mathematics country: Russia address: Russia, St.Petersburg, Pryadilny per.4-2 birthday: May 5th last updated on 10/3/97

Godin Yuri(1979, 4) e-mail: yurigodin@yahoo.com phone: 704 687 2649 (work) profession: applied mathematician employer: University of North Carolina position: Associate Professor country: USA address: Department of Mathematics & Statistics, University of North Carolina, 9201 University City Boulevard, Charlotte, NC, 28223, USA last updated on 2/9/10

Gogina Yulia(2004, 1) e-mail: yu.koshkina@gmail.com last updated on 11/27/11

Goldenberg Irene(1989, 2) e-mail: bi44@popeye.cc.biu.ac.il phone: (972)-3-964-97-04;(972)-3-967-14-43 position: student Tel-Aviv University country: Israel

Goldberg Pavel(1980, 1) e-mail: goldberg_paul@mail.ru phone: 443-5281,936-5991 profession: rukovoditel country: Russia address: Sankt-Petersburg birthday: 25.12.63 last updated on 03/04/00

Goldberg (Melnikova) Elena(1982, 5) e-mail: egoldberg@sagent.com phone: 408-362-9926 profession: SQA Engineer employer: Sagent Technology country: USA address: 877 Windsor Hill CI, San Jose, CA birthday: 09/09/65 last updated on 10/04/01

Goldovsky Stanislav(1992, 5) e-mail: 100612.3363@compuserve.com phone: 00492217902615 profession: Student of Computer Science employer: None (yet...) country: Germany address: Marienberger Weg 37b, 50767 Koln, BRD

Goldrina (Aksenova) Anna(1992, 1) e-mail: anna@goldrina.de country: Deutschland address: Ennepestr. 24 , 44807 Bochum, Deutschland birthday: 13.12.1974 last updated on 03/19/04

Goldshmid (Piliptchouk) Liliya(1990, 2) e-mail: lgoldshm@onebox.com phone: (781)729-6299 profession: Math / Computer Science employer: ITT Technical Institute position: IT/Math Instructor country: USA address: 171 Swanton St. #41, Winchester, MA 01890 birthday: Jan. 5, 1973 last updated on 07/23/01

Golod Vadim(1989, 5) e-mail: vadimgolod@yahoo.com phone: 678-860-4136 profession: Computer Technology employer: Impact Innovations Group position: Technical Manager country: USA last updated on 04/13/07

Golovitski Alexander(1970, 5) e-mail: golov@twonet.stu.neva.ru phone: (007-812) 2130517 profession: Physicist employer: St.Petersburg Technical University position: Associate Professor country: Russia address: Bolshoj Prospekt W.O. 47-58, 199178 St.Petersburg, Russia birthday: 3. Nov. 1953 last updated on 11/14/97

Golubev Oleg(1983, 4) e-mail: golubev@express-paging.ru url: http://www.express-paging.ru phone: (812) 247-7404 profession: Engineer employer: JSC "AOKC" position: Technical director country: Russia address: St. Petersburg birthday: December,4,1965 last updated on 03/30/01

Golubev Vladimir(1991, 2) phone: ++7 (812) 216-16-06 country: RUSSIAN FEDERATION address: Spb

Golyatin Yury(1966, 2) e-mail: golyv@yandex.ru phone: 5104817 profession: engineer country: Russia birthday: 9.06/1948 last updated on 03/09/04

Gorbounov Ilia(1991, 5) e-mail: ilia@chip.spb.su phone: 7-812-9670872

Gorbunov Ruslan(1991, 2) e-mail: merlin@wgroup.niif.spb.su phone: ++7 (812) 213-39-93, summer: (069) 52-91-91 profession: Physicist position: Working on MSc degree at SPbGU, Phys. dep. country: RUSSIAN FEDERATION address: 199026, SPb, V.O., 2/II 19th Liniya, apt. 39, summer: 355012, Sevastopol, 22a Gogol'a St., apt. 7 birthday: 8 Jun 1974

Gorbunova Vera(1988, 2) e-mail: vgorbuno@mail.rochester.edu url: http://www.rochester.edu/College/BIO/faculty/Gorbunova.html phone: +1 585 671-1625 home profession: Biologist employer: University of Rochester position: Assistant Professor country: USA birthday: March 14, 1971 last updated on 02/14/05

Gordeev Nikolai(1969, 1) e-mail: algebra@ivt.rgpu.spb.ru profession: Mathematics employer: State Russian Pedagogical University, Spb position: Chairman of Algebra country: Russia

Gordienko Roman(1992, 4) e-mail: roma@cs.econ.pu.ru profession: Software Engineer employer: St.Peterburg University position: Network Administrator country: Russia

Gorelik Bronislav(1977, B, started in school #38) e-mail: bronis@mobile.spb.su phone: +7-812-1221790 profession: Programmer employer: MCS position: Director country: Russia address: P.O.Box 383, St.Petersburg, 196240, Russia

Gorman Lev(1968, A, school #38) e-mail: gorman.lev@gmail.com last updated on 07/05/12

Gornushkin Igor(1975, 2) e-mail: igorg@ufl.edu phone: (352) 335-2312 profession: Laser spectroscopist employer: University of Florida position: Associate scientist country: USA last updated on 10/12/98

Eugene Gorodovykh(1987, 5) e-mail: ujinv@yandex.ru, ujinv197@gmail.com phone: +7 981 7575421 country: Russia birthday: 20.05.1970 last updated on 08/17/17

Gorohovsky Fedor(1972, G, school #38) e-mail: f.gor@usa.net phone: (812) 100-58-68 birthday: 07.07.55 last updated on 07/24/99

Gorshenev Michael(1990, 1) e-mail: gor@sparc.spb.su phone: (812)155-6929 profession: Computer programmer employer: SPb State University country: Russia address: Russia, 198330, S-Petersburg, Marshala Zaharova 27-3-71

Gorshenin Leonid(2004, 4) e-mail: lgor@bk.ru phone: 8-921-3200182 profession: student country: Russia address: Kaxovskogo street 3/40 birthday: 26/05/1987 last updated on 10/02/05

Gorshkova Ekaterina(1995, 3) e-mail: cathy@meta.niimm.spb.su phone: 812-234-93-98 profession: student/programmer employer: SpbSU position: Student of Math. & Mech. Department country: Russia address: 197022 Kamennoostrovsky 39-25

Goryachev Alexander(1976, B, school #38) e-mail: A_goryachev@eltech.ru employer: Eureca position: Instructor country: Russia birthday: 5 august 1959 last updated on 12/14/00

Goryainov Konstantin(1995, 2) profession: Bus driver last updated on 07/14/11

Gotlib Vladimir(1966, E, school #38) e-mail: gotlib@sinstr.ru, vagotlib@mail.ru, vagotlib@gmail.com phone: +7(921)9098290 profession: Phisics, engineer employer: Scientific Instruments position: General Disigner country: Russia address: Sankt-Peterburg birthday: 15.06.1949 last updated on 08/01/14

Granitskey Dimitri(1980, 5) e-mail: dim.gran@gmail.com, grandim@list.ru phone: +7(921)945-2638 profession: programmer/manager employer: arr-go group position: CEO country: Russia address: St-Petersburg,Dekabristov str, H.29, Apt.29 birthday: 16/04/1963 last updated on 02/22/14

Granowska Hope V.(1983, 6) e-mail: Hope.V.Granowska (at) gmail.com country: USA last updated on 07/22/13

Granowsky Victor(1989, 1) e-mail: victor/granowsky@gmail.com phone: +79219639473 country: Russu last updated on 12/09/13

Greenbaum Leonid(1988, 1) e-mail: Anechka@vms.huji.ac.il phone: 972-2-6419572 (053-728671) employer: The Post Office position: employee country: Israel address: Haim Haviv 3/23, Jerusalem, 96788, Israel birthday: 03.05.1971 last updated on 4/22/98

Greshnikov Alexander(1972, D) e-mail: galex@mega-f.co.il phone: 972-54440193 profession: Electronic engineer employer: Mega_F Motion Systems position: Group Leader country: Israel address: Haifa Lion Blum4/6 birthday: 23/02/1955 last updated on 08/14/03

Gribakin Gleb(1978, 2) e-mail: g.gribakin@am.qub.ac.uk url: http://www.am.qub.ac.uk/users/g.gribakin/ phone: +44-28-90628676 profession: Theoretical Physics employer: Queen's University, Belfast position: Lecturer in Applied Maths and Theor. Physics country: Northern Ireland address: 29 Glenaan Ave, Dunmurry, Belfast BT17 9AU, Northern Ireland birthday: 25 July 1961 last updated on 12/20/01

Gribakina (Kosaya) Anna(1978, 2) e-mail: anna_gribakina@hotmail.com profession: Maths & Physics employer: EAIFHE position: Lecturer country: N. Ireland last updated on 06/12/02

Gribashov Viktor(1992, 3) e-mail: gribashh@bor.ifmo.ru profession: Student employer: CTD IFMO position: 4 year student country: Russian Federation

Grigentch Ignati(1987, 2) e-mail: grigentc@cebaf.gov, ignati@mail.ru url: http://www.physics.odu.edu/~ignati/ phone: (650)992-7752(h), (415)559-3416(c) profession: Network&System Engineer employer: Taos, http://www.taos.com/ position: Consultant country: USA address: 397 Imperial Way #147, Daly City, CA 94015 birthday: June 11, 1970 last updated on 02/06/01

Grigoriev Alexei(1990, 4) e-mail: alexey/at/cae.wisc.edu last updated on 01/20/05

Grigoriev Sergey(1985, 1) e-mail: Onninen@mail.wplus.net phone: 3251186 employer: ZAO "Onninen SPb" position: Area Manager country: Russia last updated on 8/27/98

Grigorieva Irina(1981, 5) e-mail: ehidna@rdm.ru, irji@grange.ru phone: 007-095-7951254 profession: business employer: furniture shop position: director country: Russia address: Moscow birthday: 12/05/1964 last updated on 06/28/04

Gritsevskaya Irina(1992, 1) e-mail: lena_gr@walla.co.il phone: +972523648034 profession: lawyer country: Israel birthday: 11/12/1975 last updated on 11/01/05

Gritsovsky Alexander(1985, 2) e-mail: alexg@rafael.co.il phone: 972-4-8123-160 profession: engineere employer: Rafael ltd. country: Israel address: Pinsker, 15/8, Haifa birthday: 10.9.68 last updated on 06/28/03

Gromoff Alexander(1977, B, shool #38) e-mail: tahorg@mail.dux.ru phone: 1640324 profession: organisational consulting employer: self position: consultant country: Russia address: SPb Chernyahovskogo 43 7 last updated on 08/12/99

Gromov Konstantin(1986, 1) e-mail: gkg@leland.stanford.edu url: www-leland.stanford.edu/~gkg profession: radio engineer employer: Stanford position: graduate student country: Russia

Grouza Anton(1986, 5) e-mail: agrouza@logicart.ca, agrouza@hotmail.com profession: IT country: Canada last updated on 08/11/04

Gruzdev Peter(1992, 2) e-mail: Factory@infopro.spb.su phone: 3518234 profession: Analyst employer: Factory (Investment Company) position: Analyst country: Russia birthday: 07/22/97 last updated on 10/24/97

Gubkin Dmitriy(1991, 1) phone: (812 ) 217 - 45 - 40 ( home ) profession: Programmer employer: Bank "Petrovsky" position: Programmer country: Russia address: St. Petersburg, V.O., Sredniy prospect, d. 98, kv. 54, home tel. 217-45-40

Gubkina Natalya(1999, 1) e-mail: sowl@hotmail.ru phone: 322-45-40 employer: "Integra" position: programmer country: Russia address: SPb, Sredni pr., 98, 54 birthday: 05.04.1982 last updated on 03/12/03

Gubochkin Alexey(1988, 2) e-mail: gubochkin@wcharter.spb.su url: http://www.worldart.ru phone: 7+(812) 126-2352, 259-9612 profession: Programmer employer: World Chartering Ltd. position: SysAdmin country: Russia address: Ordjonikidze, 35-I-106, Saint-Petersburg, Russia birthday: 24.05.71 last updated on 9/12/98

Andrey Gumenuk(1987, 5) e-mail: gumenukandrey@inbox.ru, gumenyukandrey@gmail.com phone: +7-911-234-45-47 profession: offshore engineer employer: Krylov Shipbuilding Research Institute position: principal engineer country: Russia address: SPb, Kollontay17-4-19 birthday: 13.03.70 last updated on 12/07/07

Gurevich Boris(1993, 5) e-mail: bgou0027@rz.uni-hildesheim.de phone: 0177-3447938 profession: student employer: University Braunschweig position: computer engineering country: Germany address: Hansering 98, 31141 Hildesheim birthday: 27.09.1976 last updated on 10/18/98

Gurevich Evgeny(1981, 4) phone: +7(812)2772665h 1135444 off profession: Manager employer: Adamant Group position: Manager country: Russia

Gurtovnik Tatyana(1968, 2) e-mail: iones@apigames.com phone: (718) 2530638 profession: Math teacher employer: Looking for a position (just moved -:) position: - country: USA address: 1201 Ocean Parkway, #2H, Brooklyn, NY, 11230 birthday: March 20, 1951 last updated on 12/01/99

Gusev Alexey(1993, 3) e-mail: apocryph@mail.ru url: http://satourn.narod.ru/index.html phone: (7-812) 328-24-50 profession: Stage director; art critic employer: Theatre "SatourN"; encyclopaedia "Seance" position: Art director; editor country: Russia address: St. Petersbourg, 199053, V. O., 3rd line, 46-44 birthday: 11.09.1977 last updated on 05/15/04

Gusev Igor(1985, 1) e-mail: igor_gusev@mail.ru phone: (812) 594-8372 country: Russia last updated on 08/04/99

Gusev Maksim (1995, 5) e-mail: maks_gusev@bk.ru url: http://www.alliedmin.com phone: +7-921-976-9633 profession: Metallurgy employer: Allied Mineral Product position: Representative in Russia country: Russia birthday: 02.12.1978 last updated on 12/15/06

Gusev Oleg(1987, 2) e-mail: oleg@usm.uni-muenchen.de url: later phone: +49-089-92209430 profession: Mathematician, but hacker at most. employer: Uni M"unchen position: visiting scientist country: Germany address: Not applicable

Gusev Sergei(1969, 1) e-mail: sergei@sg1638.spb.edu phone: 273-03-47 profession: Mathematics employer: St. Petersburg State University position: Associate Professor country: Russia last updated on 08/30/99

Gusev Yuriy(1975, 5) e-mail: yg63@georgetown.edu, yugusev@gmail.com profession: mathematical and computational biology, bioinformatics employer: Georgetown University country: USA last updated on 02/18/13

Guseva Irina(1971, 5) e-mail: irengus@mail.ru phone: (7-812) 3282450 employer: "Marikom" country: Russia address: St.-Petersburg, V. O., 3rd line, 46-44 birthday: April 12th, 1954 last updated on 05/07/05

Gutina Anna(1989, 1) e-mail: Anechka@vms.huji.ac.il phone: 972-2-6419572; 053-823364 profession: engineer of physics employer: The Hebrew University of Jerusalem position: Ph.D. student country: Israel address: Haim Haviv str. 3/23, Jerusalem, 96788, Israel birthday: 05.02.1972 last updated on 4/18/98

Gutina Anna (Hana)(1991, 1) phone: ++972 (0)3 532 0693 country: ISRAEL address: 23 Peretz St., Giv'at Shmuel birthday: August 17, 1974 last updated on 11/11/97

Gutman Alexander(1978, 4) e-mail: agutman@emc.com phone: (508) 879-6403 profession: Programmer employer: EMC Corp. position: Software Systems Architect country: USA address: 134 Parker Rd., Framingham, MA 01702 last updated on 3/9/99

Gvirts Michael(1980, 4) e-mail: gvirts@mail.ru employer: Klimov Corporation position: Bureau chief country: Russia address: Call first birthday: 20.07.1963 last updated on 01/14/02

Gvozdev Roman(1987, 3) e-mail: amg@peterlink.ru phone: 1143652 profession: Designer employer: Aero Advertising position: Head of department country: Russia birthday: 30.11.1970 last updated on 06/26/00


Halupovich Yulia(1984, 3) e-mail: hjulia@technion.ac.il, hjuliaster@gmail.com phone: 972-54-5435243 profession: Aerospace Engineer employer: Technion, Computer Center position: CFD Consultant country: Israel address: Maimon 41/5, Haifa birthday: 30 December last updated on 07/30/06

Hasanov Igor(1988, 4) e-mail: hasanov@nt-ex.petrobank.spb.su profession: Software Enginering employer: Bank "Petrovsky" position: Software Development country: Russia

Hovanov Viacheslav(1985, 5) e-mail: hovanov@eltigen.spb.su phone: +7 812 225 8004 profession: programmer, literator employer: Control System Center of Vodokanal SPb position: programmer country: Russia address: St. Petersburg, Liteyny 40-65


Iljina (Khazina) Elena(1972, B, school #38) e-mail: ekhazina@us.oracle.com phone: w.(650)637-8804 profession: Systems programmer employer: ORACLE position: Software Eng. country: USA address: 37, Rinconada Circle, Belmont, CA 94002 USA last updated on 2/14/99

Iljina(Onosovskaya) Elena(1980, 2) e-mail: Igor_Liakhovitsky@neva.spb.ru Please, point in SUBJECT "for Lena" phone: 812-5259379 country: Russia address: 195298 S-PB,pr.Nastavnikov, 15-3-123 birthday: 1.12.1962 last updated on 1/19/98

Ilushin Sergey(1980, 6) e-mail: grey@str-tr.freelines.ru profession: director employer: STR Ltd country: Russia address: Leny Golikova st 47- 42 , St Petersburg, 152-2427 birthday: 21.03 last updated on 10/7/97

Ilyenkova Lyubov(1968, 2) e-mail: ilyenkova@mail.ru, ila@norman.spb.ru phone: +7 812 5117934 profession: Manager country: Russia last updated on 06/07/05

Ilyin Vladimir(1968, 4) e-mail: ilyin1951@mail.ru profession: teacher country: Russia birthday: 22.05.1951 last updated on 02/02/03

Ilyine Evgene(1990, 1) e-mail: esi@ptc.spbu.ru url: http://www.ptc.spbu.ru/~esi profession: Computer engineer country: Russia

Imatovich Boris(1976, B, school #38) e-mail: boris@buspark01.spb.ru phone: 7 (812) 225-82-48, 7 (812) 166-34-68 profession: the chef division Bus park #1 St.Peterburg country: Russia address: 195253, Russia, St.Peterburg, Shosse Revolusii, 48-42 birthday: 17.10.1958 last updated on 02/06/04

Ioffe Len(1979, 3) e-mail: len.ioffe@gs.com phone: (718) 549-4074 profession: equity portfolio manager employer: Goldman, Sachs & Co. position: vice president country: USA address: 5235 Netherland Avenue, Riverdale, NY 10471, USA birthday: January 3, 1963 last updated on 06/30/99

Ioffe Maxim(1992, 4) e-mail: mioffe@speakeasy.net profession: Programmer employer: WESCO Distribution position: Development manager country: USA address: 1120 Windermere Dr Pittsburgh, PA 15218 birthday: 7 May 1975 last updated on 03/18/01

Ioffe Mikhail(1972, 5) e-mail: mioffe@aol.com profession: electronics engineer employer: Fishman Transducers, Inc. position: Engineering manager country: USA last updated on 11/13/98

Iones Andrey(1990, 1) e-mail: iones@saber3d.com phone: 646-2985796 profession: Game developer employer: Saber Interactive position: CTO, co-founder country: USA birthday: Dec 21, 1973 last updated on 07/01/02

Ionis Gregory(1993) e-mail: gi4@columbia.edu url: http://www.cisl.columbia.edu/~ionis phone: 201-398-1145 employer: Goldman, Sachs & Co. country: USA address: 193 Franklin Street, Elmwood Park, NJ 07408 birthday: February 18, 1976 last updated on 12/31/05

Ionova Larisa(1974, 6) e-mail: Lora_Zhelezkina@list.ru phone: +7(812)516-27-46 profession: engineer address: Lunacharskogo st.,62-2-387 birthday: 31.03.1957 last updated on 12/07/04

Irsheins Dmitry(1998, 5) e-mail: mitrio@nm.ru url: http://www.mitrio.narod.ru, http://www.deline.inc.ru profession: student, web developer employer: SPbSTU country: ru address: guess where:) birthday: 03.01 last updated on 04/07/02

Irzak Alexander(1969, 2) e-mail: irzak@yesic.com phone: (416) 227 9518 profession: Electronics Engineer employer: Dalsa Inc. country: Canada last updated on 05/16/99

Iskakov Rem(1984, 2) e-mail: rem@sph.spb.su phone: ++7-812-2132041 profession: Businessman ! employer: Superphysica position: Commercial Director country: Russia address: 199053 Tuckov pereulok 11/5 48, St. Petersburg, Russia

Israeli (Izrailevich) Alina(1969, 3) e-mail: aisrael@american.edu profession: linguist employer: American University position: Associate Professor country: USA last updated on 04/11/04

Isyomin Dima(1981, 2) e-mail: david@d2.com phone: (310) 268-8202 (h) (310) 314-2895 (w) employer: Digital Domain position: Digital Effects Supervisor country: USA address: 1255 Midvale Ave.#505 LA, California 90024

Itskovitch (Baranovsky) Yana(1971, 7) e-mail: andreyb@dune.ramat-negev.org.il phone: (972) 7 - 6562184 profession: Programmer employer: Raviv ( Israel ) position: Export logistics manager country: Israel address: Kibbutz Revivim D.N.Halutza 85515, Israel

Ivanov Denis(1986, 5) e-mail: denislife@mail.com phone: 88127017247 89112462688 profession: manager employer: piterlada country: russia birthday: 29/06/1969 last updated on 08/03/05

Ivanov Kirill(1998, 3) e-mail: rusrebel@mail.ru phone: 7-812-245-2194 profession: Editor employer: Piter-press country: Russia address: S.-Pb. B.Sampsonyevsky pr. 79-8 birthday: 21.02.1981 last updated on 12/03/00

Ivanov Kirill(1999, 1) e-mail: Kirill.Ivanov@sitek.net profession: student employer: MSU, VMK country: Russia address: MSK, ul. Ivana Babushkina, 15-1-11 birthday: 17/06/1982 last updated on 07/22/03

Ivanov Oleg(1980, 1) e-mail: oleg_s_i@mail.ru profession: engineer country: Russia address: SPb birthday: 2.11.62 last updated on 07/25/02

Ivanov Sergey(1966, 1) e-mail: Timey@nm.ru profession: engineer country: Russia last updated on 04/16/01

Ivanov Sergey(1992, 1) e-mail: serge@bfpg.ru phone: 3521175 profession: IT manager country: Russia last updated on 9/25/98

Ivanov Sergey(2001, 2) e-mail: si2tzar@mail.ru url: http://www.si2tzar.ru profession: Software developer country: Russia address: Saint-Petersburg last updated on 01/14/08

Ivanov Vadim(1974, 7) e-mail: ivanov_vadim@burr-brown.com phone: 520-746-7844 profession: EE design employer: Burr-Brown Corp position: design eng country: USA

Ivanov Yuri(1979, 5) e-mail: YU19@MAIL.RU phone: 7(812)1661200, 7(812)1661205 profession: Information For Busness employer: Consalting Firm "ENTER-SERVIS" position: Director country: Russia address: SPB birthday: 03/04/62 last updated on 05/16/02

Ivanova Olga Andreevna(1999, 3) profession: Student employer: SPBGY PriMat address: Spb pr Aviakonstructorov 44-2-186 last updated on 02/05/00

Ivanova Svetlana (now Ratnikova)(1970, B, school #38) e-mail: sveta_rat@mailru.com phone: 301-36-43 profession: enganer position: a headmistress of school 583 country: Russia address: 19734, SPb, Sizova, 34/18, 116 birthday: 23.4.1953 last updated on 03/29/01

Izyurov Alexander(1971, 3) e-mail: izyurov@infopro.spb.su phone: 7(812)1514356 profession: Chemist employer: St.Petersburg University position: Senior Lecturer country: Russia address: Russia 198328, St. Petersburg, Zorge 12-159 last updated on 10/28/97


Jacobson Mark(1982, 4) e-mail: mvjacobson@yahoo.com url: http://facelink.com/M12826 phone: (908) 654-6577 profession: engineer employer: Airco DIET position: engineer country: United States address: Scotch Plains, NJ last updated on 04/05/01

Jak (Tcherniak) Sofia(1980, 7) e-mail: E.Jak@minmet.uq.oz.au phone: +61 7 3378 1171 profession: Accountant employer: N/A position: study Master of Prof. Acc. country: Australia address: P.O.Box 32, St Lucia, Qld, 4067, Australia

Jakovlewa (Tankhelson) Rita(1979, 3) e-mail: rita@jakowlew.de url: http://www.jakowlew.de phone: +49-6471-39092 profession: Singer employer: Giessen Theater country: Germany birthday: 08 June 62 last updated on 04/14/05

Jakubson Masha(1980, 5) e-mail: jakub63@mail.ru phone: 315-89-05, profession: programmer country: Russia address: SPb, Marata 57,11 birthday: 27.04.63 last updated on 07/21/05

Jarikova (Martynova) Janna(1988, 2) e-mail: jannamv@mail.ru phone: (805)291-2583 country: USA birthday: 10/01/1971 last updated on 02/09/05

Jatsevich Andrey(1986, 2) e-mail: and2u@mail.ru url: http://copi.ru/7404/ phone: +79213038119 profession: banking + IT employer: CSBI EE Ltd. position: IT vice-director country: Russia address: St. Petersburg birthday: 14.02.1969 last updated on 11/21/03

Jitomirskaya Olga(1995, 5) e-mail: olga_zhitom@yahoo.com position: newspaper manager country: USA birthday: 04/26/1973 last updated on 07/20/07

Jukovskaya (Alekseeva) Julia(1993, 1) e-mail: uliaa@hotbox.ru, Alexeeva.Julia@menatepspb.com phone: 8-921-744-69-83 profession: programmer employer: Bank Menatep SPb position: senior programmer country: Russia birthday: 26.07.1976 last updated on 08/15/02

Juriev Max(1992, 2) e-mail: kostas@infopro.spb.su phone: 394-75-76 profession: alcan-expert employer: In Smirnoff&Co. position: degustator country: Russia address: S-Pb, Serebrystyi bulvar 34-229


Kadaner Michael Z.(1983, 2) e-mail: Michael.Z.Kadaner (at) gmail.com phone: +1-425-943-1320 profession: Computer Programmer employer: Microsoft Corp. position: Principal Software Development Engineer country: USA address: Greater Seattle Area last updated on 11/06/12

Kadashevich Ilja(1989, 1) e-mail: kadash@hotmail.com url: http://www.kadash.da.ru profession: Dr.Ing. employer: TU Bergakademie Freiberg position: Dr. country: Germany birthday: 06.02.1972 last updated on 04/06/05

Kadinski Lev(1978, 2) e-mail: lew@lstm.uni-erlangen.de phone: +49/9131/761-272 profession: applied mathematician employer: University Erlangen position: research scientist country: Germany address: Dept. of Fluid Mech. (LSTM), University Erlangen, Cauerstr. 4, D-91058 Erlangen

Kagan Tatjana(1987, 3) e-mail: t_kagan@tecis.de phone: (040)69644894 profession: Engineer employer: Tecis Holding AG position: Programmer country: Germany address: Max-Herz-Ring 5, 22159 Hamburg, Deutschland birthday: 01.05.1970 last updated on 09/22/99

Kaganskiy Vadim(1974, 7) e-mail: vadim@kagansky.com url: http://www.kagansky.com phone: (650) 225-9005 profession: Programmer employer: ABB Energy Information Systems position: Software Engineer country: USA address: 2081 Whitman Way # 139, San Bruno, CA 94066 last updated on 07/08/99

Kaidanovski Serge S.(1996, 5) phone: (812) - 261-8325 profession: Student employer: LITMO position: First course country: Russia address: 192071, S.- Petersburg, Slava 31-161

Kaimanovich Vadim(1975, 3) e-mail: kaimanov@univ-rennes1.fr, vadim@ma.man.ac.uk phone: 33-99632737 (home), 33-99286023 (office) profession: mathematician employer: Centre National de Recherche Scientifique country: France address: 7, Sq. de Sendai 35700 Rennes, France

Kalachian Kim(2005, 2) e-mail: kkimg@mail.ru, kkkm@rambler.ru phone: +79266550340 profession: student country: Russia birthday: 11.08.1988 last updated on 10/04/06

Kalenichenko Ivan(1984, 6) e-mail: ivan@niece.freelines.ru url: http://www.freelines.ru/ phone: +7 812 296-00-64 profession: Physicist employer: Futures Telecom position: Director country: Russia

Kalinina (Polyakova) Kira(1962, B) e-mail: kkalinina@hotmail.com employer: RAM Hospital position: Microbiologist country: Russia last updated on 08/23/00

Kalinovsky Alexander(1988, 4) e-mail: alexander_kalinovsky@mcgraw-hill.com phone: 1-212-677-0197 profession: System Engineer employer: The McGraw-Hill Companies position: Network Coordinator country: USA address: 8 Rivington Str #6, New York, NY 10002 last updated on 4/2/99

Kalugina Ekaterina(1979, 6) e-mail: kea@star.spb.ru employer: STAR SPB position: project manager country: Russia birthday: 31.01.62 last updated on 06/21/02

Kamushkin Artem(1997, 1) e-mail: tushe@mail.ru url: http://www.prostor-l.nm.ru phone: 249-43-59 profession: student employer: Saint Petersburg Technical State University position: Web programmer country: Russia address: S-t Petersburg, Karpinskogo 34/3 20 birthday: 18/10/1980 last updated on 02/24/01

Kandyba Leonid(1992, 4) e-mail: Leonid.Kandyba@ruhr-uni-bochum.de phone: +49 179 6984708 profession: Programmer employer: ITT-Richter Chemie GmbH country: Germany birthday: 27.03.1975 last updated on 02/26/01

Kantor Galina(1969, 1) e-mail: galinakantor@gmail.com, gkantor@univ.haifa.ac.il phone: +972 549984321 profession: System Analyst employer: Haifa University country: Israel address: Shalon st 25 apt 1 Haifa 32980 Israel birthday: 10.03.1952 last updated on 08/14/11

Kantorovich Nina (1968, 6) e-mail: nina_kantorovich@hotmail.com, nina_kantorovich@newyorklife.com employer: New York Life last updated on 06/26/03

Kaplina (Maksimova) Darya(1982, 1) e-mail: dmaksimv@hotmail.com phone: (901) 374-0890 profession: Accountant employer: STCC country: USA address: Memphis, TN birthday: 03-31-1965 last updated on 07/06/02

Kaplun Alexander(1981, 5) e-mail: alexander.kaplun@gmail.com employer: Lehman Brothers position: VP country: USA address: NYC, New York last updated on 06/19/08

Kaplunovsky Alexander(1966, 2) e-mail: alex_ka@netvision.net.il url: http://www.magniel.com/alex phone: (972)-9792-0475 profession: Mathematician employer: Synchronized Production Technology Ltd position: Free lancer country: Israel address: 125 Dan St., Maale Shomron, 44852, Israel

Kapralova (Khanina) Alla(1969, 3) e-mail: KapralovaA@iconus.com phone: (408) 879-9808 profession: Programmer employer: Icon Clinical Research country: USA last updated on 03/15/01

Kapranov Maksim(1982, 1) e-mail: kmr@freemail.ru url: http://www.kmr2000.narod.ru phone: 8 901 627 41 33 profession: radio engineer employer: engineer country: Russia birthday: 24/02/1965 last updated on 12/19/00

Kapustin Mikhail(1994, 1) e-mail: lerman@tamcotec.com url: http://www.tamcotec.com/lerman phone: (416) 781-0776 profession: Student employer: University Of Toronto position: Student country: Canada address: 140 Elm Ridge dr. # 321,Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M6B 1B1 birthday: 19 Feb, 1977 last updated on 11/26/97

Kapustkina (Lebedeva) Julia(1982, 7) phone: 350-08-53 profession: Dentist country: Russia address: St. Petersburg birthday: November 19, 1964 last updated on 09/27/01

Karabayeva Ksenia(2003, 3) e-mail: altimate@mail.ru country: Russia birthday: 25'th November 1985 last updated on 12/24/04

Karaev Geydar(1984, 2) e-mail: Geydar.Karaev@xerox.com, geydar@hotbox.ru phone: +7-095-2200603 employer: Xerox Ltd. position: Expert country: Russia birthday: 10.09.1967 last updated on 10/26/05

Karakhanov Stanislav(1990, 5) e-mail: sk_nom@mail.ru, skarakhanov@newmail.ru url: http://www.nom.spb.ru/ profession: mathematician (not really) employer: ZAO "AlumoSystem - Monolitstroy" position: system administrator country: Russia birthday: 23.02.1973 last updated on 12/16/02

Karasev Andrey(1996, 3) e-mail: andrefy@mail.ru profession: finance employer: SUAL Holding position: risk manager country: Russia birthday: 18 Sept 1979 last updated on 01/19/05

Karasik Leonid(1982, 4) e-mail: karasik@cs.stanford.edu phone: 650 592 7049 profession: software engineer country: USA address: 600 Baltic Circle #616, Redwood City, CA 94065 birthday: 29/08/1965 last updated on 07/26/01

Karasik Mark(1981, 5) phone: 972-2- 235162 country: Israel address: Jerusalem

Karasina (Brovkovich) Elena(1964, 3) phone: +7 (812) 235 5612 profession: mathematician position: State Tax Inspection country: Russia address: 197136, Russia, SPb, Lenina str., 52, ap. 18 birthday: 20.03.46 last updated on 12/20/99

Karpov Evgueni(1981, 7) e-mail: ekarpov@ulb.ac.be, e_karpov@yahoo.com, ekarpov@belgacom.net url: http://solvayins.ulb.ac.be phone: +32 2 650 5797 profession: Physisist employer: International Solvay Institutes for Physcics and Chemistry position: Science researcher country: Belgium address: 84, Av. des Volontaires, Brussels B-1040 birthday: 21 March 1964 last updated on 07/18/03

Karpova (Khibenkova) Helena(1992, 2) e-mail: hellalis@mail.admiral.ru ICQ UIN: 55893635 phone: (812)440-89098 profession: radio engineer employer: "Sargona", game club position: manager country: Russia birthday: 04.09.1975 last updated on 11/25/99

Karshenboim(1977, A, school #38) e-mail: sgk@onti.vniim.spb.su profession: physicist employer: VNIIM position: senior researcher country: Russia last updated on 11/17/97

Kartcev Sergey(1964, 1) phone: +7 (812) 513-33-74 profession: chemist employer: SPbGU country: Russia last updated on 10/27/97

Karulin Boris(2002, 1) e-mail: boris_karulin@mail.ru phone: (812) 3524377 country: Russia address: Saint-Petersburg, Morskaya naberezhnaya, 17-230 birthday: 30.09.1985 last updated on 06/23/02

Karulin Jaroslav(1998, 4) e-mail: Karulin@mail.ru phone: (812) 352-43-77 profession: student employer: St.-Petersburg State University country: Russia birthday: 18.10.1981 last updated on 02/11/02

Karzova (Gruzdeva) Ekaterina(1981, 2) e-mail: alex.grouzdev@sp.ru phone: 235-56-06, 969-52-79 country: Russia birthday: 18.06 last updated on 09/06/05

Kasatova (Doubinko) Marina(1980, 3) e-mail: kasatova@systud.msk.su phone: (095) 491-86-05, 274-63-04 profession: mathematician employer: Research Design Lab "NAVIS" position: Chief of Economy Department country: Russia address: Moscow, ul.Svobody, 13/2, 164 birthday: 19.06.1963 last updated on 3/19/99

Kassianenko Alexandre(1996, 3) e-mail: selfnom@mail.wplus.net phone: 3552580 profession: Student employer: SpbGU, Economics Faculty country: Russia address: Nalichnaya st. 19-98,St.Petersburg, Russia birthday: 10.04.80 last updated on 4/16/98

Katsman Igor(1989, 5) e-mail: __katsman@excite.com__.com url: http://SuperPages.gte.com phone: +1(617)733-3495 profession: Programmer, DBA employer: GTE Laboratories position: Software Engineer country: USA address: 50 Watertown st, #207, Watertown, MA 02472, USA (Boston Area) birthday: April 15th last updated on 07/31/02

Katsman Lena(1980, 2) e-mail: katsman@akma.spb.su phone: 7(812)553-0700 profession: Programmer employer: AKMA Ltd. position: Senior Software Engineer country: Russia address: Call First, St. Petersburg, Russia

Katsman (Alyavdina) Tatjana(1970, 3) e-mail: alta@list.ru, paint@skylink.spb.ru phone: (812) 938-94-82 employer: Ameron B.V. position: Manager for protective coatings in Russia country: Russia address: St.Petersburg birthday: 03/03/1953 last updated on 03/07/06

Katsman Yuri(1972, school #38) e-mail: katsman_yuri@mail.ru, _supermaster_@mail.ru phone: 8-812-350-06-26 country: Russian address: Korablestroiteley 39-391 birthday: 07.08.1955 last updated on 05/11/04

Katyshev Anatoly(1979, 4) e-mail: akatysh@yahoo.ca phone: 1-416-8233235 profession: Programer employer: Scotiabank position: Programer country: Canada address: 46 Pexton Ave, Richmond Hill, ON, L4E4Y4 birthday: 18, June, 1962 last updated on 05/05/06

Katz Alexander(1966, 1) e-mail: ask@dart.thomsoft.com phone: 914-682-8622 profession: Programmer employer: Thomson Software Product position: Project programmer country: USA address: 2 Old Mamaroneck Rd., #5A, White Plains, NY 10605

Kavalerov Alexandre(1989, 2) e-mail: alexr@neva.spb.ru phone: 7-812-5260945, 7-812-9888551 position: accountant country: Russia birthday: 02.08.1972 last updated on 01/13/00

Kazakov Misha(1985, 4) e-mail: misha@siriustech.com phone: ++972 (0)52 639082 (0)2 6790320 profession: Software engeneer employer: Sirius position: Project Manager country: ISRAEL January 12, 2003 - Cpl. (res.) Mikhail Kazakov, 34, of Jerusalem was killed by terrorists who infiltrated across the Israel-Egypt border, near the Negev town of Nitzana.

Kazekin Michael(2001, 4) e-mail: kazmikh@mail.ru phone: (812)-3424702 profession: Student of SPbSU Math-Mech Faculty country: Russia address: Dolgoozernaya 5/1 183 birthday: 13th of April last updated on 08/07/02

Kazinets-Vasilyeva Anastasia(1999, 3) e-mail: kazinets@yandex.ru profession: Applied Mathematiks, Wirtschaftinformatiker position: Software Engineer country: Switzerland birthday: 17.03.1982 last updated on 06/07/15

Kenunen Sergey(1972, 2) e-mail: water@kenunen.net, water@kenunen.net, water@kenunen.net url: http://30ka-72-10-2.ning.com/ phone: 4432130068 employer: Lockheed Martin country: USA address: 5958 Logans Way, Ellicott City, MD 21043, USA birthday: 11/2/1955 last updated on 02/13/15

Kerbikov Igor(1992, 1) e-mail: smartcat@hotbox.ru, igorr@okresearch.ru phone: +7 911 211-5448 profession: IT manager employer: O+K Marketing + Consulting position: Head of IT Department country: Russia address: SPb, Gavanskaya, 41 birthday: 24.08.1975 last updated on 05/11/05

Kert Lavrenty(1990, 1) e-mail: lavr@mail.ru phone: (812) 516-14-01 profession: mechanic employer: ESPC "COMTECH" position: Vice-director country: Russia address: Russia, 194295, S.-Petersburg, P.B. 13 birthday: 15.06.73 last updated on 11/30/98

Khadouri Gregory(1969, G) e-mail: gkhadouri@imrm.com position: Manager IS country: Canada last updated on 07/02/02

Khaikovich Boris(1984, 4) e-mail: fnboris@wis.weizmann.ac.il profession: physics employer: Weizmann Inst. of Sci. position: Ph.D. Student country: Israel

Khaikovich Lev(1986, 5) e-mail: fekhayko@wicc.weizmann.ac.il profession: physicist employer: Weizmann Institute of Science position: Ph.D. Student country: Israel

Khamidulin Farid(1981, 6) e-mail: timur69@mail.ru phone: (818)3500588 country: Russia last updated on 10/25/01

Khamidullin Ruslan(1993, 1) e-mail: hamidull@spb.runnet.ru phone: +7 (812)351-2488 profession: student employer: Saint-Petersburg State Institute of Fine Mechanics and Optics (Technichal University) country: Russia

Kharitonov Leonid(1989, 1) e-mail: LAH@LH7570.spb.edu url: http://my.mail.ru/mail/leonidkharitonov/ phone: (+7-812) 778-58-02 profession: Philosopher employer: St. Petersburg State University, Department of Philosophy position: PhD Student country: Russia address: 192281, Sankt-Peterburg, ul. Yaroslava Gasheka, 4/1-573 birthday: 29.06.1972 last updated on 10/24/07

Kharchenko Inna(1989, 2) e-mail: ikhartch@nimbus.temple.edu country: USA last updated on 2/21/98

Khachaturov Vartan(1998, 5) e-mail: wartan.hachaturow@gmail.com profession: Software engineer employer: Siemens AG position: Embedded Linux Consultant country: Russia birthday: 04.05.1982 last updated on 06/15/05

Khazin Vadim(1971, 5) e-mail: kvu@pkpro.spb.su phone: 7-812-3258400 (office) profession: mathematitian employer: Polikom Pro position: Manager country: Russia address: St-Petersbourg

Kheifets Anatoli(1971, 7) e-mail: A.Kheifets@flinders.edu.au phone: (618) 8201 3537 profession: Physicist employer: Flinders University of South Australia position: Research Fellow country: Australia address: 11 Milton Str. Oaklands Pk SA 5046, Adelaide Australia

Kheifets Eugene(1983, 2) e-mail: eugene5@mail.ru phone: +7 812 314 3303 profession: Telecommunications Engineer employer: Delta Telecom position: New Technologies Specialist country: Russia birthday: Jan 11, 1967 last updated on 08/16/00

Khlebnikov Rostislav(2002, 1) e-mail: rostislav_khlebnikov@fromru.com phone: 7- (812) - 3566024 country: Russia address: Saint-Petersburg, ul. Beringa 10 - 101 birthday: 06 february 1986 last updated on 07/21/02

Khloupine Serguei(1977, G, school #38) e-mail: hlupin@nwcoal.spb.ru phone: +78125844916 profession: geophysicist employer: North-west coal company position: manager country: Russia address: 193312 Russia St.Petersburg, ul.Podvoyskogo 50-2-165

Khodakovsky Andrei(1987, 4) e-mail: akh@cs.caltech.edu url: http://www.cs.caltech.edu/~akh employer: NVIDIA country: USA address: Santa Clara, CA last updated on 08/20/04

Kholodenko Mischa(1984, 5) e-mail: mihail.holodenko@conti.de, mihail.holodenko@web.de phone: +49 151 14202606 profession: Engineer employer: Continental Tires AG position: Manager Engineering Projects country: Germany address: Stephansplatz 13 birthday: 29.07.1967 last updated on 01/20/06

Kholodenko Yuri(1973, 1) phone: ++972 (0)8 8640205 profession: Programmer employer: TAGAR Computer Systems position: Programmer country: ISRAEL address: 11 Ha-Atzmaut St., apt 12, Ashdod 77452

Khomski Pavel(1991, 3) e-mail: pkhomski@web.de profession: statistician employer: CGI position: consulter country: Germany last updated on 08/09/09

Khrapenko Alexei(2000, 1) e-mail: akrap@yahoo.com profession: Web Developer employer: Schockwerks Inc. position: intern country: Canada address: 65 Lake Tipawee Cr, Mattawa, Ontario birthday: July 21 1983 last updated on 08/24/01

Khudiakov Andrey(1976, A, school #38) e-mail: haipsy@mail.ru, hai@psy.pu.ru phone: 7(812) 491 31 32 profession: teacher employer: Saint-Petersburg State University position: professor country: Russia address: St.Petersburg Glucharskaya str. 3 - 78 birthday: 31.12.1958 last updated on 04/14/07

Khvatov Sergey(1973, 2) e-mail: xbatob@techno.spb.ru url: http://www.techno.spb.ru/~xbatob/ phone: +7 812 136 9841 employer: Techno-SPb position: Network Administrator country: Russia last updated on 10/7/97

Khvoenkova Nina(1995, 3) e-mail: nina_khvoenkova@yahoo.co.uk, khvoenkova@yandex.ru phone: (+33)687542302 profession: student employer: CEA country: France birthday: 07/08/1978 last updated on 03/16/04

Kichigina (Makarskaja) Natasha(1972, 3) e-mail: natalie.dinich@maab.aorcentaf.af.mil, diNici@aol.com country: USA last updated on 03/24/05

Kim Yevgeniy(2000, 3) e-mail: merules@yandex.ru last updated on 03/28/02

Kipnis Alexander(1973, 4) e-mail: alexanderkipnis@rambler.ru phone: 443 721 0779 profession: correctional officer employer: DOC state MD country: USA birthday: 7/24/56 last updated on 03/25/10

Kirchik Elena(1974, 6) e-mail: lenal@office.convey.ru phone: (812)314-53-93 profession: web-master, art-teacher employer: Convey Internet Srevice country: Russia address: 190000, St.petersburg, Pirogova, 6-19 birthday: 11.03.57 last updated on 11/6/97

Kirichenko Alexander(1991, 1) e-mail: kirichen@fas.harvard.edu phone: (617)493-4096 profession: Classical Philology employer: Harvard University position: Ph.D. student country: USA address: 26, Everett St, Child 9, Cambridge, MA 02138 birthday: July, 27, 1974 last updated on 12/08/99

Kirillova (now Thielmann) Ekaterina(1987, 3) e-mail: atil@cyberspc.mb.ca url: http://www.cyberspc.mb.ca/~atil/e-k3n.htm phone: 1 (204) 772-0652 profession: writer country: Canada address: 5-246 Home Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3G 1X3

Kirina (now Blinova) Valeria(1982, 5) e-mail: Valeria_Blinova@mail.ru phone: 144-38-07 country: Russia birthday: 20/08/65 last updated on 09/08/00

Kirsanov Dmitry(1989, 3) e-mail: dmitry@kirsanov.com url: http://www.kirsanov.com profession: writer, graphic designer country: Canada last updated on 01/30/00

Kirshner Natalia(1977, A, school #38) e-mail: kirshnern@rambler.ru phone: (812)511-5142 profession: programmer employer: UMBRA position: Office manager country: Russia address: St.Petersburg, pr. Hudozhnikov, 2-1-228 birthday: 11.09.60 last updated on 11/25/03

Kiselev Georgiy(1988, 5) e-mail: george@ignio.com url: http://www.citycat.ru/ country: Russia birthday: 03.04.1971 last updated on 05/27/99

Kiselev Igor(1989, 3) e-mail: ikiselev@usa.net phone: (812) 348-9658 profession: Lawyer employer: East-European Investment Bank (SPb branch) position: Leading specialist country: Russia address: 197349, Saint-Petersburg, ul. Koroleva h.29/1 ap.256 birthday: 28/02 last updated on 5/15/98

Kislyuk Ilya (Eli)(1981, 7) e-mail: elikis@iec.co.il url: http://www.geocities.com/elikis phone: +972 4 988 3953 (h), +972 5 3996712 profession: Structural Engineer employer: Israel Electric Coproration position: Group leader country: Israel address: P.O.Box 6725, Karmiel 21940, Israel birthday: April 15, 1964 last updated on 07/23/02

Kitaeff Yuri(1992, 4) e-mail: kitaeff@bor.ifmo.ru profession: student employer: IFMO country: Russia

Kitaev Yuri E.(1968, 2) e-mail: Yu.Kitaev@pop.ioffe.rssi.ru phone: 7-812-247-40-76 (home) profession: Physicist employer: Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute, St.Petersburg, Russia position: Researcher country: Russia address: Parkhomenko 35-48, 194021, St.Petersburg, Russia birthday: 8 January 1951 last updated on 2/19/99

Kitanine Kolya(1989, 1) e-mail: kitanine@ms.u-tokyo.ac.jp url: http://www.geocities.com/kitkolya/photo.html profession: Physicist employer: University of Tokyo position: Postdoc country: Japan birthday: 16.08.72 last updated on 11/29/01

Kitanina Tania(1988, 1) e-mail: vakhtine@jyfl.jyu.fi phone: 7(812)2733489 country: Russia address: St.Petersburg, ul.Furshtatskaya d.40, kv.15 last updated on 1/24/98

Kivman Gennady(1975, 1) e-mail: gkivman@awi-bremerhaven.de phone: +49 (471) 4831-783 profession: applied mathematician employer: Alfred-Wegener-Inst. for Polar and Marine Research position: Senior Researcher country: Germany last updated on 11/25/99

Klasnikov Alexei(1996, 1) e-mail: klasnikv@pcqnt1.phys.spbu.ru phone: (8-812)351-5158 profession: student, physicist employer: SPbGU, Physics Department, Quantum mechanics country: Russia address: Korablestroiteley Str., 40/2,278, Saint-Petesburg 199155 birthday: 29.10.1978 last updated on 09/01/01

Klebanov Alexander(1966, 2) e-mail: kalex10@gmail.com, k_alex10@bezeqint.net phone: 972-8-9701421, 972-50-7466151 profession: computer programmer employer: HP OMS position: programmer country: Israel address: Migdal-a-Levanon str 17/27, Modein, 71700 birthday: 27/09/48 last updated on 03/24/07

Klebanov Simon(1982, 4) e-mail: seklebanov@hotmail.com phone: +1-917-6035450 profession: Biologist employer: Columbia U. position: Assistant Professor country: USA address: 501 W. 113th, apt 9F, New York, NY 10025, USA birthday: 15.03.65 last updated on 08/27/02

Kleiman Oleg(1980, 4) e-mail: oleg@ocs.ru phone: (812)312-7688 profession: Business Manager employer: OCS Distribution position: Head of Dealer Dpt. country: Russia address: #21 60 Kazanskaya Str., St.Petersburg, 190000, Russia

Kleiner Dmitry(1974, B, school #38) e-mail: kleiner@icbank.ru, kleiner@icb.spb.su phone: +7(812)329-82-04(work) 147-22-21 (fax) employer: "Industry & Construction Bank" Plc position: Deputy Director of IT Department country: Russia address: St-Petersburg birthday: 03-jan-1957 last updated on 11/19/00

Klemeshov Vladislav(1987, 1) e-mail: wladk@dermalog.de phone: (040)69644894 profession: Engineer employer: Identification Systems Dermalog position: Software Engineer country: Germany address: Max-Herz-Ring 5, 22159 Hamburg, Deutschland birthday: 02.11.1970 last updated on 09/22/99

Kleyner Andre(1979, 3) e-mail: info@andre-kleyner.com, andre_k@juno.com url: http://www.andre-kleyner.com phone: same profession: Engineer-Scientist employer: Delphi Electronics & Safety position: Global Reliability Engineering Leader country: USA birthday: same last updated on 03/29/12

Kleyman Vadim(1979, 2) e-mail: kleyman@ptc.com, VadimKleyman@sprintmail.com phone: (978) 470-2618 (home) (781) 398-5276 (office) profession: Programmer employer: Parametric Technology Corporation position: Director country: USA last updated on 7/15/98

Klimovitsky Gregory(1980, 5) e-mail: grishe@netzero.net phone: (718) 773-1655 country: USA address: 1715 Union Street Apt. 4C, Brooklyn, NY 11213 last updated on 04/20/00

Klionsky Daniel(1986, 1) e-mail: klionsky@worldnet.att.net phone: (502)459-2661 profession: programmer employer: Vencor, Inc position: programmer - analyst country: USA address: 2156 EastView Ave. Louisville,KY 40205 birthday: 12/22 last updated on 4/25/98

Klionskiy Yevgeniy(1992, 5) e-mail: yklionsk@indiana.edu phone: (812)857-2632 profession: student of finance employer: Indiana University position: student country: USA address: Wright-Jenkins 310, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN 47406, USA birthday: January 27, 1976 last updated on 4/18/98

Klochkov Serge(1994, 2) e-mail: grifff@peterlink.ru phone: (812)155-32-10 profession: Physicist/Programmer employer: SPb University/Filita/ICP country: Russia address: Russia,SPb, ul. soldata Korzuna, 17-32 birthday: 11/01/1978 last updated on 07/08/99

Klotchkov Ilya(1988, 5) e-mail: ik@mph.niif.spb.su profession: physics employer: St.Petersburg University position: PhD student country: Russia

Kniazev Sergey(1974, 4) e-mail: panzev@mail.ru phone: +79811201680 country: Russia birthday: 26.09.1957 last updated on 09/24/11

Krasikova(Belenky) Marina (1971, B) e-mail: mashabelenky54@gmail.com, mbelenky@bwh.harvard.edu profession: chemist employer: Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School position: Research Scientist country: United States last updated on 02/12/18

Krikov Leonid(1996, 4) e-mail: Krikov.Leonid@hvac-pro.com last updated on 03/18/08

Krotkova Tamara(1988, 2) e-mail: TamarVIP@mail.ru phone: (812) 315-58-15 country: Russia birthday: 17.03.71. last updated on 12/19/00

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Kogakina Ekaterina (Nikolskaya)(1986, 2) e-mail: katian@nik.tepkom.spb.su phone: 007-(812)-150-02-06 profession: Medicine employer: St. Petersburg state clinique N 105 position: Infectionist country: Russia

Kogan Alexander(1971, 4) e-mail: a_kog@mail.ru, a_kogan@hotmail.com phone: +7921 9640983 profession: manager employer: myself country: Russia address: SPb 7 Sovetskaya birthday: 15.12.53 last updated on 04/07/10

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Kogan (Brilliant) Maria(1977, A, school #38) e-mail: mariakogan@hotmail.com profession: physician employer: Calvary Hospital position: attending physician country: USA last updated on 07/14/01

Kogelman Ella(1967, 4) e-mail: marinao@vortex.attmail.com phone: (847)303-1820 profession: Programmer employer: SEARS position: Contractor country: USA address: 104 Viola Ct., Rolling Meadows, IL 60008

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Kolkin Samuel (Senya)(1973, 1) e-mail: samkolkin@hotmail.com phone: 216-252-7300-6253 profession: data processing employer: American Greetings position: analyst/programmer country: USA address: 2257 Larchmont Road, Beachwood, OH 44122 last updated on 09/24/05

Kolosov Vadim(1974, V, school #38) e-mail: vkolosov@rogers.com phone: 1 (905) 657-0474 profession: Programmer employer: Hummingbird Ltd country: Canada address: 336 Flagstone Way, Newmarket, L3X 2R8 Ontario last updated on 01/02/03

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Kolushok Alexander(1979, 7) e-mail: kolapone@gmail.com, kolapone@yandex.ru phone: +79219954492 profession: IT employer: CFO position: Eagle country: Russia birthday: 06.06.62 last updated on 04/10/15

Kolyshkin Dmitry(1996, 5) e-mail: rumble_d@hotmail.com ICQ: 17920645 (Rumble D) phone: 3557154 profession: Student country: RUSSIA address: SPB Beringa 6-77 birthday: 09.07.79 last updated on 10/22/99

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Kolyshkin Oleg(1973, B, school #38) phone: 3557154 profession: Captain employer: Russian NAVY country: RUSSIA address: SPB Beringa 6-77 birthday: 09.10.55 last updated on 10/22/99

Komarov George(1995, 2) e-mail: xxx_123@rambler.ru phone: 536-91-82, +7 921 652 22 93 profession: system administrator country: Russia birthday: 9 june 1978 last updated on 06/17/02

Komm Vladimir(1981, 7) Page in Memory of Vladimir Komm Died in 1984 at Leningrad and buried there at Jewish Cemetery. His parents live: 2064 Crospey ave., apt. 1B, Brooklyn NY, 11214 USA Phone: 1 718 372 0769

Kondratiev Alexander(1971, 2) e-mail: kond@nwmet.nw.ru profession: meteorologist employer: Russian State Hydrometeorological Inst. position: Head of Research Department country: Russia birthday: 1953.12.06 last updated on 10/21/97

Konev Eugene(1996, 5) e-mail: jkonev@mail.ru url: http://www.strong-tm.com phone: 3231210 profession: systems engineer employer: Strong TM position: lead specialist country: Russian Federation birthday: 21/08/79 last updated on 11/25/99

Kononchik Igor(1988, 2) e-mail: canchick@mail.ru, canchick@euro-soft.biz, kononchik@seaproject.ru phone: +79215965305 profession: Software engineer employer: Sea Project position: System analyst country: Russia address: S-Petersburg, Komendantsky pr., 16/1, 23 birthday: 07/09/1971 last updated on 10/01/04

Kononov Stanislav(1964, 3) phone: +7 (812) 350-76-65 last updated on 10/27/97

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Kopanygin Nikolai(1988, 1) e-mail: superkolik@usa.net phone: +7(812)430-2294 country: Russian Federation address: SPb Shkolnaya ul. 72-55 birthday: 09/10/1971 last updated on 08/26/00

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Koritny (nee Fridman) Marina(1968, 4) e-mail: ikoritny@ksl.co.il phone: ++972 (0)50 455 405 employer: Freelance position: Software Consultant country: Israel address: Mitzpe Tal-El 407, MP Ashrat, 25167 last updated on 8/19/97

Korobkin Anatoly(1980, 6) e-mail: akorobkin@gmail.com phone: +7 921 907 3031 profession: IT manager employer: KIT Finance Investments bank position: Deputy IT Director country: Russia address: St. Petersburg birthday: 13.10.1963 last updated on 10/02/07

Kortchnoi Igor(1976, B, school #38) e-mail: kor@ofisa.ch phone: (41) (21) 701-37-16 profession: Developer employer: OFISA position: Analyst Engineer country: Switzerland address: Le Sansy, 1029, Villars - Ste Croix

Kormanovsky Eugene(1976, 4) e-mail: eugene@id.spb.ru phone: 812-275-3124 profession: chief of dep. country: Russia

Korneev Ilia(1989, 1) e-mail: ilka@ilka.spb.ru phone: (812)356-6935 employer: Piter-press country: Russia birthday: 26.05.72 last updated on 11/11/97

Koroleva Natasha(1985, ?) e-mail: nakorole@tick.informatik.uni-stuttgart.de country: Germany address: Stuttgart

Korsakov Kirill(1992, 1) e-mail: kik.astratrade@astraholding.com phone: +7-(812)-325-38-82 profession: Mathematician, Financist employer: "Asphalt" Ltd.(1), "Astra-Trade" Ltd. position: Financial Director (1), Commercial Director (2) country: Russian Federation address: Korablestroiteley 19-1-822, SPb birthday: 11.04.75 last updated on 05/13/02

Kos Konstantine Y.(1987, 2) e-mail: kkos@comp.uark.edu phone: 501-442-4601 profession: Physics & CSEG employer: U of Arkansas position: Graduate student country: USA address: 11 S. Duncan Ave. Apt. # 21, Fayetteville, AR 72701

Kosheverov Alexander(1996, 5) e-mail: alkosh(sobaka)mail.ru url: http://www.lgt.ru phone: +78123877728 profession: IT employer: JSC Lengiptrotrans position: CIO country: Russia address: pr. Udarnikov 38-2-181, St.Petersburg, Russian Federation birthday: 02-02-1979 last updated on 04/05/05

Kossov Alexander(1976, A, school #38) e-mail: ak4457@newmail.ru, ak4457@yandex.ru phone: +7-812-521-8604 last updated on 09/09/05

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Kostenko Fyodor (1991, 1) e-mail: F.Kostenko@citg.tudelft.nl phone: 31-15-2782587 profession: Astronomer/Geodesist employer: Technical University Delft position: Postdoc researcher country: the Netherlands birthday: 10-02-1975 last updated on 12/13/01

Kostina Julia(1991, 3) e-mail: bgm-galaxy@mail.ru profession: programmer last updated on 06/08/01

Kostrioukov Artem(1988, 5) e-mail: artem1971@inbox.ru phone: 5352188 profession: Engineer employer: Algorithm, Ltd. St. Petersburg position: Research officer country: Russia birthday: 17.08.1971 last updated on 05/03/02

Kostritsa Vladimir(1982, 4) e-mail: vladk@biopac.com, vlad.k@cox.net, vkostritsa@hotmail.com phone: 805 968-0146 profession: Programmer employer: BIOPAC Systems, Inc. position: Programmer country: USA address: 183 Verona Ave, Goleta, CA 93117 last updated on 09/13/03

Kotliar Georgij(1988, 2) e-mail: georg.kotliar@web.de phone: +49 40 24883508 employer: Bank position: programmer country: Germany address: Hamburg birthday: 29.04 last updated on 12/25/03

Kotochigov Alexandr(1964, 1) e-mail: kam@kam.spb.su phone: +7 (812) 511-56-41 profession: mathematician employer: SPb Electrical Enginiring Univercity position: assistent professor country: Russia last updated on 10/24/97

Kotova Irina(1990, 3) e-mail: Irinaclark@yahoo.com, briguy_19103@yahoo.com phone: (267)242 3705 country: USA birthday: 08/26/73 last updated on 10/12/04

Koubenski Dmitri(1977, 1) e-mail: dkou@paragraph.com phone: +1 (408) 446-96-72 (hm) profession: Software Engineer employer: ParaGraph International position: Project Manager country: USA address: 18851 Barnhart Ave Cupertino, Ca, 95014

Koukoui Daniel(1988, 2) e-mail: namamida@gmail.com phone: 972-2-6565180 ;cell:972-(0)508685029 profession: physician employer: Share Zedec Hospital position: Senior in cardiology department country: Israel birthday: 14/09/1971 last updated on 12/15/06

Koukoui Sofia(1983, 4) e-mail: uhi65@tlv.iec.co.il profession: software engeneer employer: The Israel Electric Corporaion Ltd. birthday: 3/01/1966 last updated on 09/16/99

Kouznetsov Sergey V.(1996, 1) e-mail: c26-04@!fs1.niimm.spb.su phone: 352-37-64 profession: student employer: SPb,math-mech position: 2 year country: Russia address: St-Petersburg, Korablestroiteley st.,38-3-161 birthday: May 30 1979 last updated on 10/3/97

Kovalev Michail(1974, 4) phone: +7-812-184-7636 profession: Physicist employer: Realestate agency Vassilievskii Ostrov position: Director country: Russia address: St.Petersburg,ul.Zaitseva 22/13 apt.27 birthday: 14.06.57 last updated on 10/04/00

Kovalev Viktor(1968, 2) e-mail: vkovalev@lucent.com phone: 7-812-591-2828 profession: Engineer employer: Lucent Technologies position: Software Engineer country: Russia address: 69 Prosvestchenia av., Apt. 63, St. Petersburg, Russia last updated on 4/2/98

Kozharskaya Elena(1980, 6) e-mail: kozharik@mail.ru phone: 238-18-49 profession: accounter +unix admin+ programmer position: www.5e.ru birthday: 29/7/63 last updated on 11/06/02

Kozintsev Boris(1989, 4) e-mail: bak@hundzor.org Please include 3038 in the subject line to make sure you bypass the spam filter. profession: Quant employer: Allston Trading country: USA address: 801 S.Plymouth Ct. #1015, Chicago, IL 60605

Kozlov Anatoly(1989, 3) e-mail: a.kozlov@orionelec.com url: http://www.orionelec.com phone: +36309246980 profession: Physicist employer: Orion Electronics Ltd. position: Quality Manager country: Hungary address: Csantaver koz 12., Budapest 1146, Hungary birthday: 17.04. last updated on 07/12/02

Kozlovskaya (Guryanova) Ksenia(1988, 1) e-mail: ksenia_gk@hotmail.com, stepka1971@gmail.com phone: +7-921-598-7209 profession: Financial Managment country: Russian Federation address: ?????-?????????, 2?? ????????? ??, ?.39 birthday: 31.03.1971 last updated on 05/25/19

Kozlovski Nikolai(1999, 3) e-mail: NicholasArts@hotmail.com url: http://www.chat.ru/nickarts/index.htm phone: (407) 7746127 profession: SiteDisigner employer: NicholasArts :) position: Leader :) country: USA address: 532 Cape Cod Lane #303, Altamonte Springs, Florida, USA, Zip: 32714 birthday: 21 December 81 last updated on 08/02/99

Kozlovskiy Andrey(1975, 3 (38)) e-mail: ak@inary.ru, fgh1958@yandex.ru phone: +7 921 965 18 92 position: president country: Russia address: Saint-Petersburg, Savuchkina 36-144,197183 birthday: 30/03/1958 last updated on 12/27/10

Kozyreva Anastasia(1993, 1) e-mail: nastya_kozyreva@mail.ru profession: economist employer: Renault position: financial controller country: France birthday: 31.10.1976 last updated on 08/27/02

Krachkovsky Victor(1971, A, school #38) e-mail: vk3@agere.com phone: 1-(610)712-6583; (o) 1-(610)432-9658 (h) profession: Research and Development employer: Agere Systems, Inc position: Member of Technical Staff country: United States of America address: 1211 E.Woodlawn St., apt.301, Allentown, PA 18109, U.S.A. birthday: 24 February 1954 last updated on 12/05/01

Krain Konstantin(1985, 5) e-mail: konst@piter-press.spb.su phone: +7 812 235 4202 profession: Editor employer: Piter Press position: Chief of Computer Editorial Department country: Russia address: Nab. Admirala Lazareva, 20-46, St. Petersburg, Russia

Krasik Iosif(1969, 3) e-mail: jkrasik@flash.net, joseph.krasik@s1.com phone: (978) 266-2729 profession: Computer Programming employer: S1 Corp. position: Software Engineer V country: USA address: 112 Nonset Path, Acton MA 01720 birthday: March/7 last updated on 01/10/01

Krasnikov Sergei(1978, 1) e-mail: redish@peterhof.spb.su phone: 007(812)4272462 profession: physicist employer: Observatory at Pulkovo position: researcher country: Russia address: Razvodnaya, 37, kv.21, Petrodvoretz 6, St.Petersburg, 198903, Russia

Krasnopolsky Vadim(1988, 4) e-mail: Vadim.Krasnopolsky@mtu-net.ru phone: +79219556876 profession: Electronic Engineer employer: Cerulean position: Service engineer country: Russia address: Korablestroiteley 35-947 birthday: 18/08/1971 last updated on 09/29/06

Kravets Pavel(1980, 3) e-mail: pkravets@bellsouth.net phone: 770-579-0194 profession: Structural Engineer employer: Vector Structures position: Principal country: USA address: 3295 Robinson Oaks Way Marietta, GA 30062 birthday: 12/18/62 last updated on 11/08/05

Kreinovich Vladik(1969, 3) e-mail: vladik@utep.edu url: http://www.cs.utep.edu/vladik phone: 1-915-747-6951 profession: Computer Science employer: University of Texas at El Paso position: Professor country: USA address: 1003 E. Robinson, El Paso TX 79968, USA birthday: September 11, 1952 last updated on 08/09/05

Krepyshewa Ekaterina(1990, 2) e-mail: katerina_skljar@mail.ru phone: 932-58-97 profession: engineer, book-keeper country: russia address: S. Petersburg, Koroleva 48-3-41 birthday: 12-06-1973 last updated on 02/02/01

Krimstein Eugen (Evgeny)(1966, 5) phone: 972-4-9887780 profession: Marine Engineering employer: Government plant position: Engineer country: Israel address: Einav st. 17/3, Karmiel 20100, Israel

Krishtop Alexey V.(1989, 5) e-mail: llanfair@ink.stud.pu.ru, llanfair@avk.stud.pu.ru phone: (7-812) 310-71-08 profession: mathematical linguist employer: St. Petersburg University, Philological Department position: student, programmer country: Russia address: St. Petersburg, Fontanka embankment, 83-5

Krioukov Dmitri(1987, 4) e-mail: dima@krioukov.net url: http://www.krioukov.net profession: Computer Science employer: CAIDA (UCSD) position: Research Staff Member country: USA address: 12291 Carmel Vista Rd., #212, San Diego, CA 92130 birthday: 19 December, 1969 last updated on 08/14/04

Krivenkov Alexei(1993, 1) e-mail: kriv@dataart.com phone: (718)382-1296 country: USA address: 1978 E29th st, Brooklyn, NY 11229

Krol Boris(1974, 3) e-mail: krolb@pfizer.com phone: (212) 573-3003 profession: Programmer employer: Pfizer, Inc. position: Statistical Data Analyst country: USA address: 13-52 C Sperber Rd., Fair Lawn, NJ USA 07410 USA, (201)797-1184

Krol Mikhail(1988, 4) e-mail: mikrol@intercom.com phone: (718) 743-7374 profession: Programmer employer: CommScan Inc. position: Pogrammer/Analyst country: USA address: 3058 Brighton 4th St., Brooklyn NY 11235

Kronin Grigory(1990, 1) e-mail: grishakronin@yandex.ru url: http://www.skitalets.ru/kronin.htm phone: 921-3369782 profession: mathematician employer: Deep Life Design Team position: programmer country: Russia birthday: 18.01.1974 last updated on 09/13/07

Krylov Nikolai(1986, 1) e-mail: krylov@math.uic.edu phone: (312) 413-8051 employer: UIC position: grad. student country: Russia

Krylova Julia(1982, 2) e-mail: tiger1@peterlink.ru phone: +7-812-9399081 profession: Economist employer: St.Petersburg State University position: Ph.D. country: Russia birthday: 24.06.1965 last updated on 10/04/99

Kryzhanovski Yuri(1984, 4) e-mail: yurik@roxio.com phone: 1-905-5088575 employer: Roxio country: Canada birthday: 14.04.1967 last updated on 09/26/02

Kublanov Vladislav(1989, 5) e-mail: koublanov@web.de profession: Software Engineer country: Germany last updated on 10/09/09

Kucherski (Kavalerchik) Nina(1973, 6) phone: 972 - 06 - 972743 profession: a doctor employer: the Safad Hospital position: the surgeon country: Israel address: Ganey Hadar 41/4, Safad, Israel

Kuchiev Stanislav(1990, 3) e-mail: kust@nevalink.ru url: http://www.nevalink.ru:8100/info/russian/staff/kust.html phone: +7 812 310 9951 (work) profession: System Engineer employer: Nevalink Co., Ltd. position: Network Administrator country: RUSSIA

Kudravtsev Alexey(1989, 4) e-mail: cdr@ucard.spb.ru; ruda@ruda.spb.ru phone: (work)+7(812)2488886; +7(812)2488970; +7(812)3258778 employer: Union Card Petro position: Software engineer country: Rusiia address: Vereyskaya st. h.3 apt. 9, Saint-Petersburg, 198013, Russia birthday: 11 July 1972 last updated on 10/7/97

Kudriavceva (Smirnova) Janna(1964, 3) phone: +7 (812) 355-24-32 profession: mathematician employer: SPb High Navy Sckool position: assistant professor country: Russia address: 199406, Russia, SPb, Gavanskaja str., 37, fl. 19 last updated on 10/27/97

Kukushkin Vadim(1973, G, school #38) e-mail: kukushkin@VK2100.spb.edu, kukushkin@mail.ist.utl.pt url: http://www.chem.spb.ru/ptchemin phone: work: +7(812)4284582 profession: chemist employer: St.Petersburg State University position: Full Professor country: Russia address: 192288 SPB, Dimitrova 29-5 birthday: 26/06-1956 last updated on 11/15/03

Kulagin Andrey(1970, 1) phone: 166-53-69 employer: AO "Olvia" country: Russia address: Ligovski av.247-4

Kulagina (Tjukina) Ludmila(1971, B, school #38) e-mail: lb@sch239.spb.ru phone: +7 812 166 53 69 profession: teacher employer: school 239 position: teacher country: Russia address: 192007 Russia SPb Ligovski st. h. 247 apt 4

Kuleshov (Stern) Tamara(1964, 3) phone: (617) 647-2878 country: USA address: 283 Bishop's Forest drive, Waltham, MA 02154 last updated on 9/2/97

Kulyavina Yulia Zemskova(1991, 4) e-mail: yulia_cool@mail.ru, ugk@rambler.ru phone: 356-40-12 profession: a teacher of math country: Russia birthday: 16.09.74 last updated on 04/14/03

Kuperman Eugene(1971, 5) e-mail: Eugene_Kuperman@clr.com phone: (972) 517-2387 profession: EE employer: CLR position: System Engineer country: US address: 6828 Douglas Creek, Plano TX 75023, USA

Kupreenko Sergey(1984, 6) e-mail: ksw@neva.ru phone: +7 (812)-552-0946 profession: programmer employer: RUSNet Ltd. position: network engineer country: Russia address: 87-56, Shaumjana av., St.-Petersburg. 195213. Russia birthday: 17 Feb 1967 last updated on 12/17/97

Kuralenok Igor(1996, 2) e-mail: ik@oasis.peterlink.ru phone: 4302265 profession: Student employer: SPbSU dep. Applied Math. country: Russia address: Shkolnaja 56,40 birthday: April, 15th last updated on 4/5/99

Kurapov Alexander(1985, 5) e-mail: kurapov@oce.orst.edu phone: +1 (541) 757 8387 profession: Researcher (Fluid Mechanics) employer: College of Oceanography, Oregon State University position: Research Associate country: USA address: 4140 NW Pinecone Way, #3, Corvallis, Oregon, USA 97330 birthday: December 13, 1967 last updated on 12/01/99

Kurasov Pavel(1981, 7) e-mail: pak@matematik.su.se phone: +46-(0)8-164871 profession: mathematician employer: Stockholm University, Dept. of Mathematics position: Research Fellow country: Sweden address: c/o A. Grdin-Wulf, Germaniavgen 5C, 182 62 Djursholm, Sweden

Kutikov Leonid(1971, 2) e-mail: lkutikov@hotmail.com country: USA last updated on 12/4/98

Kuzmin German(1993, 3) e-mail: UngrunD@mail.ru ICQ: 136874587 phone: 464-85-50, 113-56-14 profession: Programmer country: Russia birthday: 19.10.1976 last updated on 12/25/01

Kuzmin Stanislav(1979, 1) e-mail: Slava-kuzmin@yandex.ru phone: +14166358635 profession: physics country: Canada last updated on 04/25/05

Kuznetcov Nikolai(1964, 1) phone: +7 (812) 231-41-77 profession: mathematician position: Math.Sc.D country: Russia last updated on 10/24/97

Kuznetsov Pavel (2001, 4) e-mail: kpa@mail.ru phone: +7(812)9115009 position: Student country: Russia birthday: 21/12/1983 last updated on 04/09/02

Nina Kuznetsova (now Shilova)(1981, 2) e-mail: NIna_Shilova@mail.ru phone: +7 906 271 99 78 profession: Engineer employer: NPO CKTI position: Principal engineer country: Russia address: S.-Petersburg, Kollontay 24-1-39 birthday: 26.06.1964 last updated on 04/21/07

Kuznetzova (Kazakova) Raisa(1973, 7) e-mail: r_kazakova@hotmail.com phone: +972 544 634 178 profession: Programmer employer: National Insurance Institute of Israel country: Israel address: Jerusalem,Almog str,210/11 birthday: 21.12.1955 last updated on 01/14/07

Kviatkovski Oleg(1985, 5) e-mail: o.w.kviatkovski@usa.net phone: 007 812 355-77-58; 325-13-79 profession: Auditor, accountant, economist employer: ALCO position: Auditor country: Russia address: 199406 Saint-Petersburg, Gavanskaya str. 34-49 birthday: 19.01.68 last updated on 05/14/01

Kvitko Maria(1978, 4) e-mail: maria_kvitko@hotmail.com country: Russia last updated on 06/06/02

Kyznetsov Eugene(2005, 1) e-mail: joynalpha@yandex.ru, joynalpha@rambler.ru profession: Student country: Russia birthday: 17.12.1987 last updated on 07/30/05


Labeish Vladimir(1971, 2) e-mail: vekton@mail.dux.ru phone: 7-(812)-234-2955 (w), 142-7459 (h) profession: Chemist employer: Vekton position: sr. chemist country: russia address: Russia, Spb, Kouznetsova av. 21, 293 birthday: 19.08.1954 last updated on 11/2/97

Labutin Alexander(1973, 6) e-mail: lai@atlant.ru, alex@il12956.spb.edu phone: 7-921-938-1269 profession: radioelectronic employer: Ravenstvo position: sub chief engineer country: Russia birthday: 29.10.1955 last updated on 05/07/04

Labutin Igor Alexandrovich(1999, 3) e-mail: ilabutin@mail.ru phone: (812) 184-3173 profession: Programmer employer: Saint-Petersburg State University position: Student country: Russia address: ul. Marshala Govorova, 10-207 birthday: 21 January 1983 last updated on 09/05/00

Lagrang Nataly(1970, e, school #38) e-mail: michen@netvision.net.il, Chen.Natali@veraznetworks.com phone: 972-3-9333562 profession: engineer of communication country: Israel address: Shevet Gad str.4,apt.2,Petach Tikva 49303 birthday: 11.08.1953 last updated on 01/02/07

Lanyagin Alexander(1983, 1) e-mail: lav_jn@usa.net profession: IT employer: Bank Menatep SPB position: Deputy head of department country: Russia last updated on 05/23/01

Lapik Alexey(1982, 6) e-mail: lapik@spb.gs.ru phone: (812)3252878 profession: ACS specialist employer: General Satellite Co. position: manager country: Russia address: call me first birthday: 26.07.65 last updated on 05/27/99

Lashkova Irina(1966, A, school #38) phone: (812)-144-20-15 profession: Programmer employer: St.Petersburg Technology and Disign University position: Programmer country: Russia address: St.Peterwburg, Sosnovaya Polyana birthday: 15 Feb last updated on 3/29/98

Latyshev Philip E.(1991, 4) e-mail: latishev@phim.niif.spb.su, latishev@snoopy.niif.spb.su phone: 7-(812)-166-67-15 profession: physics employer: SPbGU position: bachelor country: Russia address: SPb

Lavrov Alexander(1988, 3) e-mail: lavrov@spbso.ru, lavrov@hotbox.ru url: http://www.spbso.ru profession: Youth politics country: Russia address: St.Petersburg birthday: 10.11.71 last updated on 06/11/03

Lavrov Konstantin(1994, 3) e-mail: lavrik@kl3021.spb.edu phone: 2773822 profession: mathematician employer: SPbGU, SPbGTURP position: aspirant, assistaint country: Russia birthday: 08.03.77 last updated on 09/05/01

Lavrova Kate S.(1977, 1) e-mail: gnome@tor.spb.su phone: (812) 272-59-76 profession: Programmer employer: TOR country: Russia

Lazarenko Eugene(1994, 2) e-mail: zhenich1977@mail.ru, zhenich@freemail.ru url: http://zheni4.livejournal.com/ profession: journalist, musician birthday: 03.01.1977 last updated on 06/06/06

Lazarev Alexander(1990, 3) e-mail: alaz@mail.ru phone: +7 (812) 552-3274 address: d.47 kv.21 Svetlanovsky pr. St.-Petersburg, 194223, Russia birthday: 31'th of December, 1973 last updated on 10/22/99

Lazarev Boris(1967, D, school #38) e-mail: nkl@mail.wplus.net phone: 7(812) 393-8184 profession: Engineer employer: Technical System Security Center country: Russia

Lazunin Grigory(1988, 3) e-mail: l_grigory@mail.ru phone: (812)269-12-84 country: Russia last updated on 11/05/03

Lebedev-Schmidthof Vladimir(1995, 4) e-mail: dair@dair.spb.ru url: http://www.dair.spb.ru profession: Software developer employer: STC Metrotek, http://metrotek.spb.ru position: Lead developer country: Russia birthday: March 26, 1978 last updated on 08/28/06

Lebedev Dmitry(1993, 2) e-mail: dima_lebedev@yahoo.com profession: PhD student employer: Ecole Polytechnique country: France last updated on 01/16/02

Lebedeva Tatjana(1965, 2b) e-mail: lvch@pu.ru phone: +7 812 1144672 profession: economist employer: SPbGU position: Nachal'nik :-) country: Russia address: fl 11, Pryadil'nyi 4, SPb, Ru

Lebedeva (Korovitcheva) Marina(1976, 4) e-mail: lebedevam2004@mail.ru, lebedevamarina@hotmail.com, lebedevamarina09@gmail.com url: http://www.lebedevamarina.ru phone: +7(906)2706417 profession: Manager employer: Design Development Partnership position: Vice-President country: Russia birthday: 05 August 1959 last updated on 12/10/10

Lein Alexey(1988, 2) e-mail: alexl@qlusters.com, alein@actcom.net.il phone: 972-050-5763796 profession: System Programmer employer: Qlusters LTD position: Linux System Programmer country: Israel address: Nahal Dragot 8/1, Maale Adumim birthday: 06/07/1971 last updated on 01/22/07

Levashov Pete(1997, 2) e-mail: pete777@mail.ru url: http://www.transy.ru profession: websmith, programmer country: Russia birthday: 13.08.1980 last updated on 01/15/01

Levchenko Vladimir(1966, V, school #38) e-mail: Lew@sci.mail.iephb.ru phone: +7 812 5523219 (office) +7 812 1738783 (home) profession: Biologist employer: Institute of Evolutionary Physiology and Biochemistry of Russian Acad. Sci. position: Head of Laboratory of Mathematical Modeling of Evolution country: Russia address: Alpiysky av. 28 - 16, St.Petersburg, 192286, Russia

Levin Denis(1987, 5) e-mail: dlevin@sprynet.com url: http://home.sprynet.com/~dlevin phone: +1 (978) 521-0149 profession: Programmer employer: The Clarity Group country: USA address: Boston, MA last updated on 2/19/99

Levin Dmitri(1981, 7) e-mail: d_levin at email dot com url: http://www.geocities.com/d_levin/ phone: (215) 918-1357 profession: mathematician employer: Broder Bros position: Software developer country: USA address: 715 Honora St, Warrington PA 18976 birthday: April 13, 1964 last updated on 07/28/04

Levin Michael(1989, 5) e-mail: milevin@cs.indiana.edu phone: (812)-339-1125 profession: I wish I were an Astronomer like Petrov! employer: self-employed country: USA address: 3209 E.10th st. 5-L, Bloomington, IN 47408

Levin Roman(1996, 2) e-mail: Roman.Levin@mail.ioffe.ru phone: +7 (812) 9045262 profession: Physicist position: lab. assistent country: Russia birthday: 02.05.79 last updated on 12/24/03

Levina Elizaveta(1991, 1) e-mail: elevina@umich.edu phone: 1-734-769-2961 employer: Univ. of Michigan, Dept. of Statistics position: Assistant Professor country: USA address: 1117 Freesia Ct., Ann Arbor MI 48105 last updated on 01/23/03

Levina Marina(1968, 3) e-mail: marina.levin@eds.com phone: 301-774-8363 profession: software engineer employer: EDS country: USA address: 18164 Darnell dr, Olney MD 20832 last updated on 11/24/00

Leybovich Alexander(1966, E, school #38) e-mail: ALeybovich@via-net.net profession: Electrical Engineering employer: TOSOH. SMD, Inc position: R&D Engineer country: Ohio, USA last updated on 11/8/98

Liakhovitsky Igor(1980, 2) e-mail: Igor_Liakhovitsky@neva.spb.ru phone: 812/552-55-35 profession: Ingenier employer: Michael Weinig AG position: Verkauf country: Russia birthday: 14.01.64 last updated on 10/23/97

Liberman Sergey(1976, A, school #38) e-mail: sliberman@solidusintegration.com url: http://www.solidusintegration.com profession: Engineering Consultant employer: Solidus Integration, Inc. position: President country: USA address: Boston, MA last updated on 06/30/99

Libov Serge(1979, 2) e-mail: slibovX at iil.intel.com phone: 972 48110538 profession: Phisisist employer: NPTest inc. country: Israel address: Sahlav 47/1, Haifa last updated on 04/03/03

Libster Semeon(1977, A, school #38) phone: ++972 (0)4 9894190 profession: Programmer employer: Elbit, Haifa country: ISRAEL address: 73 Ha-Zeelim St., apt. 4, Yoqneam

Lifshits Alexander(1974, 7) e-mail: alex.lifson@carrier.utc.com phone: 315-433-4460 profession: mechanical engineer employer: Carrier Corp., Div. of United Technologies position: Sr. Staff Engineer country: USA last updated on 07/11/00

Lifshits (Lief) Eugene (1973, 2) e-mail: eugenelief@hotmail.com, liefe01@med.nyu.edu phone: 212-263-0221 profession: medical physics employer: NY university position: physicist country: USA address: 160 Bennett Ave., apt. 7B. New York, NY 10040 last updated on 03/14/03

Lifshits Mikhail(1973, 5) e-mail: private phone: 7-812-3497717 profession: mathematics position: professor country: russia address: 197372 St-Petersburg, Komendantskii 22-2-49, Russia birthday: 21.07.1956 last updated on 4/22/98

Liiv Andrew V.(1988, 1) e-mail: boa@reksoft.ru phone: 812-5831005 profession: Post-graduate student employer: SPB Marine Tech University position: 2-year country: Russia last updated on 10/18/98

Likhtik Boris(1964) e-mail: lboris@sprynet.com profession: avionic engineer position: engineer country: USA birthday: may 46 last updated on 01/30/00

Liminova Olga Mikhailovna(1999, 3) phone: +7(812)-356-7014 profession: Student employer: SpbGy MAtMech country: Russia address: yl Kartashikhina 13-47 last updated on

Lipin Boris(2002, 5) e-mail: todeski@mail.ru phone: +1 917 674 3992 employer: International Inteligance Agancy country: USA address: NY birthday: 28.12.1984 last updated on 04/12/05

Liptchinsky Egor(1986, 2) e-mail: yago@server.ru phone: office:(095) 434-7647; home:(095) 449-3873 profession: Programmer employer: Server Ltd. position: Expert country: Russia

Lissatchenko Dmitri (1978, 1) e-mail: lisa@snoopy.phys.spbu.ru phone: + 7 - 812 - 428-82-48 profession: physicist + french teacher employer: Fac.of Physics, SPb University position: Assistant professor country: Russia address: 198904 St.Petersburg, Botanicheskaya 18/3, ap.32

Litvak Alexander(1986, 1) e-mail: alexandr@math.ualberta.ca url: http://www.math.ualberta.ca/~alexandr/ profession: Mathematician employer: University of Alberta position: Professor country: Canada last updated on 08/17/12

Litvak Gleb(1987, 5) e-mail: g_litvak@mail.ru phone: 49208-4669135 country: deutschland birthday: 06.11.1970 last updated on 02/06/01

Livshits Vladimir (1994, 1) e-mail: vladimir_livshits@yahoo.com url: http://www.stanford.edu/~livshits/ phone: 650-799-7281 profession: Student employer: Stanford University country: USA address: 141 Del Medio Ave. Apt. 114, Mountain View, CA 94040 birthday: 6/16/1977 last updated on 11/04/01

Loguinov Leonid(1972) e-mail: lleon@rogers.com phone: 905-326-0171 employer: Royal Bank position: Software Archtect country: Canada last updated on 02/10/06

Lokalov Vladimir(1976) e-mail: vlad@anyway.ifmo.ru url: http://cccp.ifmo.ru phone: (812)222-19-58 profession: teacher employer: Institute of Fine Mechanics & Optics of St.Petersburg country: Russia address: Bolshaja Porochovskaya str.,54/3/36, St.Petersburg, Russia 195248

Lokshin Anatole(1969, 3) e-mail: 73522.3227@compuserve.com phone: 909-624-1942 profession: engineering employer: Magellan Systems Corporation position: Director of Engineering country: USA address: 1681 Shenandoah Dr. , Claremont, Ca. 91711

Lokshin Semen(1976, B, school #38) e-mail: slokshin@volpe4.dot.gov phone: (301) 916-2650 profession: Mechanical Engineer employer: EG & G Dynatrend position: Software Systems Engineer country: USA address: 18811 McFarlin Drive, Germantown, MD 20874

Lokshina Galya(1973, B, school #38) profession: engineer-physicist, constructor country: Russia address: St.Petersburg last updated on 06/08/04

Lomov Dmitry(1996, 1) e-mail: dsl@intellij.com phone: +7(812)375-94-14 profession: Computer Science / Software Engineering employer: IntelliJ Labs (http://www.intellij.com) position: Software Developer country: Russia address: 196247 St.-Petersburg ul.Kubinskaya 60-46 birthday: June 3rd, 1979 last updated on 05/14/02

Lomov Stepan Vladimirovich(1972, 2) e-mail: lomov@mtvm.sutd.ru phone: +7-(812)526-71-34 employer: SPbSU of Technology & Design position: Dozent country: Russia address: Russia 195030 St.-Petersburg, pr.Udarnikov 41/1-71 last updated on 4/6/98

Losev Vladimir(1990, 4) e-mail: elk@nt.raser.ru phone: (812) 2130261, (812) 2344193 profession: software engineer employer: RASER position: software engineer country: Russia address: St. Petersburg, ul. Ordinarnaya, 20-79

Loshak Yura(1977, 1) e-mail: altsoft@infopro.spb.su phone: (812) 394-18-78 profession: programer employer: Alt-Soft country: Russia address: 197227, St.Petersburg, Ispitatelej st. 20,606

Losseva Irina(1976, A, school #38) e-mail: natashka@ns11414.spb.edu phone: (812) 3552545 profession: lawyer position: yes country: Russian address: Nalichnaya str., 22-27 birthday: 3.05. last updated on 03/19/03

Lotvinov Evgeny(1980, 6) e-mail: LotvinovEM@psb-capital.ru phone: (+7 812) 432-1404 (+7 812) 962-4083 profession: finance employer: Investment Group "ICB Capital" position: Partner country: Russia address: St-Petersburg birthday: 05.08.1963 last updated on 07/24/06

Lotvinov Ilya(2001, 1) e-mail: ilya.lotvinov@bfa.ru, targa911@mail.ru url: http://www.bfa.ru phone: (+7 812) 953-5169, (+7 901) 301-9835 profession: finance employer: Baltic Financial Agency position: Head of Corporate Finance country: Russia address: S-Petersburg, Nalichnaya str. birthday: 02.01.1985 last updated on 07/24/06

Lotvinova (Matveeva) Marina(1980, 6) e-mail: lotvinova@mail.ru url: http://www.baby-repino.ru phone: (+7 812) 432-1404 (+7 812) 962-4159 profession: finance employer: Akademia Malishey position: Director country: Russia address: St-Petersburg birthday: 07.07.1963 last updated on 07/24/06

Lubarov Alexander (Sasha)(1973, 4) e-mail: alex@lubarov.com, websage@gmail.com phone: 650.215.0107 profession: Information Technology employer: 2Wire/Pace position: Director IT country: USA address: 1577 Mountain View, California birthday: 12/10/1956 last updated on 11/16/10

Lubarov Daniel B.(1988, 1) e-mail: none - you may try through restor@iv.csa.runnet.ru phone: 812-1135462 country: Russia

Ludin Lev(1977, v, school #38) e-mail: eleonoraludin@yahoo.com profession: Biomedical/Electrical Engineer employer: Johnson&Johnson, Inc position: Staff Engineer country: USA address: Boston birthday: May 24, 1960 last updated on 07/12/07

Lugovaya (Eliseeva) Nadejda(1976, 5) e-mail: NLug@schsest.spb.ru phone: (812)-434-2559, (812)-437-7145 profession: engineer employer: School #556 position: Teacher country: Russia address: Sestroretsk, 1May, 3-42

Lukin Mikhail(1980, 1) e-mail: michael1903@mail.ru phone: 1-416-630-7854 country: Canada last updated on 01/25/05

Lukyanov Valery(1989, 3) e-mail: valera_lukyanov@mail.ru country: Russia birthday: 3.11 last updated on 04/29/04

Lunnov Victor(1997, 6) e-mail: lunvit@comprice.ru profession: Student country: Russia birthday: 13.09.80 last updated on 06/15/00

Lurie Ilya(1981, 7) phone: 972-2-858044 country: Israel address: Newe Yaakov 108/27, Jerusalem 97350, Israel.

Lurye Michael(1972, 1) e-mail: mike_lurye@compuserve.com phone: 978-256-4575 profession: Consultant employer: Tessera position: Director country: USA last updated on 5/10/98

Lutokhina (Stepanova) Veronika(1994, 5) e-mail: vstepanova77@mail.ru, alternativa@svs.ru profession: engineer employer: Alternativa position: office-manager country: Russia birthday: 07.07.1977 last updated on 09/20/02

Lutsenko Evgenia(1993, 1) e-mail: caland3@attglobal.net phone: (716)775-47-30 profession: engeneer country: USA birthday: jun 1976 last updated on 06/15/00

Lvin Boris(1978, 6) e-mail: borislvin@mail.ru url: http://www.livejournal.com/users/bbb phone: 301-984-3540 profession: Economist employer: World Bank position: Advisor to the Russian executive director country: USA address: 5817 Mossrock Drive, Rockville, MD 20852 birthday: 20.12.1961 last updated on 10/27/05

Lyamin Alexander(1995, 4) e-mail: laaa@rambler.ru profession: Software Developer employer: StarSoft Development Labs position: Web Developer country: Russia address: Saint-Petersburg birthday: 18-10-78 last updated on 05/30/05

Lyanda-Geller Yuli(1979, 3) e-mail: yuli@purdue.edu phone: 1-765-496-2283 profession: Physicist employer: Purdue University position: Professor country: USA last updated on 08/21/04

Lyssiak Alexander(1969) e-mail: vera_babanova@peoplesoft phone: (415)-387-3770 profession: Physicist employer: Russian American Broadcasting position: Radio Engineer country: USA address: 578 26th ave., apt#5, San Francisco, CA 94121 birthday: 11/09/51 last updated on 1/19/99

Lyubarova Inna(1981, 6) e-mail: l_inna@land.ru, stroyrek@peterlink.ru ''for Inna" phone: (812) 146-80-32 or 27-28-9-30 parents employer: PetroMS position: system analyst country: Russia address: SPb Moskowskiy 73-84 birthday: 6/03 last updated on 09/16/03

Lyubimov Alexander(1971, 7) e-mail: alex@lubim.usr.etu.spb.ru phone: 7.812.395.22.46 profession: applied mathematician employer: S.-Pb Electrotechnical University position: researcher country: Russia address: Toreza av. 76, ap.129, St.-Petersburg, 194017, Russia last updated on 9/19/98

Lyublinskaya (Stopskaya) Esfir(1956, school #38) passed away in Dec. 1998 her daughter Irina Lyublinskaya can be contacted at ilyublin@peddie.org


Machniewicz Wladimir(1991, 3) birthday: 17.04.1974 Wladimir passed away on October 1st 2005

Makarchook Roman(1989, 4) e-mail: roma@star.spb.ru profession: Software Developer country: Russia

Makarin Sergei(1991, 2) phone: ++7 (812) 355-79-45 (home), 265-69-03 (work) profession: Economist employer: TransAsko A/O position: Ph. D. student at SPb Financial & Econ. Univ. country: RUSSIAN FEDERATION address: 199004, SPb, V.O., 2/18 13th Liniya, apt. 26 birthday: 14 May 1974

Makarov Nickolay(1972, 6) e-mail: nick@petrosoft.com url: http://www.petrosoft.com profession: Geophysicist employer: Petrosoft Inc. position: Geophysical S/W Engineer country: USA address: San Jose, CA last updated on 8/26/97

Malakhov Anton(1980, 2) Died on 17.12.99 in Haifa.

Malakhov Valentin(1984, 3) e-mail: vmalakhov@newmail.ru country: Russia birthday: 14.12.1967 last updated on 06/30/03

Malamed (Gitin) Tanya(1987, 5) e-mail: tgitin@yahoo.com phone: (617) 782-9140 profession: Engineer employer: SteelPoint Technologies, Inc. position: Software Engineer country: USA address: Boston, MA last updated on 4/12/99

Malenok Dmitry(1993, 2) e-mail: Malenok@pop.convey.ru phone: 7-812-594-1017 profession: Student ;))) employer: SPbGTU country: Russia address: St.Petersburg.Russia, Esenina 6-1-20

Malinovsky Pavel(2002, 5) e-mail: mal_los@mail.ru phone: 554-19-12 profession: student PM-PU country: Russia birthday: 20.01.1985 last updated on 09/07/02

Malovitskiy Roman(1993, 11.2) e-mail: roman_malovitsky@epam.ru, malovickiy@yandex.ru, mrs1977@mail.ru phone: +79165025039 profession: attorney employer: Law Offices Egorov, Puginsky, Afanasiev&Partners position: attorney country: Russia last updated on 04/12/18

Malkin Anton(1988, 1) e-mail: malkin@math.yale.edu profession: mathematician employer: LOMI & Yale University position: PhD student country: Russia & USA address: New Haven, CT

Maltseva Elena(1988, 2) e-mail: LnRd@yandex.ru phone: (812)-224-65-85 country: Russia birthday: 19.06 last updated on 02/04/03

Malugin Constantin(1978, 7) e-mail: mka@mail.baltros.ru phone: +7 (812) 110-6981 (of) profession: programmer country: Russia birthday: 20.08.1961 last updated on 05/22/00

Malyshev Sergei(1984, 3) e-mail: sergei_malyshev@yahoo.com phone: (703)525-8149 profession: Program Developer employer: CACI, Inc. position: Computer System Analyst country: USA address: 1020 N Quincy Apt 306, Arlington, VA 22201 birthday: November 8, 1966 last updated on 08/12/99

Malyshev Victor(1973, B, school #38) e-mail: vm@eltech.ru url: http://www.eltech.ru phone: 7-812-2340434 profession: radio engineer employer: StPetersburg Electrotechnical University position: lecturer country: Russia birthday: 30.06.1956 last updated on 3/2/98

Malysheva (Rotfeld) Elena(1988, 2) e-mail: lenarotfeld@yahoo.com phone: 972 652 54 21 profession: clinical pharmacist employer: Hadassah Hospital country: Israel birthday: 11/3/1971 last updated on 05/02/05

Malyk Vladimir(1976, 3) e-mail: root@metal.spb.ru profession: manager employer: Transmet country: Russia last updated on 11/21/97

Mamiofa Lena (now Helen Eventov)(1976, A, school #38) e-mail: helen@ptc.com phone: 508-653-4808 profession: Technical Writer employer: Parametric Technology Corporation position: Principal Technical Writer country: USA address: 42 Speen St., Natick, MA 01760 last updated on 05/13/99

Mandelshtam Michail(1982, 3) e-mail: michail@molgen.iem.ras.spb.ru phone: work(812)2343356; home (812)3213967 profession: Molecular genetics employer: Institute for Experimental Medicine RAMS position: Research worker country: St.Petersburg, Russia address: Bolshoy prospect V.O., building 76, flat 53 birthday: 06.04.1965 last updated on 11/20/99

Mankovskaya Irina(1973, 7) e-mail: ira@gorod-spb.ru, iramankovskaya@yandex.ru phone: +7-911-241-37-57 profession: Reklama employer: Journal "Gorod" position: Direktor po reklame country: Russie,SPb last updated on 09/01/06

Manoilova Olga(1989, 1) e-mail: manoilova@ismra.fr, olga@photonics.phys.spbu.ru phone: (812)1120487 profession: physicist employer: St.Petersburg University position: PhD Student country: Rusia, France address: 191126, Spb. ul. Dostoevskogo 32-17 birthday: 11.01.72 last updated on 06/05/00

Margolin Vladimir(1949) e-mail: margolinv@bezeqint.net profession: pedagog country: Israel address: Salomon 15-5, Netania,42440,Israel birthday: 23.03.1931 last updated on 04/04/06

Marker Sergey(1970, 3) e-mail: smarker_98@yahoo.com phone: 949-552-0843 profession: Electronic Engineer employer: Newport Electronics position: Project Engineer country: USA address: 27 Tanglewood Drive, Irvine, CA 92604 birthday: 10/23/52 last updated on 05/15/00

Markov Alexander(1993, 4) e-mail: alexmark7@yandex.ru phone: 8-911-2092620 profession: economist employer: Audit company "ALCO" position: auditor country: Russia address: 197227, St. Petersburg, Serebristy bulvar 22-1-223 birthday: 27.04.1976 last updated on 07/25/05

Markov Alexey(1979, 3) e-mail: mao@office.peterstar.com phone: +7 812 3245828(w), 3045652(h) profession: Telecoms management employer: PeterStar Telecoms position: NOC Manager country: Russia address: StPb, Shcherbakova str. 3-1-59 birthday: 31.05.1962 last updated on 05/07/03

Markov Dmitriy(1989, 4) e-mail: dima@effekt.spb.ru phone: (812) 995-95-93 profession: Engineer position: CFO country: Russia address: Kostiushko 48-23 birthday: 15.01.1972 last updated on 12/16/03

Marshak Mikhail(1968, 2) e-mail: mikl@marsh.loniis.spb.su phone: 239-5425 (home), 2966986 (work) profession: engineer employer: LONIIS position: sector manager country: Russia address: Russia, 197183 St-Petersburg, Shkolnaya st. 15-58

Masover Alexander(1970, 3) e-mail: bellamasover@hotmail.com phone: 972-0523-220-985 profession: electonic-engineer employer: ACS-Tech80 position: technical-engineer country: Israel address: Kiryt-Bylick Lohomey Agettaot 12/32 birthday: 28.09.1952 last updated on 06/05/04

Matjushkina Marina(1973, 2) e-mail: marina@komitet.nit.spb.su profession: programmer employer: SPb Education Commitee position: expert/telecomm.manager country: Russia

Matskevich Alexander(1977, 1) e-mail: amatskevich@hotmail.com phone: (812) 296-90-70 employer: Baltiysky Zavod position: manager country: Russia birthday: 12.01.1960 last updated on 08/12/99

Matveev Sergey(1990, 3) e-mail: sergemat@gmail.com url: http://vkontakte.ru/id5095384 phone: +7921 1803780 position: CIO country: Russia address: 192289 Dimitrova 8-2-84, SPb. birthday: 25.07.1973 last updated on 02/24/10

Matvejchuk (Makarevich) Olga(1969, B, school #38) e-mail: olgamakarevich@ya.ru phone: 298-42-79 profession: Psycolog country: Russa birthday: 02.06.1952 last updated on 09/25/06

Manuilova Alena(1983) phone: 3561572 country: Russia address: Russia St.-Peterburg, Nachimova St., 3-1-292 birthday: 08.06.1966 last updated on 10/21/97

Maurits Sergei(1974, E, school #38) e-mail: maurits@arsc.edu url: http://dac3.gi.alaska.edu/~sergei phone: 1-907-479-8870 home, 1-907-474-5591 -off. profession: Research Faculty employer: Arctic Region Supercomputing Center/University of Alaska Fairbanks position: HPC Visualization Specialist country: USA birthday: 1/26/1957 last updated on 9/30/98

Mavrin Alexey(1988, 5) e-mail: amavrin@ocs.ru, amavrin@gmail.com phone: (812)324-2860 profession: System Engineer employer: OCS Distribution country: Russia birthday: 30/07/1971 last updated on 11/08/06

Maxenkov Leonid(1986) e-mail: mcleon77@hotmail.com country: Russia birthday: 1968 last updated on 1/29/99

Maximachev Jury(1964, 3) phone: +7 (812) 587-06-45 employer: Estate agency "Becar" position: programmer last updated on 10/24/97

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Maximov Oleg(1982, 1) e-mail: maar@cityline.ru phone: 976 76 91 profession: optoelectronics ( MIPT ), now businessman country: Russia address: Moscow Dmitrovskoye shosse 1-1-133

Maximov Roman(1993, 4) e-mail: RomanMaximov@yandex.ru, anja_maxi@mail.ru, romanmaximov@gmail.com url: http://www.digitalxpert.ru phone: 542-41-57 profession: project manager employer: DigitalXpert Software position: senior project manager country: Russia birthday: 05 Junuary, 1976 last updated on 03/28/06

Mazlin Michael(1983, 7) e-mail: michael@instrutech.com url: http://www.instrutech.com phone: Work: (516)829-5942 Home: (718)824-7380 profession: Engineer employer: Instrutech Corp. position: Sitting country: U.S.A. address: 2185 Hone Ave., #6C, Bronx, NY 10461

Mazo Gary(Igor)(1981, 4) e-mail: maz.oi@yahoo.com -- Please remove the dot after "z" when sending me e-mail! phone: 408 238 4806 profession: Software Engineer employer: IBM position: Advisory Software Engineer country: USA address: 2861 Ruby Terrace, San Jose, CA 95148 last updated on 9/25/98

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Mednikov Boris(1973, 7) e-mail: bmednikov@hotmail.com phone: 1(650) 212-0212 profession: Engineer employer: NextPage position: SQA Lead country: USA address: 156 Albacore Lane last updated on 07/27/01

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Megretskaia (Veksler) Inna(1980, 2) e-mail: iam@io.harvard.edu phone: (617) 495-9495 profession: mathematician employer: Harvard University position: scientific programmer country: USA address: 146 Ministerial Drive, Concord, MA 01742, tel. (508) 371-4954

Melichev Igor Vladimirovich(1976, 2) e-mail: mlc@mlc.usr.pu.ru url: http://lissvr.niimm.spb.su/mlc/homepage.htm phone: +7(812)123-2196 +7(812)269-0154 profession: Mathematician/Programmer/Analyst employer: freelance + SPb State University position: Developer country: Russia address: Leninski 155-52, St.Petersburg, 196191, Russia Igor Melichev has died on July 10 2010 of heart attack

Melnikova (Kaliganova) Diana(1981, 7) e-mail: imelniko@ulb.ac.be phone: 32-2-7681416 profession: Mathematician country: Belgium address: Olmenstraat 12, Tervuren 3080, Belgium birthday: 13 October last updated on 03/12/02

Merkoulova Anna(1994, 5) e-mail: Anna.Merkoulova@nokia.com url: http://www.lut.fi/~merkoulo phone: +358 40 7009416 profession: Programmer employer: Nokia company position: Software engineer country: Finland address: Helsinki birthday: 03.04.1977 last updated on 10/15/00

Merkoulovitch Leonid(1972) e-mail: leomerk@gmail.com phone: 416-661-1693 profession: Mathematics/Quantitative Finance/Software employer: R2 Financial Technologies position: Head of Quantitative Modeling country: Canada address: 9 last updated on 08/05/11

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Michaylova (Bambach) Maria (1991, 4) e-mail: maria.bambach@web.de, maria.bambach@vattenfall.de url: http://www.mariab.de phone: +49 30 32678240 employer: Vattenfall Europe Information Services GmbH position: SAP Consultant country: Germany address: Gierkezeile 42, 10585 Berlin, Deutschland birthday: 17.02.1974 last updated on 06/02/06

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Mikhelson Nikolai (Kolya)(1991, 4) e-mail: mikh@grenet.fr, mikhelson@phim.niif.spb.su phone: 7-812-3567465 profession: physicist position: Student at St.Petersbourg State University & Universite Joseph Fourier (Grenoble, France) country: Russia address: apt.37, h.9, Morskaya nab. St.Petersbourg, 199226 Russia.

Milevski Vladimir(1989, 4) profession: programmer country: RF last updated on 02/28/07

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Mironov Sergei(1990, 1) e-mail: mironov@citadel.stu.neva.ru phone: 7+812-352-77-32 profession: postgraduate employer: SPb Technical University ( i.e. Polytech :-) ) country: Russia address: SPb, Galernaya 19-8 last updated on 12/27/97

Mironova (now Reusova) Irina(1981, 4) e-mail: reusov@online.ru phone: 343-20-97, parents 230-10-04 profession: mathematician employer: programmer country: Russia address: Aviakonstruktorov 24-252 birthday: 23.07.64 last updated on 04/24/01

Mischenko Sergei(1974, 2) e-mail: mischenko@peterlink.ru phone: (812)273-5977 profession: Accountant country: Russia address: St. Petersburg, Manegny per 15 - 45 last updated on 06/30/00

Misharev Vasiliy(1991, 4) e-mail: druid@kirov.nit.spb.su, Vasiliy_Misharev@p25.f386.n5030.z2.fidonet.org profession: Programmer employer: JSC AGRIConsult country: Russia address: Spb, Kompozitorov, 15-92 last updated on 9/5/97

Mishkevich Evgeniy(1978) e-mail: miev@takas.lt, golfinas@golfinas.lt url: http://www.golfinas.lt phone: +370-46-246536 position: GOLFINAS Shipping Agency, director country: Lithuania last updated on 10/14/07

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Moshkin Sergey(1969, 3) e-mail: svmoshkin@rambler.ru profession: Computer programming employer: Infocomm SPB position: Head of Department country: Russia address: S/Petersburg, Shevchenko str, 2-a,24 birthday: 21.07.1952 last updated on 12/31/08

Mondrusov Eugene (Yevgeniy)(1994, B) e-mail: emondrusov@gmail.com phone: +1 248 821 8210 profession: Electrical Engineer employer: AVL North America position: Application Engineer country: USA birthday: 26-03-1977 last updated on 08/12/06

Mondrusov Lev(1988, 1) e-mail: levmm@yahoo.com, lmondrusov@dps.durr-usa.com phone: (248)615-3855 profession: Engineer employer: Durr position: Director Project Management country: USA address: 22691 Elena, Farmington Hills, MI 48335 birthday: December 4, 1970 last updated on 11/04/02

Mondrusova (Makhnova) Olga(1988, 1) e-mail: omondrusova@yahoo.com phone: (248)615-3855 profession: Physician position: Family Physician country: USA address: 22691 Elena, Farmington Hills, MI 48335 birthday: December 12, 1970 last updated on 11/04/02

Morachevsky Alexey(1969, 2, school #38) e-mail: gazeta@vspb.spb.ru phone: 812 - 312 02 01 profession: pressman employer: Vecherny Petersburg position: Editor-in-Chief country: Russia, St.-Petersburg address: St.-Petersburg, VO 11 linija 20-40 birthday: 26.11.1952 last updated on 03/12/00

Morachevsky Nikolay(1973, 3, school #38) e-mail: hekarus@rol.ru phone: +7 812 957 55 24 profession: Ecology engineer employer: Eco-Service Center position: Chief executive country: Russia address: 196244, St.-Petersburg, box 81 birthday: 17 Aug 1956 last updated on 11/18/06

Mordovets Andrey(1990, 1) e-mail: amohome@mail.ru profession: Software Engineer employer: Morintech Ltd. position: Software Engineer country: Russia birthday: 1.03.1973 last updated on 11/11/00

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Morozov Nikolai(1981, 7) e-mail: fnmornik@yahoo.com phone: +1-(818)-487-3745 profession: Physics employer: Teledyne Electronic Technologies position: Senior Technical Staff Member country: USA address: 5507 Hermitage ave., Valley Village, CA 91607 birthday: 19-03 last updated on 06/15/01

Morozova (Gabetz) Marina(1981, 7) e-mail: wo.mrz.ma@t-online.de phone: (049) 0261/408463 profession: programmer country: Germany address: Rauentalshoehe 6, 56073 Koblenz last updated on 9/25/98

Morshchikhin Sergey(1993, 3) e-mail: simmg@geo.phys.spbu.ru phone: 298-97-76 (home) profession: geophysic employer: VNIGRI position: engineer country: Russia last updated on 04/30/00

Morshneva (Shadruhina) Lida(1964, 3) phone: +7 (812) 151-54-76 employer: Estate agency country: Russia last updated on 10/27/97

Motorny Eugene(1979, 6) e-mail: emotorny@grtcorp.com profession: IT employer: GRT Corp. position: Senior Consultant country: USA last updated on 03/18/01

Movchan Alexander(1978, 2) e-mail: abm@liv.ac.uk url: http://www.liv.ac.uk/~abm profession: Mathematics employer: University of Liverpool position: Professor of Applied Mathematics country: United Kingdom birthday: 1961 last updated on 06/06/03

Muchnik Emil(1968, 1) e-mail: emuchnik@analogic.com, emuchnik@gis.net phone: 978-590-6727 profession: Electrical Engineering employer: Analogic Corporation position: Senior Design Engineer country: USA birthday: 12/13/50 last updated on 01/15/03

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Muravina (Rozenberg) Regina(1976, 2) e-mail: regina@smtp.zacks.com phone: (847)966-1015 profession: Software Engineer employer: Zacks Investment Research position: Software Engineer country: USA last updated on 7/29/98

Muravnik Dmitry(1989, 4) e-mail: muravnik@vt.etu.spb.ru phone: (812) 277-87-98 profession: computer science employer: St.-Petersburg State Electrotechnical University position: post graduate student, research engineer country: Russia address: 193167 Russia St.-Petersburg, Nevsky Pr., 175-12

Musienko Andrei(1993, 4) e-mail: musienko@mailexcite.com phone: 584-17-73 profession: mechanical engineer employer: m.n.s. , & post - graduate student position: NIIVA , SPbGTU country: Russia address: Podvojskogo,40-1-17 birthday: 22.05.76 last updated on 01/30/00

Mylnikova Tatjana(1982, 3) e-mail: tata_gm@mail.ru country: Russia birthday: 25.11.1964 last updated on 06/01/06

Myznikov Valentin(1988, 2) e-mail: val@lynx.ru phone: +7 (812) 232-43-22 profession: System Engineer employer: Lynx Company position: Project Manager country: Russia last updated on 9/8/98

Muzyr Leonid(2003, 9) e-mail: muzyrl@yahoo.com phone: +1 267-902-3155 last updated on 08/29/07


Naumov Victor(1988, 1) e-mail: nau@mail.iias.spb.su url: http://www.russianlaw.net phone: +7 812 3281088 w. profession: scientist employer: Inst. for Informatics and Automation RAS country: Russia address: PO BOX 443, 199034, St.Petersburg, Russia birthday: 21.07.1971 last updated on 01/12/03

Naumova (Mashihina) Natalia(1975, A, school #38) e-mail: naumova@issa.nsk.su phone: 3832 225088 profession: Soil Microbiology employer: Institute of Soil Science and Agrochemistry position: Researcher country: Russia address: Sverdlova 3-84, Novosibirsk 630007, RUSSIA

Nazaretsky Andrey(1988, 2) e-mail: nazaretsky@yahoo.com phone: +972-54-740557 profession: Lawyer employer: Self-employer position: Attorney country: Israel address: Salant st. 76, Petakh-Tiqva birthday: 2/6/71 last updated on 01/03/01

Nazaroff Andrew(2002, 1) phone: 2523605 profession: student employer: SPbSu, MathMech country: Russia address: Stachek pr. 27-7 birthday: 25.01.1985 last updated on 10/15/02

Nazarov Anton(1985, 1) e-mail: anton_nazarov@hotmail.com, NazaroA@telkom.co.za profession: software developer employer: Telkom, Ltd position: Senior Java/J2EE consultant country: South Africa birthday: 03/02/1968 last updated on 10/21/06

Nazarov Michael(1982, 2) e-mail: philight@neva.spb.ru (temp) phone: (812) 235-05-86 (home) profession: math teacher (in the past) employer: PHILIPS, Lighting Dept. position: Sales Representative country: Russia address: 197110 Russia, Saint-Petersburg, ul.B.Zelenina, 9-9 birthday: 11/11/1965 last updated on 8/17/98

Nechaev Seva(1988, 3) e-mail: toad@inary.spb.ru, seva@vn8758.spb.edu profession: embedded engineer position: chief developer country: Russia last updated on 07/18/01

Nedelina (Krilova) Tatiana(1964) phone: (812) 225-1148 employer: Technical Systems Security Center country: Russia address: Kriukova Ul. 13-26, St.-Petersburg 195268 Russia

Nefedkina (Schaposhnikova) Natalia(1986, 5) e-mail: alvol@peterlink.ru phone: +7 (812) 935-3070 profession: Financial manager employer: PPB Trading position: Financial manager country: Russia birthday: 20.07.1969 last updated on 03/04/01

Neishlos Leonid (Arye)(1972, 5) e-mail: aryeneishlos@optonline.net, aryeneishlos@yahoo.com, aphraniusexpertgroup@gmail.com url: http://www.aphranius.com phone: +12014633270/+12012951209 profession: Forensic Expert employer: Aphranius Expert Group International, Inc. position: President/Co-owner country: USA address: 8200 Boulevard East, North Bergen, NJ 07047 birthday: January 8, 1955 last updated on 04/01/11

Nemenchinsky Artem(1991, 4) e-mail: nemen@snoopy.niif.spb.su phone: 7 (812) 235-58-52 position: student of SPbSU country: RUSSIAN FEDERATION address: 197136 SPb, 41 Lenina St., apt 57

Nemirovsky Victor(1966, 1) phone: ++972 (0)52 326576 profession: Mathematician country: ISRAEL address: P.O.Box 3172 Karney Shomron

Nemtsov Alexander(1974, B, school #38) e-mail: ariel_n_1@yahoo.com phone: 972 54 6399666 country: Israel last updated on 03/19/07

Netupskaya Natalia(1970, A) e-mail: martynova@sc642.nit.spb.su phone: (812)-217-15-82 profession: Programmer employer: School 642 "Earth & Universe" position: Teacher of informatic country: Russia address: St.Petersburg, Nalichnaya ul. birthday: 27 Feb last updated on 3/16/98

Neverova (Shustrova) Olga(1975, 5) phone: 812-542-07-21 country: Russia address: St. Petersburg 194044, Neishlotsky per. 7-47

Nevzorov Valery(1963, 1) e-mail: valnev@mail.ru profession: Professor of Probability and Statistics Chair employer: St-Petersburg State University position: Professor country: Russian Federation birthday: December, 9 - 1946 last updated on 01/13/01

Nichikov Alexey(1995, 3) e-mail: fairyteller@mail.ru profession: SysOp, or something lke... country: Russia address: St.-Petersburg birthday: 05.03.78 last updated on 11/04/02

Nicolaeva (Buhancova) Olga(1992, 1) e-mail: olga.bux@usa.net phone: 113-69-48 profession: programmer employer: NIIPS position: programmer country: RUSSIA address: pr.Angliskiy 51-21 birthday: 29.04.75 last updated on 06/04/99

Niculin Pavel(1987, 3) e-mail: paveln@home.ru phone: (812)155-3764 profession: Softwere Engeneer employer: Ketony position: Softwere developer country: Russia address: S.Korzuna st. 5-3-20 birthday: 11.03.1970 last updated on 06/26/00

Nikiforov Mikhail(1983, 1) e-mail: altx@mail.wplus.net phone: +7 (812) 325-95-65 profession: Executive Director employer: ALT-X country: Russia

Nikanorova Maria(1995, 2) phone: (812) 355-86-50 country: Russia last updated on 01/13/01

Nikitin Alexander(1982, 6) e-mail: a.nikitin@vniim.ru profession: engineer employer: D.I.Mendeleyev Institute for Metrology (VNIIM) position: Deputy head of Electrical Ehergy Lab. country: Russia last updated on 05/25/01

Nikitin Dmitry A.(1999, 3) e-mail: nik_dm@mail.ru phone: +7(812)261-2085 profession: Student employer: SpbGy MatMex country: Russia address: Spb. yl Dmitrova 4-1-391 (192239 - Index) last updated on 02/05/00

Nikitina Swetlana(1989, 2) e-mail: torrinus@gmail.com profession: technical translator employer: The B. E. Vedeneev VNIIG position: engineer country: Russia birthday: 2.08.1972 last updated on 05/26/13

Nikolaev Valentin(1995, 2) e-mail: Valentin.Nikolaev@mail.ioffe.ru profession: research scientist employer: PTI Ioffe position: MNS country: Russia last updated on 07/23/04

Nilov Alex(1979, 4) e-mail: nilov@reltec.spb.su phone: +7 812 2982409 profession: computer science employer: RELTEC position: president country: Russia

Nilva Leonid(1974, 1) e-mail: leonid.nilva@oracle.com, leonid@nilva.com employer: Oracle Corp. address: San Jose, CA, USA last updated on 09/07/05

Nopreenko Roman(1973, 6) e-mail: roman@liviz.ru phone: 269-42-27 profession: programmer country: Russia birthday: 11.11.1955 last updated on 06/22/99

Novikov Alexei(1975, B, school #38) e-mail: alexei123@mail.ru url: http://www.castlighting.com phone: +1 416 386 1970 profession: programmer employer: CAST lighting Ltd. country: Canada address: 25 Valleywoods Rd., u.20, North York, M3A 2R4, ON birthday: 22.10.58 last updated on 01/03/01

Novikova Elizaveta(2003, 1) e-mail: elise301@gmail.com phone: +79043308296 profession: Student country: Russia birthday: 16.05.1986 last updated on 10/16/06

Novinsky Dmitry(1987, 1) e-mail: dimanov@hep486.pnpi.spb.ru (work), dimanov@peterlink.ru (home) url: http://www.pnpi.spb.ru/~abaev (site of our laboratory) phone: (7-81271)-46744, fax 37196 profession: Physisist employer: PNPI (Gatchina), HEP Department position: Scientific Researcher country: Russia address: 190031, S-Petersburg, Moscowski prospect, h.4 apt.31; tel 3101520 birthday: 29.01.1970 last updated on 2/7/99


Oblapenko Pavel(1982, 3) e-mail: np@infopro.spb.su phone: 550-11-22 profession: surgeon employer: SPbGMA position: St.Petersburg country: Russia address: SPb, Toreza, 28-137 birthday: 30.04.1965 last updated on 2/5/98

Obrutcheva Tatjana(1965, 3) e-mail: fokin@spb.rtsnet.ru phone: 355-30-38 profession: mathematician employer: Saint-Petersburg Mining Institute position: lecturer country: Russia birthday: 18.02.1947 last updated on 2/14/99

Ogurtsov Eugene(1993, 2) e-mail: eugene.ogurtsov@quickfield.com phone: 323-0884; (now)126-3501 employer: PMG #30 position: programming teacher country: Russia birthday: 23.06.1976 last updated on 01/07/01

Okrainsky Alexander(1978, 10A) e-mail: burevestnik@yahoo.com phone: (212) 314-6472 profession: Programmer employer: AXA Financial position: Manager country: U.S.A. last updated on 02/19/01

Orem Lyudmila(1971, A, school #38) e-mail: ozh@pop.convey.ru phone: +7 (812) 534-2731 profession: Engineer country: Russia address: SPb, Tikhoretsky pr., 7-5-16

Orevkov Leonid(1991, 2) phone: ++7 (812) 218-81-07 profession: psychologist country: RUSSIAN FEDERATION address: SPb

Orlov Gennady(1981, 6) e-mail: gOrlov@pmnet.spb.ru phone: 112-3998 profession: informatization employer: Obligatory Healthcare Insurance Fund of St.Petersburg position: Head of the informatization department country: Russia last updated on 07/15/99

Orlov Kirill(1981, 2) e-mail: kirillrosplanta@mail.ru phone: +7-812-9661596 employer: OOO SP Rosplanta position: General Director country: Russia birthday: 28.03.64 last updated on 04/18/06

Orlova Karina(2002, 4) e-mail: okarina@list.ru phone: 352-81-66 profession: student MATMEH country: Russia birthday: 26/03/1985 last updated on 05/02/03

Orlova Ludmila(1999, 4) e-mail: lm00@mail.ru profession: Student of physics country: Russia birthday: 27/08/82 last updated on 03/15/02

Osetinski Sasha (Alexander)(1977, 3) e-mail: agroset@techunix.technion.ac.il phone: 972-4-8225790 profession: mechanical engineer employer: Technion, Irael Institute of Technology, Haifa position: Doctor Degree Student country: Israel Click here to see photograph last updated on 10/15/00

Osherov Michail Efimovich(1980, 6) e-mail: osherov@yandex.ru url: http://www.spiral.spb.ru phone: work-(812)-449-43-76, home 230-49-79 profession: finance and stock market employer: FC "Spiral" position: President country: Russia address: St.Petersburg birthday: 30/09/1963 last updated on 12/05/04

Osipova Yelena(1969, 2) e-mail: hosipova@yahoo.com, hosipova@mail.ru profession: Biology birthday: 15.08.52 last updated on 03/18/03

Osipova (Agekjan) Tamara(1964, 3) e-mail: tatoc@mail.ru phone: +7 (812) 4424235 profession: mathematician employer: SPbGUSE position: assistant professor country: Russia address: 193318, SPb, pr. Pjatiletok, 15-3, ap.6 birthday: 29/11/1945 last updated on 04/06/09

Oskinova Lidia (1985, 3) e-mail: lida@astro.gla.ac.uk url: http://www.astro.gla.ac.uk profession: astronomer employer: University of Glasgow position: Research Assistant country: Scotland, UK birthday: 25/12 last updated on 10/01/00

Ossadtchi Igor(1991, 3) e-mail: Osadchiy@rambler.ru phone: 8(812)9435572, 1590431 profession: clinical and political psychologist employer: freelancer position: Consultant, political project manager country: Russian birthday: 11.11.1974 last updated on 09/30/01

Ossipova-Biscondi Nadejda(1989, 1) e-mail: b=i;s=c;ondi@aufeminin.fr phone: +(33) profession: network engineer employer: bank BNPParibas country: France birthday: 16.05.1972 last updated on 02/10/05

Ostapenko Lubov(1982, 6) phone: 1-773-481-9742 profession: Pharmacist country: USA birthday: 01 Aug 1965 last updated on 3/10/98

Ostrer Mark(1991, 2) e-mail: ostrer@gmail.com, marik@inbox.ru phone: +(972) - 54-7773036 profession: Software engineer employer: Sphera corp. country: Israel birthday: 13.09.1974 last updated on 03/03/05

Ostrovski Serge(1971, e) e-mail: biomed@gis.net url: http://www.gis.net/~biomed phone: 1-617-232-5853 profession: Electrical Engineer employer: Circe Biomedical position: Validation Manager country: USA address: Brookline Massachusetts birthday: May 27,1954 last updated on 6/29/98

Oudov Georgy(1999, 5) e-mail: udov@green.ifmo.ru url: http://green.ifmo.ru/~udov phone: 5532062 profession: Student employer: IFMO position: 2 course country: Russian Federation address: 25 Udelniy prospect flat number 27 birthday: 11.07.82 last updated on

Oussevitch Dmitri(1980, 4) e-mail: dao@climbing.spb.ru phone: not here, sorry profession: IT employer: EPI soft position: owner country: Russia last updated on 04/29/04

Oussevitch Kostya(2002, 1) e-mail: kostiku_2@hotbox.ru url: http://pmg30111.narod.ru/ phone: (+7812) 232-7762 profession: programmer employer: SPbSU, MathMech, Applied Math position: student country: Russia address: SPb 197198 per.Talalikhina 5/15, 17 birthday: 21 April 1986 last updated on 10/15/02

Ovcharenko Maria(1975, D, school #38) e-mail: movcharenko@yandex.ru profession: programmer employer: Bureau ESG position: engineer country: Russia birthday: 4/06/1958 last updated on 11/23/05

Ovroutski Alexandre(1964, 1) e-mail: alexovr@hotmail.com phone: (914) 674-4229 country: USA birthday: 07/04/1946 last updated on 06/01/02

Paderno Pavel(1964, 3) phone: +7 (812) 184-68-80 profession: mathematician employer: SPb Electrical Enginiring University position: assistent professor country: Russia last updated on 10/24/97

Paikov Andrei(1983, 3) e-mail: whitch2003@mail.ru phone: 9192158 profession: businessman country: Russia last updated on 03/21/03

(Dvortsova) Palace Galina(1973, 5) e-mail: galina.palace@lmco.com phone: 301-437-4666 profession: IT position: Consultant country: USA birthday: 24/02/1956 last updated on 12/27/02

Palatnik Dmitriy(1970, 1) country: US last updated on 07/10/05

Palchik Alexandr(1974, A, school #38) e-mail: xander@brainres.spb.su phone: (812) 2545703 profession: Neuropathologist country: Russia

Palenovski Boris(1987, 2) e-mail: boris@petrobank.spb.su phone: +7-(812)-114-1839 profession: software developer employer: SEKVANA position: general manager country: Russia address: St.Petersburg, Sadovaya 127-41

Panchenko (Timasheva) Anna(1984, 4) e-mail: atimashe@sodium.mps.ohio-state.edu phone: 614-478-9375 profession: Chem. Physics employer: OSU position: Grad. student country: USA address: 930 Quay Ave Apt. C, Columbus, OH 43212

Paneyakh Ella(1987, 2) e-mail: ella@eu.spb.ru url: http://paneyakh.narod.ru phone: 7-812-1082257 profession: Economic sociologist employer: EUSP position: PhD student country: Russia birthday: 16/09/1970 last updated on 03/07/02

Pankov Alexey V.(1986, 3) e-mail: alex@fi.rfntr.neva.ru phone: +7 (812) 554-0387 profession: programmer employer: Fort-Inform position: Deputy director country: Russia address: Russia, Spb, 18 line, house 43, flat 32. last updated on 7/3/98

Pankova (Rasjuk) Anna(1986, 1) e-mail: alex@fi.rfntr.neva.ru (subj:for Anna) profession: programmer employer: SPb Institute of Information RAS position: scientist country: Russia last updated on 7/3/98

Paskov Anton(1998, 4) e-mail: pantoxa@pisem.net url: http://pantoxa.pisem.net phone: +358505606870 profession: Student birthday: 01.02.1981 last updated on 06/17/03

Patokin Dmitry(1992, 1) e-mail: mitya@cs.econ.pu.ru phone: +7(812)2733982 profession: Student employer: SPb State University position: Student, Programmer, Network Administator country: Russia address: 199226, St.Petersburg, Nalichnaya str. 36-7, apt 376, RUSSIA

Patrysheva Anastasia(1990, 3) e-mail: asy@kanga.ro, asy@travel.ru url: http://kanga.ro phone: 8-916-6953392 employer: Travel.Ru position: CEO country: Russia, USA address: Mosscow, Austin (TX) birthday: 18-12-73 last updated on 01/15/05

Pats Gennady(1982, 3) e-mail: gennadyp@microsoft.com phone: 972-4-8561176/8216111 profession: Operations Research employer: Microsoft position: Programmer country: Israel address: PoBox 6598, Nesher 36821, Israel birthday: 18/09/65 last updated on 9/14/97

Pavlov Alexander(1978, 5) e-mail: apavl@ihq.samson.spb.su phone: +7-812-428-47-28, 352-95-21 profession: physics position: NIIF SPbGU country: Russia address: Russia 199397 St.Petersburg, Nalicnaja ul. 40-4-395

Pavlov Anton(1991, 2) phone: ++7 (812) 152-94-14 country: RUSSIAN FEDERATION address:198262, SPb, 27 Lyoni Golikova St., apt. 27 birthday: 22 Jun 1974

Pavlov Dmitry(2000, 1) e-mail: dmitry.pavlov@gmail.com url: http://shmat-razum.blogspot.com profession: programmer employer: IAA RAS last updated on 08/08/12

Pavlova (Dubrovskaya) Olga(1981, 2) e-mail: ODubrovskaya@spb.beeline.ru phone: 8(905)2088852 country: Russia last updated on 11/13/03

Pavlova Olga(1994, 2) e-mail: op@op.spb.ru url: http://www.op.spb.ru/ phone: 327-5343 (at work) employer: Peterlink position: copywriter country: Russia birthday: 25 Nov 1977 last updated on 09/14/01

Pavlovsky Vladislav(1987, 3) e-mail: watson@dial.dux.ru profession: Programmer employer: Internet Service Ltd. country: Russia address: Russia, Sanct-Petersburg, 198020, Staro-Petergofsky 15-49

Pavlukov Dmitry(1987, 2) e-mail: dvphome@solaris.ru birthday: 11.07.70 last updated on 2/5/98

Pavlushin Vasily(1997, 6) e-mail: wasilij@freemail.ru last updated on 10/20/06

Paykina Galina(1974, A, school #38) e-mail: isgalina@mail.ru, isgalina@walla.co.il phone: 972-88542827 profession: mechanical engineer employer: school position: maths teacher country: israel address: Mizada 100/43 Ashdod Israel birthday: 21/03/57 last updated on 01/01/06

Pazi Mike(1993, 1) e-mail: mike.pazi@usa.net phone: (812)2911245 profession: Mathematician employer: St.Petersburg State University, Math. Departament position: Graduate student country: Russia address: SPb, Moskovskoe schosse, 34-53 birthday: December 13 last updated on 2/25/98

Pekker Dmitri(1990, 2) e-mail: dmitrip@hotmail.com phone: 214-227-0634 profession: Programmer employer: HBK Investments position: Team Leader country: USA address: 7904 Thorneywood, Plano, TX 75024 birthday: 6/4/1973 last updated on 09/22/01

Pelts Gregory(1981, 1) e-mail: gpelts@bear.com url: http://theory.rockefeller.edu phone: (718) 997-0705 profession: Quantitative Analyst employer: Bear, Stearns & Co position: Senior Analyst country: USA address: 62-60 99th Street, Apt. 1524 Rego Park, NY 11374 birthday: 12/2/63 last updated on 6/29/98

Penkova Natalia(1994, 4) e-mail: natalia1999@mail.ru country: Russia, Finland address: 199406 St. Petersburg, a/ya 297 birthday: 22.01.1977 last updated on 10/06/99

Peremyshlin Yuriy Germanovich(1967, G, school #38) phone: 130-03-87 employer: Balt. rechnoe parokhodstvo position: zam. directora country: Russia address: Spb, Tombasova 8/2 kv. 10

Perlova (Leikin) Roza(1978, 2) e-mail: rozal@construct.haifa.ac.il profession: Mathematics Educator, Researcher employer: University of Haifa position: Professor (Haver) country: Israel last updated on 05/14/10

Permyakov Vladimir(1986, 2) e-mail: vap@jensentechnologies.com url: http://www.jensentechnologies.com/profile/team.html phone: +7 (812) 939-7077 profession: Software Engineer employer: Jensen Technologies, LLC position: CTO country: Russia / USA birthday: 05 August 1969 last updated on 06/15/01

Pertel Alexander(1980, 3) e-mail: AlexanderPertel@rsoft.ru url: http://www.rsoft.ru phone: (+7-812) 311-7906 profession: Applied mathematics employer: RSoft, Ltd. position: Director General country: Russia address: Russia, St.-Petersburg, Stremynnaya str., 6, of.239 birthday: 19.06.63 last updated on 07/08/00

Pesterova (Rod) Olga(1993, 5) e-mail: olga_kerry@yahoo.com phone: (609) 4391746 employer: WG Int. country: USA address: 4759 Eagleridge cir., unit 307, Pueblo, CO, 81008 birthday: 24 November 1975 last updated on 04/12/05

Pestov Eugene(1993, 2) e-mail: eupestov@yahoo.com phone: (812) 395-2329 profession: programmer country: Russia birthday: 05/09/1976 last updated on 07/15/99

Petoukhov Alexander(1971, 2) e-mail: alivp@yahoo.com phone: (812)-346-4158 profession: mathematician employer: IFMO position: senior lecturer country: Russia address: SPb Viazemsky pereulok 6-144 birthday: 11/04/1954 last updated on 06/12/01

Petroff Roman(1993, 5) e-mail: spirituos@yahoo.com phone: 513-1024,235-1259 profession: student employer: Saint-Petersburg State Institute of Fine Mechanics and Optics (Technichal University) country: Russia address: SPb. HO-SHI-MINA 7/3 57 birthday: 03.01.76 last updated on 1/26/98

Petrochuk Andrew(1991, 3) e-mail: petrochuk@msn.com employer: Microsoft country: USA last updated on 12/28/04

Petrov Alexey(1995, 1) e-mail: i_love_tea@mail.ru profession: Telecom position: Network Architect country: Sweden last updated on 10/03/04

Petrov Sergei(1989, 5) e-mail: serge@cbk.waw.pl url: http://www.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral/5476 phone: (4822)40-3766 profession: Astronomer employer: Space Research Centre, Polish Academy of Sciences position: Post-graduate student country: Poland address: Bartycka 18A, 00-716 Warszawa, POLAND

Petrova Anastassia(1992, 5) e-mail: anastassia@softhome.net profession: programmer country: USA address: 1433 Arboretum way, Burlington, MA 01803 last updated on 07/05/01

Philipova Elena(1994, 1) employer: Modem & Favoris Europe / Paris address: 25 rue Edmond Nocard 94700 Maisons-Alfort last updated on 04/30/08

Picheyev Boris(1984, 5) e-mail: pich@sinstr.ru phone: +7 812 356 56 64 profession: Physicist employer: Scientific Instruments PLC position: Project Manager country: Russia address: 199406 StPetersburg Shevchenko st 32 app 21 birthday: 22 september 1967 last updated on 02/28/07

Pilatova Elena(1984, 2) e-mail: general@isida.ipa.rssi.ru phone: (812) 299-52-26 country: Russia address: 196211, SPb, pr. Kosmonavtov 15-65 birthday: 09.01.67 last updated on 4/21/99

Piliptchouk Denis(1990, 2) e-mail: dpiliptchouk@hotmail.com phone: (781)729-6299 profession: Computer Science employer: Foliage Software Systems position: Software Engineer, Consultant country: USA address: 171 Swanton St., #41, Winchster, MA 01890 birthday: Feb. 13, 1973 last updated on 07/23/01

Pilyugin Sergei Yu.(1964) profession: mathematician employer: Saint Petersburg University position: Professor country: Russia last updated on 3/18/99

Pimenov Alexander(2001, 1) e-mail: qn@beep.ru phone: 8-(812)-351-8-429 profession: student employer: SpbSU Mat-Mex country: Russia birthday: 18.06.1983 last updated on 02/11/02

Pimenov Konstantin(1993, 2) e-mail: kostya@pt2200.spb.edu phone: 3525998 profession: mathematician graduate employer: 30 school country: russia birthday: 13.12.77 last updated on 7/22/98

Pinkovsky Roman(1985, 5) e-mail: breuven@hotmail.com url: http://www.lastwitch.com/frpoems.htm phone: 089212512 profession: medecine employer: ichilov position: internship country: israel address: lod hadarim 21/11 birthday: 30/01/68 last updated on 08/16/01

Piotrovsky Dmitry A.(1985, 5) e-mail: dmitry@dap.spb.su phone: 7-812-393-6302 profession: project manager position: manager of European Union university-industry liason project in St.Petersburg country: Russian Federation address: Ispytateley pr., 15-307, St.Petersburg, 197341, Russian Federation

Pirozhnikov Alexey(1990, 1) e-mail: alexpir@remax.ru url: http://www.remax.ru/ phone: (812) 393 8387 profession: Graphics Design employer: ReMax Design country: Russia

Piskarev Alexey(1996, 2) e-mail: stromboli@yandex.ru profession: software engineer employer: HyperFeed position: C++-programmer country: Russia last updated on 10/10/02

Pitkin Mark(1965, 3) e-mail: mpitkin@lifespan.org country: USA last updated on 11/09/02

Platt Nathan (Plyat Naum)(1980, 2) e-mail: platt@rosserv.gsfc.nasa.gov phone: (301) 441-4226 profession: Programmer / Analyst employer: Hughes STX position: Principal Programmer / Analyst country: USA address: 5917 Rolston Road, Bethesda, MD 20817

Pletinsky(Pushina) Maria(1987, 5) e-mail: meir@amdocs.com (Subject: for Maria) phone: 08.8552322 profession: doctor employer: Ichilov hospital country: Israel address: Amatzia Hamelech str. 10/3 Ashdod

Pliner Vadim(1973, 7) e-mail: vadim.pliner@gmail.com phone: 201-703-0510 profession: Mathematician/Statistician employer: Verizon Wireless position: Principal Member of Applications Staff country: USA address: Fair Lawn, NJ last updated on 07/10/12

Plitman (now Roshal) Alina(1981, 2) e-mail: aroshal@sanramon.ca.gov profession: structural engineer employer: goverment position: city engineer country: USA address: Danville, CA last updated on 04/21/03

Plotnikov Dmitri(1982, 2) e-mail: dmitri@plotnix.com profession: Software Developer country: USA birthday: 11/18/1965 last updated on 05/21/02

Plotnikov Michael(1988, 1) e-mail: m_plotnikov@mail.ru phone: (812)151-16-90 profession: Programmer employer: Nilko Ltd. position: Chief of department country: Russia address: Leninsky pr. 93-2-734 Saint Petersburg birthday: 01/05/71 last updated on 12/08/99

Podlipsky Oleg(1969, B, school #38) was killed in St. Petersburg

Podlisk Roman(1992, 3) e-mail: roman.podlisk@cis.co.il url: http://www.cis.co.il phone: +972 3 5520239, +972 50 674562 employer: CIS Networking Ltd. position: Lotus Notes Operational Manager country: Israel address: Hashmonaim st. 82a/3, 59501 Bat-Yam, Israel last updated on 02/19/02

Pogorelsky Misha(1969, 1, school #38) e-mail: pogorelsky@hotmail.co.il phone: (972)4-9884346 employer: Brauda College country: Israel address: Carmiel, Bazir 49 birthday: 23/08/52 last updated on 01/02/02

Pogrebnaya(Elagina) Victory(1989, 3) country: Russia birthday: 20.12.71 last updated on 06/30/01

Pokrovskiy Yuriy(1973, 5) e-mail: ypok@comset.net profession: climatolog country: Russia birthday: 31.03.56 last updated on 07/02/01

Poleshchuk Nikolai(1968, 9) e-mail: poleshchuk@peterlink.ru phone: 1563629 profession: ship designer employer: Institute Of Shipbuilding Technology position: Saint Petersburg country: Russia address: P.B. 58, RUS-198217 St.Petersburg birthday: 3.12.1950 last updated on 03/11/00

Polevoy Alexander (1988, 3) e-mail: apolevoy@integra.ru, apolevoy@hotmail.com phone: +7495 760 65 85 profession: Finance employer: Integra Group position: Chief Financial Officer country: Russia birthday: Dec 9 1970 last updated on 04/10/07

Polonskiy Boris(1966, B, schoool #38) e-mail: bspolon@aol.com phone: 781-593-3728 profession: Computer programming employer: Cambridge Interactive position: Developer country: USA address: 36 Surfside Rd. #2, Lynn, MA 01902, USA birthday: Nov 28 Click here to see photograph with Emma Zelmanova(Gutman), Israel, Dec 1999. last updated on 01/23/00

Polovko Yurii(1976, 2) e-mail: polovko@mathom.ioffe.rssi.ru phone: (812) 525-45-35 profession: mathematician employer: Ioffe Institute position: Senior Researcher country: Russia address: 195298 Kommuni st. 28/3-78 St.-Petersburg, Russia birthday: 7.07.1959 last updated on 11/14/97

Polovtsev Igor(1986, 1) e-mail: inp69@mail.ru url: http://inp.net.ru/ phone: +7(812)7840952 (h). +7(921)9609534 profession: B.Sc. (Physics), MA (Economy) country: Russia address: Novostroek ul. 17-20, Saint-Petersburg, 198188 Russia birthday: 09 May 1969 last updated on 08/20/06

Pomeranets Leonid(1975, 3) e-mail: pik@peterlink.ru phone: +7 (812) 262-5007 position: Zvezda, JSC, St.-Petersburg, Russia country: Russia birthday: 10.04.1958 last updated on 06/18/02

Ponomarenko Gennady(1990, 4) phone: 7-812-1410086 profession: physicist employer: SPb. State University position: postgraduate student country: Russia address: Russia, 198320, SPb., Gvardejskaya, 21-8 birthday: 24.06.1973 last updated on 3/29/98

Popkova Ann(2002, 4) e-mail: ann_hi@mail.ru phone: 352-44-78 profession: student PM-PU country: Russia birthday: 07.12.1984 last updated on 09/07/02

Popov Dmitri (1997, 2) e-mail: shark@pobox.spbu.ru phone: (812)356-99-12 employer: Saint Petersburg State University position: student country: Russia address: Russia, Spb, ul.Kartashihina d.19 kv.228 birthday: 08/11/79 last updated on 10/8/98

Popov Dmitriy Igorevich(1984, 4) e-mail: popovdi@craft.camp.clarkson.edu phone: (315)-268-6657 profession: Engineer employer: Clarkson University position: Grad. Student country: U.S.A. address: St.-Petersburg 199048, 15 line h.72 apt.64, ph. 355-75-43

Popov Vladimir (1969, A, school #38) e-mail: carrier@rambler.ru phone: +78123239587 profession: engineer employer: Corporation Sterh position: Logistics manager country: Russia address: St.Petersburg birthday: 24october 1952 last updated on 06/22/09

Popova Marina(1988, 1) e-mail: not yet try tanya@vakhtin.spb.su phone: (812)1135462 profession: not yet country: Russia birthday: 14 July last updated on 10/21/99

Portnyagina Katerina(1983, 7) e-mail: kport@optonline.net phone: (201) 475-8246 profession: Test Engineer employer: Siemens country: USA address: Fair Lawn, NJ birthday: 11/14/1965 last updated on 02/08/08

Potapenko Tatjana(1972, 2) e-mail: patma@comset.net phone: 301-36-18 country: Rossia last updated on 06/26/01

Pougatch Konstantin(1986, 5) e-mail: kostya@intergate.bc.ca phone: (604) 669-1985 profession: Thermal Engineer employer: GasMaster Industries position: Mechanical Engineer country: Canada last updated on 12/17/98

Pougatchev Artem(1991, 3) e-mail: artem@nwgsm.ru phone: 345-3237 profession: economist employer: Lavel Holding position: financial controller country: Russia birthday: 05.07.1974 last updated on 05/21/01

Pourgin Evgeny(1977, 2) e-mail: staks@telecom.lek.ru phone: (812)3509529 profession: Manager employer: STAKS position: Director country: Russia address: SPb, Kima av.,9-72 birthday: 05.10.59 last updated on 9/12/98

Pozdnyakova Irina(1989, 4) e-mail: irina.pozdnyakova@yale.edu profession: molecular biologist/biochemist employer: Yale University position: postdoc country: USA address: 266 Whitney Ave, Bass 323, New Haven, CT 06511 birthday: July 6, 1972 last updated on 04/03/06

Pozin Michael(1980, 6) e-mail: pozin@eng.tau.ac.il phone: 972-7-886396 profession: Termo-Physics engineer employer: Tel-Aviv University position: Post Graduate country: Israel address: Malkey Israel 131/16, Kiryat-Gat, Israel

Pozin Shimon(1984, 2) e-mail: shimonp@yahoo.com, shimonp@look.ca url: http://www.onlybestrated.com profession: Software Engineer employer: Sun Microsystems Inc. position: Service Manager country: Canada birthday: June 30, 1967 last updated on 04/01/06

Poznyak Tanya(1981, 1) e-mail: tanya@simo.ru phone: +79219587063 profession: Programmer country: New Zealand address: Christchurch last updated on 11/12/07

Prasov George(1971, 1) e-mail: vzxttn@flt.acr.gmeds.com phone: 810-257-8667 profession: Sofware Engineer employer: EDS position: Advance Application Engineer country: USA address: 6250 Wooden Spoke Trail, Flint, MI 48532

Preobrazhenskaya Tamara(1969, 2, school #38) e-mail: tamara_romilovna@mail.ru, romilovna@yahoo.com phone: (812)352-17-71 position: Saint-Petersburg country: Russia address: Novosmolenskaya, 1-379 birthday: 19.09.1951 last updated on 10/29/07

Preysman (Belenkaya) Irene(1968, 1) e-mail: ipreysman@yahoo.com phone: (408) 738-1580 country: USA address: 1417 Harrier Ct. Sunnyvale, CA birthday: Aug 23, 1951 last updated on 04/09/03

Prigogin Sergey(1971, 3) e-mail: prigogin@pacbell.net phone: (650) 522-8663 profession: Programmer employer: RightPoint position: Director, Real-Time Analytics & Datamining country: USA address: 860 Meridian Bay Lane #333, Foster City, CA 94404 birthday: September 23, 1954 last updated on 11/07/99

Prilezhaev Ivan(1980, 5) e-mail: ivanmail@af1443.spb.edu country: Russia birthday: 01.04.63 last updated on 12/28/97

Prilutski (former Griliches) Olga(1988, 2) e-mail: olga@jerusalem.ndsoft.com phone: 972-2-6417556 profession: programmer employer: New Dimension country: Israel address: 18/40 Kaddish Luz str., Jerusalem, 96920, Israel birthday: 11/05/71 last updated on 8/6/98

Prokhorova Ioanna-Maria(1995, 3) e-mail: AHHA (sabaka) homeuser.ru, t-371.4@mail.ru profession: Marketing, advertising, PR employer: ...Telecom address: Grazhdanka birthday: 3 January 1978 last updated on 02/22/06

Prokhortsev Ilya(1974, 4) e-mail: president@shaping.com or president@shaping.org profession: inventor employer: President of International Shaping Federation country: Russia, St. Petersburg last updated on 5/29/98

Prokofiev Alexander(1984, 1) e-mail: StAlex@worldnet.att.net phone: 718 646-0014 profession: Electronic Engineer employer: Societe Generale position: Sr. Programmer country: USA address: Brooklyn, New York last updated on 10/07/00

Prokofiev Vadim(1970, 7) e-mail: vep@vep.eci.lgu.spb.su phone: 3068794 profession: programmer employer: SPB University position: EL engineer country: RU address: Koroleva st. 44/1 18., StPetersburg, 197371, Russia birthday: 04.30.1953 last updated on 10/26/97

Promishljanskaja Natalia(1964, 1) phone: +972 03-9367844 profession: Programmer country: Israel address: Ariel last updated on 12/20/99

Provad Eugene(1978, 6) e-mail: eprovad@iname.com phone: (403) 255-1649 profession: programmer employer: AMDOCS position: team leader country: Canada last updated on 11/4/98

Provad Michael (1984, 6) e-mail: michaelp@amdocs.com phone: +1 905 7608587 profession: Software Engineer employer: Amdocs Ltd. position: Billing Project Manager country: Canada address: 285 Chelwood Dr Thornhill ON birthday: July 12, 1967 last updated on 03/23/02

Pryamitsyn Victor(1978, 8) e-mail: v_pryamitsyn@hotmail.com last updated on 10/13/05

Pushnitski Alexander(1989, 2) e-mail: alexander.pushnitski@kcl.ac.uk url: http://www.mth.kcl.ac.uk/staff/a_pushnitski.html profession: Mathematician employer: King's College London position: Reader country: United Kingdom birthday: 11 October 1972 last updated on 08/18/11

Pushnyak Tatyana(1977, A, school #38) e-mail: hlupin@nwcoal.spb.ru phone: +78125844916 profession: programmer employer: Ameros business company position: programmer country: Russia address: 193312 Russia St.Petersberg, ul.Podvoyskogo 50-2-165

Puzyrev Gleb(1994, 2) phone: 356-41-41 profession: game programmer country: Russia address: 199226 St.Petersburg Nalychnaya 36-7-367


Rabinova (Kobzeva) Julia(1982, 5) e-mail: vicia-cracca@yandex.ru, julia_kobzeva@vsegei.ru phone: (921) 95 120 95 profession: geologist employer: A.P.Karpinsky Russian Geological Research Institute country: Russia address: 199406 St.Petersburg, Shevchenko st. 17, ap.8 birthday: 20.07.65 last updated on 05/24/12

Rabinovich Nina(1976, 3) e-mail: boristif@netvision.net.il phone: 972-7-9953928 profession: sales manager country: Israel address: King David 9/11 Arad Israel 80700 birthday: 09 june 1959 last updated on 05/22/00

Rachin Michel(1988, 3) e-mail: michel@admiral.ru, michel@turing.spb.ru phone: +7 812 9672815 profession: manager employer: Computer company position: manager country: Russia birthday: 1971 (12) last updated on 08/01/05

Radko Anna(1987, 5) e-mail: RADKO@VMS.HUJI.AC.IL phone: 972-2-6426752 profession: Biophysics employer: Nanonics Supertips Specialists Ltd. country: Israel address: Jerusalem 96673, Olsvanger str. 114/44, Israel

Radzevitch Alexei(1982, 5) e-mail: alex_r@typhoon.spb.ru last updated on 03/18/00

Rai Alexandre(1992, 4) e-mail: arai@metronet.de phone: +49 208 54847 profession: student, programmer employer: Uni Dortmund, Software HGC GmBH & co. KG country: Germany address: A. Rai, Hundbuschstr. 77, 45478 Muelheim a. d. Ruhr, BRD

Rakov Igor(1982, 4) e-mail: irakov_2000@yahoo.com profession: software development country: USA last updated on 05/25/06

Rakova Elena(1962, B) e-mail: hth@comcast.net url: http://onlinemath.com/erakova/Index.html employer: Rutgers University position: Math Professor country: USA last updated on 08/23/00

Ramazanov Sasha(2005, 1) e-mail: ramazanov@pisem.net country: Russia birthday: 29.03.1988 last updated on 09/27/05

Rastorguev Igor(1988, 1) e-mail: gorilla@reksoft.ru phone: 535-57-91 profession: programmer employer: Reksoft position: programmer country: Russia birthday: 05.03.71 last updated on 10/16/97

Mezheritskaya (Raskin) Olga(1972, 3) e-mail: o_raskin@hotmail.com phone: 718-934-5059 profession: Information Technologies employer: MJHS position: IT Manager country: USA address: 3699 Shore Pkwy, Brooklyn, NY 11235 birthday: 5/11/1955 last updated on 09/23/06

Rasujk Anna(1986, 1) e-mail: anna@fi.ru; Anna@iias.spb.su phone: (812)321-5-888 profession: programmer country: Russia birthday: 4.04.1969 last updated on 03/02/02

Rauchman Michael(1980, 5) e-mail: mrauchman@getcollc.com phone: (847)459-4933 profession: Software Engineering employer: GETCO LLC position: Software Development Manager country: USA address: 1082 Parker Ln, Buffalo Grove, IL 60089 birthday: 7/30/63 last updated on 01/21/03

Raykhtsaum Gregory (1966, B, school #38) e-mail: grigr@comcast.net, grigr@genfind.com phone: (781) 793-9161 profession: Materials Science and Engineering country: USA last updated on 07/28/03

Reider Evgeny(1975, A, school #38) e-mail: verar@barak-online.net phone: 972 3 659 03 36; mob: 972 64 26 64 74 profession: Physician employer: Anesthesiologist position: Attending country: Israel address: Oscar Shindler 4/13, Bat Yam, 59303 last updated on 03/18/03

Reider Maxim (1970, B, school #38) e-mail: maxim.reider@gmail.com, maxim.reider@gmail.com, maxim.reider@gmail.com url: http://www.maximreider.wordpress.com phone: +972-52-8806618 profession: journalist/photographer employer: Freelance position: journalist/photographer country: IL address: #5 Shimon HaTarsi Tel Aviv birthday: 17.01.53 last updated on 12/18/10

Remizov Sergey(1973, 3) e-mail: rsd@iacis.ru, sremisov@mail.ru phone: 326-68-05 profession: IT employer: Interparliamentary Assembly of Member Nations of the Commonwealth of Independent States country: Russia birthday: 26.09.1955 last updated on 12/22/04

Reshetilova (now Shmatok) Valentina(1997, 3) e-mail: reshval@pochtamt.ru phone: 8-911-933-63-87 country: Russia last updated on 11/02/06

Reznikova (Kiselyova) Natalia(1991, 3) e-mail: reznikova@ultrastar.ru phone: (812) 272-55-00, (812)327-85-85 profession: Politolog employer: UltraStar LTD position: PR manager country: Russia address: St. Petersburg, Fontanka 18-23 birthday: 18.03.74 last updated on 12/24/98

Rikun Vladimir(1991, 2) phone: ++7 (812) 525-27-34, 470-64-60 country: RUSSIAN FEDERATION, presently in USA address: 195426, SPb, 6/III Lenskaya St., apt. 546 birthday: 3 Sep 1974

Rishe Naphtali (Anatoli)(1974, 1) e-mail: rishen@fiu.edu url: http://hpdrc.cs.fiu.edu/director profession: Computer Science employer: Florida International University position: Professor country: USA

Risin (Maleski) Anatoly (Alan)(1980, 6) e-mail: amaleski@scient.com alanmaleski@hotmail.com phone: 770-6236148 profession: Software Engineer employer: Scient, NY/Atlanta position: Senior Associate country: USA, Atlanta address: 3915 Balleycastle Lane, Duluth, GA last updated on 03/07/02

Rivinson Arina(1982) e-mail: shmuel@mail.nevalink.ru phone: +7(812)113-7602 profession: gemathologist employer: 31 Hospital of Petersburg country: Russia last updated on 2/11/98

Robush Vladimir(1979, 4) e-mail: rvo@navis.spb.ru phone: +7 (81270) 26959 profession: Electrical Engineer employer: NAVIS co position: Chief of Software Department country: Russia birthday: 06-07-1962 last updated on 9/25/98

Rochtchinenko Alexandre(1978, 8) e-mail: firma@nwcoal.spb.ru phone: +7-812-1645548 profession: Ph.Doctor employer: North West Coal Company position: Directeur General country: Russia

Rodionov Alexey(1980, 1) e-mail: rodionofff@yandex.ru phone: +7 921 9363905 last updated on 12/30/08

Roginsky Roman(1966) phone: 860-669-2680 profession: engineer employer: sikorski aircraft position: senior engineer country: usa address: 140 osprey circle, westbrook, ct 06498 birthday: 28/4/1949 last updated on 10/19/01

Rogov Pavel(1983, 1) e-mail: rpa@open.ru, lonelywolf66@mail.ru phone: +7 (812) 329-5700, +7 (812) 328-6109 profession: The broker on a securities market employer: Brokerage house OPEN.RU position: Director of the St.-Petersburg representation country: Russia address: 199004, St.-Petersburg, Maly pr. 12-31. birthday: 04.01.1966 last updated on 10/28/04

Romanovskiy Andrey(1999, 3) e-mail: moroz-40@mail.ru, romanovskiy@rusworld.ru phone: 7 (812) 3128367 profession: actuary employer: IC "Rusworld" country: Russia address: Moyka, 82-62 birthday: 30.06.82 last updated on 08/16/04

Romanovski Dmitri(1984, 3) e-mail: dmitri.romanovski@gmail.com phone: +1-312-9275061 profession: Software Development employer: NAVTEQ position: Department Manager country: USA last updated on 06/13/05

Romashev Sergey(1973, 2) e-mail: romashev@bk.ru phone: +7(812)705-05-25 profession: Pensioner country: Russia address: S-Pb Budapeshtskay 9-1-249 birthday: 26.12.1956 last updated on 01/09/06

Romm Asja(1989, 2) e-mail: Anastassia.Romm@mh.sbg.ac.at phone: +436649108924 profession: Touristguide country: Austria address: Acharting56,A-5102Anthering, Austria birthday: 24 october last updated on 06/30/99

Ronin Gregory(1991, 2) e-mail: greg_ronin@yahoo.com last updated on 10/01/05

Roomyantceva (Sipchenok) Olga(1986, 1) phone: 7-812-218-5942 profession: economist country: Russia

Rosenberg Ilia(1977, 4) e-mail: ilia.rosenberg@gmail.com phone: 202-365-6585 profession: Engineer employer: Boeing position: R&D country: USA address: 4804 Braeburn Dr, Bellaire, TX 77401 birthday: 10-07-1960 last updated on 03/09/09

Rosenberg Misha(1983, 6) e-mail: rosenberg@hotmail.com phone: 214-875-9259 employer: TXU Energy Trading position: Senior Analyst country: USA address: 1222 Commerce St., # 2316, Dallas, Texas 75202-4383 last updated on 12/14/00

Rosmanow Dmiitrij(1985, 1) e-mail: dima@access.transas.com profession: scientist employer: Russian Science Centre "Applied Chemistry"

Rossomaho Vladimir (Elisha)(1991, 2) could be found via former classmates in Israel

Rotfeld (Golubeva) Anna(1985, 4) e-mail: a_golubeva@hotmail.com phone: (617)325-1059 profession: mathematician; programmer employer: PTC position: software engineer country: USA address: Boston last updated on 07/20/01

Roubashkin Dmitry D.(1973, 2) e-mail: dmitry@ort.spb.ru phone: (812)2775809 profession: computer facilitator employer: Apple Center for Education position: manager country: Russia address: #8/17 Suvorovsky pr.,ap.3, St. Petersburg, Russia

Rounovski Sergei(1983, 3) e-mail: rounovskii@aol.com phone: 1-718-287-9530 profession: economist employer: selfemployer country: usa birthday: apr 3,1966 last updated on 04/12/06

Roytman Alexander(1984, 4) e-mail: roytman@smart.net phone: +1 (410) 358-7182 profession: programmer employer: MTL Inc. position: Programmer / Analyst country: USA address: 3017 Romaric Ct. Appt. I, Baltimore, MD 21209, USA

Rozen (Soboleva) Nora(1972, 1) e-mail: leonora.rozen@ironmountain.com profession: Manager, Information Technology employer: Iron Mountain, Inc. position: Manager, System Engineering country: USA address: Newton, MA last updated on 12/21/08

Rozenbaum Vladimir(1989, 2) e-mail: 30@rozenbaum.org url: http://www.rozenbaum.org position: Software engineer country: USA address: 609 E Palm Ave Unit 302, Burbank, CA birthday: May 13, 1972 last updated on 08/31/04

Rozhanskaya (Levinson) Irina(1970, 1) e-mail: igorek@ilogic.ru phone: (812) 316-01-34 profession: programmer employer: Peterburzhetz Ltd. position: Head of department country: RUSSIA address: 198005 St.Petersburg, 4 Krasnoarmeyskaya 2/35,48 birthday: 8 of April 1953 last updated on 10/26/97

Rozhansky Vladimir(1970, 1) e-mail: rozhansky@phtf.stu.neva.ru url: http://wwwphtf.stu.neva.ru phone: (812) 316-01-34 profession: physicist employer: St.Petersburg State Technical University position: Professor country: Russia address: St. Petersburg 198005 4 Krasnoarmeyskaya 2,48 birthday: 1.09.53 last updated on 10/24/97

Rozhkov Nikolay(1972, 2) e-mail: rozhkov@newton.spb.su phone: + 812-315-12-74 profession: University Manager employer: St-Petersburg Univ. of Technology & Design position: Vice-Rector (International Links) country: Russia address: 196105, St-Petersburg, ab./box # 146

Rudelson Boris(1983, 4) e-mail: rudelson@ptc.com phone: 617-969-3179 profession: Programming employer: Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC) position: Senior Software Engineer country: USA

Rudenko Gleb(1981, 4) e-mail: gleb@ocs.ru phone: (812)225-4110 profession: Mathematic employer: OCS Distribution/Ajax Electronics position: Head of Finance Department country: Russia

Rudin Vladimir(1974, D, school #38) e-mail: vro@kmc-consulting.com profession: Software developer country: Germany birthday: 28.07.1957 last updated on 05/23/05

Rumyancev Dmitry(1986, 1) e-mail: dimarum@luckynet.co.il profession: mathematician position: programmer country: Israel birthday: 18/11/69 last updated on 9/8/98

Rumiantsev Maxim(1980, 5) e-mail: director@lubavich.spb.ru employer: Print-house "Lubavich" position: Director country: Russia address: St.Petersburg last updated on 06/26/05

Rusnak Alexander(1976, 4) e-mail: rusnak@pisem.net, aleksander.rusnak@elcoteq.com, alexander_rusnak@hotmail.com phone: +7 812 5334332 employer: Elcoteq Networks position: Account manager country: Russia address: SPb, pr.Nauki 19-2-183 birthday: 07.06.1959 last updated on 11/06/03

Rusanov Vadim(1981, 5) e-mail: rvadim@nwgsm.ru, vadim_rusanov@mail.ru phone: +7-(812)-343-08-36 profession: Sailor country: Russia address: S-Petersburg birthday: 30/11/1963 last updated on 03/29/05

Rutsky Vladimir (Bob)(2006, 1) url: http://bobus.fatal.ru/ profession: Student position: St. Petersburg country: Russia birthday: 29.01.1988 last updated on 07/26/06

Rutter Dimitri(1981, 1) e-mail: dimitrirutter@yahoo.com phone: +972-54-7238832 profession: Engineer position: Hardware Engineer country: Israel address: Brener 3 apt. 16, Haifa, Israel birthday: 22.06.1964 last updated on 11/08/05

Ryabov Evgeny(1998, 3) profession: MSc student country: Manchester, UK last updated on 05/15/07

Ryabova (now Pimchenko) Natalya (1981, 2) e-mail: djem@windoms.sitek.net phone: 355-15-89 profession: bookkeeper employer: ZAO "VALVIK" position: chief accountant country: Russia birthday: April 16 last updated on 10/31/98

Rybak (now Smirnova) Marina(1973, 2) e-mail: nasturcia@hotmail.com profession: engineer employer: NPO Mir (Pushkin) position: programmer country: Russia birthday: 28.05 last updated on 1/29/99

Rybin Sergey(1976, 3) e-mail: rsvvm2leti@gmail.com, rsvvm2leti@mail.ru, rsvvm2leti@yandex.ru birthday: 15.01.1959 last updated on 07/25/07

Rybnikov Alexandr(1993, 5) e-mail: alex-a-alex@usa.net phone: +78129639389 profession: navigator employer: Zodiac Maritime Agencies Ltd, UK position: third officer country: Russia birthday: 13.10.1976 last updated on 12/22/00

Rychkov Vladimir(1969, 3) e-mail: rytchkov@piter.com, bobcat@robotek.ru, bobcat@sr4918.spb.edu phone: 7+(812)304 2955 profession: physicist employer: "Piter" Publishing House position: project editor country: Russia address: Afonskaya ul., 14, 1, 98, St. Petersburg, 197349, Russia birthday: Dec 14, 1951 last updated on 08/09/02

Ryzhikova (Berlina) Nataliy(1988, 2) e-mail: tata30@walla.com phone: 8-911-255-82-24 country: Russia birthday: 23/07/71 last updated on 10/12/06

Ryzikov Victor(1974, G, school #38) e-mail: Ryzhiko@pbworld.com phone: 813-5777051 profession: Bridge engineer employer: PBQD Inc. position: Supervising Bridge Engineer country: USA address: St.Petesburg, FL USA Birthday: 09.57 last updated on 8/31/98


Sablina Maya(1976, 3) e-mail: m-dubovik@rambler.ru phone: 8-917-592-0082 profession: economist employer: REA G.V.Plechanov country: Russia address: 142100 Moscow region, Podolsk. Mashtakova street 2b.f.98 birthday: 01.05.55 last updated on 11/30/05

Sadtchikov Anton(1988, 1) e-mail: beso@mail.ru url: under construction profession: economist employer: Engecon, state academy position: St Petersburg country: Russia birthday: 13.11.1971 last updated on 04/26/99

Safarov Yuri(1975, 5) e-mail: yuri.safarov@london.com, ysafarov@mth.kcl.ac.uk url: http://www.mth.kcl.ac.uk/~ysafarov phone: +44 2078482215 profession: Mathematician employer: King's College London position: Professor country: United Kingdom birthday: 23 January 1958 last updated on 01/20/03

Safonov Vladimir(1972, 1) e-mail: vosafonov@gmail.com url: http://user.rol.ru/~vsafonov profession: computer science, software engineering employer: St. Petersburg University position: professor country: Russia birthday: 02.11.1954 last updated on 01/11/09

Samurin Alexander(1969, 2) e-mail: asamurin at-sign yahoo.com country: Canada address: Toronto last updated on 10/12/01

Sapozhnikov Maxim(1986, 1) e-mail: msapozhn@gmail.com profession: Statistical Analyst employer: Bayer country: NJ, USA birthday: October 8 last updated on 03/29/10

Sapozhnin Zakhar(1980, 5) e-mail: zachary@siber.org phone: (973)422-0135 employer: Siber Systems position: CFO country: USA address: 2 Salem Pl. Livingston, NJ 07039 birthday: 18/11/63 last updated on 01/05/00

Sarionova (Zotova) Elena(1987, 2) e-mail: elochka_@yahoo.com phone: (650)627-8713 country: USA birthday: June 15 1970 last updated on 09/23/02

Savinov Alexei(1982, 3) e-mail: ays@aretha.jax.org phone: (207)244-4568 profession: Medical Researcher employer: The Jackson Lab position: Postdoc country: USA address: P.O.Box 508 Southwest Harbor, ME 04679 last updated on 2/25/98

Schechter Mikhail(1989, 1) e-mail: schechte@malaga.math.uni-augsburg.de phone: (49) 821 / 423175 profession: Student employer: Uni Augsburg position: System Administrator country: Germany address: Kaltenhoferstr. 8b, 86154 Augsburg, Germany

Schlachter Eugene(1981, 2) e-mail: eugene.schlachter@gmail.com phone: +79217422228 profession: interpreter translator tour guide country: RF birthday: 5/10/64 last updated on 02/01/18

Schwartz Igor(1988, 3) e-mail: dcgroups@trendlin.co.il phone: 972 3 6768867 / 972 50 599523 profession: economist employer: Double Contact position: Assistant of Commercial Manager country: Israel address: 9/1 Barkai St., Ramat-Gan 52376, ISRAEL

Sdobnikova Ekaterina(1997, 1) employer: Enkata Tec. position: Engineer country: RUSSIA last updated on 10/26/06

Segal Alla(1976, 2) e-mail: segal@watson.ibm.com profession: Software Engineer employer: IBM position: Software Engineer country: USA last updated on 11/14/97

Semerjaka Misha(1969, B, school #38) e-mail: semmn@mail.ru phone: +7(926)106-83-59 country: Russia address: Moscow birthday: 14.11.1951 last updated on 04/15/08

Seliverstov Oleg(1988, 4) e-mail: olegseli@hotmail.com phone: home (095) 2510980 work (095) 7458195 profession: engineer employer: Pratt and whitney, Liquid Space Propulsion position: Project Manager country: Russia address: Moscow, 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya, 26, 90 birthday: April 26, 1971 last updated on 02/05/00

Semikobyla Yevgeniy (Eugene)(1996, 11-5) e-mail: esemikobila@hotmail.com, semikobylae@howrey.com phone: 202-255-7144 profession: Finance employer: Howrey LLP position: Financial Analyst country: Washington DC, USA birthday: 12/03/1978 last updated on 07/13/07

Semionov Sergey(2001, 1) e-mail: simon@k36.org, simon@vu.spb.ru, Cr0cus@mail.ru phone: 321-4571 profession: Software developer employer: SPBSUAI position: student country: Russia birthday: 11 Apr 1984 last updated on 03/27/03

Semyonova (Jurry) Marina(1979, 6) e-mail: line@mail.wplus.net phone: +7 812 5101766 profession: translator, publisher employer: Line Ltd. St. Petersburg position: Editor-in-Chief country: Russia address: 6 Sikeyrosa St. build 1 flat 46, St. Petersburg 194 354

Serbarinov Gregory(1977, 3) e-mail: sga@vzavenue.net, serbarinov@yahoo.com profession: IT Consultant employer: Staples Inc. position: System Analyst country: USA last updated on 04/13/03

Serebrennikov Ilia(1991, 2) e-mail: iserebre@compucom.com phone: (202)319-0769 profession: Network Engineer employer: Compucom Systems, Inc. position: Systems Engineer country: USA birthday: 24 Mar 1975

Sergeev Alexander(1973, 2) e-mail: Sergeev@CTS.IFMO.RU phone: 7-812-2-388-507 employer: IFMO country: Russia

Sergeev Dimitri(1973, A, school #38) e-mail: sergeev.dr@t-online.de phone: +49 4131 766243, +49 179 7425225 profession: Engineer, Electronic design employer: Panasonic position: Group Leader country: Germany birthday: 31.07.1956 last updated on 09/15/03

Sergeev Leonid(1988, 3) e-mail: sergeev@arcor.de last updated on 07/08/08

Sergeyev Vladimir(1999, 2) phone: 3213660 profession: student country: Russia address: Sredniy pr. birthday: 5/03/82 last updated on 11/20/99

Serov Alexey(1981, 5) e-mail: a_serov@hotmail.com profession: programming position: software developer country: USA last updated on 05/24/05

Shablinsky George(1988, 2) e-mail: george@shablinsky.spb.ru url: http://www.shablinsky.spb.ru phone: +7 (812) 313-9164 profession: software engineer country: Russia address: address: Galernaya str. 51-32, St. Petersburg, 190000, Russia birthday: 06/03/71 last updated on 07/11/01

Shabrov Maxim(1993, 5) e-mail: maksim@brown.edu phone: (401) 351-4962 employer: Brown University position: Ph.D. student country: USA address: 42 Freemont St., Providence, RI 02906 birthday: 12.09.1976 last updated on 11/21/99

Shadrina Natalia(1978, 1) e-mail: natasha.shadrina@gmail.com url: http://snatasha.com phone: 1-774-239-8588 profession: web/graphic designer country: USA address: 204 Arrowhead Circle, Ashland MA 01721 birthday: May, 15 Click here to see photograph last updated on 01/22/07

Shafranov Evgeny(1987, 5) e-mail: shafeg@bk.ru, berlin@mostek.spb.su phone: +49-30-35109710 country: Germany birthday: 26/10/1969 last updated on 12/27/05

Shagan (Budaeva) Luda (1972, school #38) e-mail: budaev@cml.me.berkeley.edu phone: 510-643-5776 profession: Engineer country: USA address: Berkeley, CA birthday: July 31, 1955 last updated on 09/22/99

Shagieva Natasha(1989, 3) e-mail: nat@fvlfea.etu.spb.ru phone: 352 7726 profession: Programmer country: Russia address: Saint-Petersburg, Nalichnay street, 39 - 39

Reinov Tatiana(1973, 3) e-mail: treinov@yahoo.com phone: +972545348840 profession: engineer country: Israel address: Oren str. 23-110, Haifa birthday: 13-11-55 last updated on 09/25/09

Shakhnovich Yevgeny(1965, B, school #38) e-mail: eugene4@ix.netcom.com phone: 408-376-0491 profession: mathematician employer: FORE Systems position: s/w engineer country: USA address: 543 Latimer Circle, Campbell, CA 95008 last updated on 11/22/98

Shakin Evgueni(1987, 4) e-mail: spb3940@spb.sitek.net phone: +7-812-1776937 profession: engineer employer: Oxipar d'Ex S.A. position: project engineer country: Russia address: Dundicha-10-445, Saint Petersburg, 192283, Russia birthday: 11.08.1970 last updated on 5/29/98

Shalberov Sergey(1974, E, school #38) e-mail: shlb@mrezha.ru, soborizm@peterlink.ru url: http://www.izm.orthodoxy.ru phone: +7 921 754 2409 profession: ecclesiastic employer: The Holy Trinity Izmailovsky Cathedral position: protodeacon country: Russia address: St.-Petersburg, M.Pushkarskaya st.,20/4, apt.21 birthday: 26.12.57 last updated on 10/01/06

Shamakov Alexander(1966, A, school #38) birthday: 11.12.1948 Alexander Shamakov passed away in May 2011. last updated on 06/12/13

last updated on 08/20/06

Shanskov Alexey(2001, 5) e-mail: madmech@yandex.ru phone: 8-917-5682007 profession: Master of mathematics and mechanics employer: DIP position: Programmer country: Russia address: Odintsovo birthday: 12.05.1984 last updated on 09/30/10

Shapkin Vitaliy(1998, 3) e-mail: vitaliy@mosk.ru phone: (812)303-1013 birthday: 20.04.81 last updated on 03/31/03

Sharov Alexei(1988, 1) e-mail: sftunion@online.ru phone: work (095) 956-6593, home (095) 963-7193 or (812) 351-0730 employer: SoftUnion position: Director of SoftUnion Service Center country: Russia address: Morskaya nab., 15-245, S.Petersburg, 199226, Russia

Shchelokov Dmitriy(1997, 1) e-mail: dima_shch@yahoo.com profession: student country: USA address: 60 Chippenham Dr, Voorhees, NJ 08043, USA. birthday: July 12, 1980. last updated on 08/01/01

Shchemelinin Anatoly (1982, 7) e-mail: ashchemelinin@netscape.net employer: Schlumberger position: Senior Staff system engineer country: USA address: Cupertino, CA birthday: June 20, 1965 last updated on 10/01/01

Shcherbakov Artyom(1997, 3) e-mail: expellee@mail.ru phone: 3515086 country: Russia address: Saint-Peterburg, Korablestroitelei street, 40-2-157 birthday: 15.01.81 last updated on 02/02/01

Sheftel (Novik) Isabella(1989, 1) e-mail: bellan@math.berkeley.edu phone: (425)653-7433 profession: mathematician employer: UC Berkeley position: assistant professor country: USA address: 14116 SE 45th street, Bellevue, WA 98006 birthday: December 2, 1971 last updated on 07/30/00

Sheinin Dmitry(1970, 4) e-mail: sheinin@gcm.mit.edu, sheinin@tiac.net profession: numerical modeling employer: M.I.T. position: research scientist country: USA address: 662 Stow Rd, Boxborough, MA 01719 birthday: May 30, 1953 last updated on 04/20/00

Sheinman Ilija(1987, 2) e-mail: elijash@mail.ru url: http://hrb-yoga.narod.ru profession: Physicist employer: SPb Electrical Engineering University position: PhD, Associated Professor country: Russia birthday: 14.10.1970 last updated on 03/29/04

Shelkov Boris(1983, 5) e-mail: severinv@peterlink.ru phone: 962-13-93 employer: ROSTEK (Moscow) position: Deputy director last updated on 11/05/02

Shelukhina Yulia(1997, 6) e-mail: shelukhina@fromru.com phone: +79213352680 profession: geologist country: Russia birthday: 26.04.80 last updated on 09/10/03

Shenderov Yuri(1980, 2) e-mail: yurishdv@gmail.com profession: Still coding country: USA last updated on 06/10/14

Shenderova Natasha(1990, 5) e-mail: shenden@macs.biu.ac.il profession: programmer position: student of Bar-Ilan University country: Israel address: Please, contact through e-mail last updated on 4/18/98

Shepelev Petr(1992, 3) url: http://www.linkedin.com/in/petr-shepelev-35b22a7 employer: Synaptics position: Director, Systems Architecture country: USA last updated on 12/28/16

Shepeliaviy Dmitriy(1992, 1) e-mail: sda@ais.usr.pu.ru url: http://wist.ifmo.ru/~shepel/homepage.html phone: +7-(812) 355-4959 profession: C.S. Student employer: CTD IFMO position: Postgraduate Student country: Russian Federation

Sherman Mikhail (1974, B, school #38) e-mail: shermanmisha@yahoo.com phone: (508) 881-5014 profession: Programmer employer: Pegasus Satellite TV country: USA address: 204 Captain Eames Cir, Ashland, MA 01721 last updated on 08/10/01

Sheronova Helen(1995, 3) e-mail: alena@rokson.leontief.ru phone: 528-81-27 profession: student employer: S.-P. State University, Physical Department position: student country: Russia birthday: 24.05.78 last updated on 1/1/99

Sherr Mikhail(1972, 2) e-mail: msherr1925@aol.com phone: (718)- 714-0395 employer: selfemploy country: usa address: brooklyn, ny last updated on 10/25/98

Shestyan Alex(1980, 6) e-mail: alexshestyan@hotmail.net phone: 972-07-681-6368 profession: Programmer employer: HIP , NEW YORK, USA position: SAS PROGRAMMER/ANALYST country: ISRAEL address: 48 Arimon str, apt 5, Qiryat Gat, Israel , 82000 birthday: 01/15/1953 last updated on 11/24/00

Shevelev Alexander(1975, D, school #38) e-mail: a_shevelev@yahoo.com phone: (416)6639728 profession: programmer employer: LobLaw position: software developer country: Canada address: 6010 Bathurst St #107, North York, On, Canada M2R 1Z7 birthday: 11.19.1957 last updated on 03/15/01

Shevelev Maxim(1989, 4) e-mail: max@pronto.spb.su phone: 274-83-19 profession: Software developper employer: Pronto-Peterburg position: country: Russia address: Saint-petersburg, Konnaja 8-27, 193024

Shifman Michael Lvovich(1954, B) e-mail: y503set@infos.ru phone: (812)323-50-46 address: 199004 Sankt- Petersburg V.O. 8 liniya dom 39 kv. 15 profession: teacher employer: fizmat gymnazia N 30 position: teacher of physics country: Russia birthday: October, 20, 1936 Michael Lvovich passed away on June 28 2010. last updated on 09/24/00

Shifrin Leonid(1981, 3) e-mail: lshifrin@atl.mindspring.com phone: 770-352-3489 profession: Computer Programmer employer: Compris Technologies position: Developer country: USA address: 519 Marsh Trail Circle, Atlanta GA 30328

Shikh Igor(1984, 1) e-mail: IGOR_SHIKH@HOTMAIL.COM phone: 1-617-527-6488 profession: Design Engineer employer: Acumentrics position: Sr.Design Engineer country: USA/Boston address: 230 Grant Av Newton, MA 02459 birthday: March 15 1967 last updated on 02/26/01

Shilevskaya (Feldman) Julia (1975, C, school #38) e-mail: mtmak1@aol.com, jshilevska@pkaufmann.com phone: (917) 532-5179 profession: Project Manager country: USA address: New York last updated on 07/07/04

Shilkin Timofey(1988, 1) e-mail: shilkin@pdmi.ras.ru phone: 315-63-61 profession: Applied mathematician employer: POMI ( former LOMI ) position: graduate student country: russia

Shilova Elena(1992, 3) e-mail: x.eagle@usa.net phone: +7-812-2632330;+7-812-9871775 profession: General Director employer: ZAO "BIS" country: Russia address: Russia, St.Petersburg, Dalnevostochny pr., 57-2-32 birthday: 07.08.1975 last updated on 10/29/97

Shipsha Andrey(1991, 4) e-mail: andrey@flyg.kth.se url: http://www.flyg.kth.se phone: +46-8-790 64 69 employer: Royal Institute of Technology, Dept. of Aeronautics position: PhD Student country: SWEDEN address: Stockholm, S-104 05, Forskarbacken 7 birthday: 29.10.74 last updated on 02/05/00

Shirokov Kirill(1992, 3) e-mail: shq@star.spb.ru url: http://www.star.spb.ru/~shq/ phone: +7 (812) 327-9900 (business) profession: Software engineer; I'm postgraduating employer: STAR SPb Ltd. position: STAR Webmaster; Postgraduate student country: Russia address: Sedova str., 24/2, apt.12, St.Petersburg, 193148, Russia Home phone: +7 (812) 265-0317 birthday: 18-Jan-1975 last updated on 8/24/98

Shiryaev Evgeny(1996, 2) e-mail: stas@hm.csa.ru phone: 524-4770 profession: Sea-pilot employer: SpbMUWC position: Student country: Russia

Shishkina (Pudovkina) Elena(1978, 8) e-mail: pudov!lenas@doors.niif.spb.su phone: 7-812-3500304 profession: geophysicist position: St.Petersburg, AARI country: Russia

Shishov Andrei(1968, 10-2) e-mail: ashishov@verizon.net phone: 1-508-641-6080 profession: Information Systems employer: EMC Corp. position: Vice President country: USA last updated on 06/04/07

Shklovsky Dmitry (1977, A, school #38) e-mail: davshkl@yahoo.com phone: usa-704/532-5632 profession: civil engineer employer: City of Gastonia position: CE III country: USA address: 1223 Fox Run Dr., Charlotte, NC 28212 last updated on

Shlezinger Sergey(1970, 1) e-mail: s_sergey@hotmail.com country: Israel

Shlyakhter Yuri(1987, 1) e-mail: yuri@phys.psu.edu url: http://www.phys.psu.edu/~yuri phone: (814)867-9426 profession: physics employer: Penn State University position: graduate student country: USA address: 244 E.Nittany ave, State College PA16801

Shlyapnikov Sergey(1973, 2) e-mail: Shlyapnikov@hotmail.com, Shlyapnikov@Gmail.com phone: +7 921 9622291 profession: Surgery employer: Emergency Care Institute by Djanelidze position: Head of Surgical Infections Department country: Russia birthday: 26/05/1956 last updated on 01/13/08

Shraiber Jurij(1966, 1) e-mail: chraib@hotmail.com phone: +49-821-4444238 profession: Ingenieur country: Germany address: Kriegshaber Str. 28, 86156 Augsburg, Germany last updated on 6/7/98

Shrayer Boris(1987, 1) e-mail: shrayer@ms.com phone: (718) 643-0391 profession: inv banker employer: Morgan Stanley country: US address: 100 Remsen Str. #4K, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Shtilerman (Volodin) Vadim(1994) e-mail: solnze2@gmail.com, solnze2@gmail.com phone: 505737579 profession: militari employer: idf position: ofizer country: israel address: 20692 r.Haradyfim 3#1 ekneam elit israel birthday: 28.06.77 last updated on 10/21/05

Steiner Dmitry(1983, 3) e-mail: blob4u@hotmail.com profession: Software Architect, Game development employer: FX Labs Studio position: Development Director country: USA address: Seattle, WA birthday: Oct 15th, 1965 last updated on 03/09/07

Shtsherbo Vladimir(1982, 7) e-mail: scherbo@laverna.ru phone: +7 (812) 306-7325 profession: system administrator employer: Laverna position: System Integrator country: Russia birthday: 25/10/1965 last updated on 01/28/01

Shtulberg (Goldina) Bella(1964, 3) e-mail: Bella_Shtulberg@mw.3com.com phone: 847 2512376 country: USA address: Buffalo last updated on 12/20/99

Shtut Alex(1997, 1) e-mail: ashtut@andrew.cmu.edu url: http://www.andrew.cmu.edu/~ashtut profession: Sophomore employer: Carnegie Mellon University position: student country: USA address: 1280 E12 Street, Apt. 5F, Brooklyn, NY 11230 birthday: April 13, 1980 last updated on 08/28/99

Shtutin Leonid(1981, 5) e-mail: lshtutin@mail.ru, lshtutin@kctes.ru phone: +7-911-915-50-08 profession: Electrical engineer employer: OOO PKTC "TES" position: Laboratory manager country: Russia address: St-Petersburg birthday: 25/08/1964 last updated on 12/21/11

Shuksto Alexey(1998, 5) e-mail: alex@darkstar.convey.ru phone: 430-33-41 profession: Student employer: SpbSU, MAThMECh, Astronomy Division position: WHAT?!? country: Russia birthday: 21.06.1981 last updated on 11/8/98

Shulman Gregory(1981, 4) e-mail: gshulman@chat.ru phone: (972-8)-921-8197 profession: computer teacher country: Israel address: Lod, Ha-nassi 3, 23 birthday: 07/18/64 last updated on 6/14/98

Shulutko (Neginsky) Irina(1971, 3) e-mail: neginsky@bachman.com phone: 508-264-9596 profession: programmer employer: Bachman Info Systems position: Senior Software Eng country: USA address: 263 Brown Bear Crossing, Acton, MA 01718

Shurukhin Vitaly(1988, 4) e-mail: shurukhin@list.ru phone: 921 304 48 12 profession: teacher of physics sch 30 country: russia birthday: 28.07.1971 last updated on 01/15/08

Shumilov Kirill(1985, 4) e-mail: skv@unexim.metrocom.ru phone: 78123261467 profession: Economist employer: Baltuneximbank position: Senior economist country: Russia address: SPb Detskaya str birthday: 05.01.68 last updated on 08/05/00

Shuster Eugen(1980, 4) e-mail: eshuster@fromru.com profession: GP country: Israel address: eilat last updated on 05/04/02

Shustrov Nikolay(1971, V, school #38) e-mail: nicksh@e-mail.ru url: http://www.sklon.ru phone: +7 921 9162198 profession: travel manager employer: Top Sport Travel position: gen.director country: Russia address: St.Petersburg birthday: 21/02/1954 last updated on 08/21/06

Shwarts Marya(1978, 2) e-mail: DELAshwarts@yandex.ru, shvambranija@yandex.ru phone: (812)9492433 last updated on 12/17/05

Sidorov Nikita(1985, 3) e-mail: sidorov@umist.ac.uk url: http://www.ma.umist.ac.uk/nikita profession: Mathematician employer: University of Manchester position: Lecturer in Pure Mathematics country: UK last updated on 08/11/04

Simbirtseva Svetlana(1980, 4) e-mail: SSimbirtseva@polikom.ru phone: (812) 325-8400 profession: engineer employer: Polikom Pro position: Line manager country: Russia birthday: 7/03/98 last updated on 3/29/98

Simkhovich Mikhail(1998) e-mail: MSimkhovic@aol.com phone: 1-718-234-5453 profession: Student employer: Lenox Hill Hospital position: Computer Programmer country: U.S.A address: 1954 72st Brooklyn N.Y. 11204

Simonov Anton(1999, 3) e-mail: simka2k@mail.ru phone: +7 (812) 3514488 profession: programmer-engeneer employer: RIMR country: Rissia address: SPb Korablestroiteley 40/1/431 birthday: 15/01/82 last updated on 02/21/04

Simonov Stanislav(1998, 1) e-mail: ss2@tepkom.ru profession: Developer employer: Lanit-Tepkom position: Student country: Russia birthday: 26.02.81 last updated on 09/03/02

Simuni Michael(1977, 1) e-mail: simuni@tor.spb.su phone: (812) 110-16-72 - office profession: Software engineer employer: Tor co-op country: Russia

Sinelnikov Sergey Markovich(1967, G, school #38) e-mail: sinelov@hotmail.com phone: 559-25-70 profession: Editor-geologist employer: VNIIOkeanologiya country: Russia address: Spb, Peredovikov 9, kv. 134

Sinyavin Pavel(1985, 5) e-mail: pavian@hotmail.com profession: Software Architect employer: Roxio Inc. position: Project Manager country: Canada birthday: Feb. 3 1968 last updated on 03/12/02

Sinyanskaya Yana(1991, 3) e-mail: yana.sinyanskaya@gs.com phone: (718)680-7690 profession: Electrical Eng. employer: Goldman, Sachs, & Co position: Telecommunication Analyst country: USA address: Brooklyn, NY

Sivko Serguei(1975, 3) e-mail: serguei.sivko@softjoys.com url: http://www.softjoys.ru phone: +7-812-1085463 profession: Theoretical Physics employer: SoftJoys Corporation position: VP and COO country: Russia birthday: 24.04.1958 last updated on 4/29/98

Skolnik Tania(1973, G, school #38) e-mail: mail@skolniktatiana.com phone: 49-40-389-25-96 profession: psychologist last updated on 11/26/08

Skorobogatov Leonid(1970, 4) e-mail: skole7@hotmail.com phone: 1(510) 683-8944 profession: mechanical engineer designer employer: support.com position: sr.engineer country: USA address: 41266 Roberts Ave.#89 Fremont, CA 94538 birthday: august 12 1953 last updated on 12/10/99

Skripkovsky Mikhail (Orel)(1992, 3) e-mail: x.eagle@usa.net phone: +7-812-2632330 profession: Commercial Director employer: ZAO "BIS" country: Russia and not other address: Russia, St.Petersburg, Dalnevostochny pr., 57-2-32 last updated on 10/29/97

Skrynnikov George(1992, b) e-mail: minowara@yandex.ru profession: Sound eng, IT country: Russia last updated on 11/01/05

Skvortsova Maria(1998, 4) e-mail: mashamo98@mail.ru, masha@kelman.sp.ru phone: 528-82-71 position: developer country: Russia address: Saint-Petersburg ;) birthday: 17 March 1981 last updated on 03/18/05

Slaventantor Simon (Semen)(1973, 2) e-mail: s.slaven@comcast.net, sslaven@brandwise.com phone: (617) 969-0539 profession: Software Engineer employer: Brandwise position: Senior Software Architect country: USA birthday: September 12, 1956 last updated on 04/03/04

Slepichev Dmitry(1999, 3) e-mail: d.slepichev@creatstudio.com, slepichev@mail.ru phone: +7-812-956-73-03 profession: Mathematician employer: 3d plugin designer position: programmer country: Russia last updated on 01/29/03

Slepov Dmitry(2001, 1) e-mail: slepovd@mail.ru url: http://www.odm.spb.ru profession: student country: Russia birthday: 07.11.1983 last updated on 02/28/02

Sloushch Anatoly(1973, B, school #38) e-mail: anatolys@breezecom.co.il phone: 09-8626885 profession: RF engineer employer: Breezecom position: Senior RF engineer country: Israel last updated on 5/15/98

Slutsky Leonid(1976, 3) e-mail: lslutsky@live.com, lslutsky@cgcnt.com phone: 1-602-369-2432 profession: Computer Programmer employer: Computer Guidance Inc. position: Developer country: USA address: Phoenix, Arizona birthday: 01/07/1959 last updated on 08/10/15

Slutzkin Vladimir(1978, 1) e-mail: slutzkin@forsoft.co.il, Vladsl@bashan.co.il phone: Res. 972-29992732, Mob. 972-52921774 profession: IT country: Israel address: 45,Kfar Uriah, 99735,Israel birthday: 3/5/61 last updated on 07/02/01

Smaragdin Cirill(1985, 4) e-mail: ruslan@stinet.ru position: Manager of IT, actor country: Russia birthday: 27.12.1968 last updated on 9/17/97

Smelov Dmitriy(1986, 3) e-mail: smelov@windoms.sitek.net url: http://www.windoms.sitek.net/~smelov phone: (812) 351-7008 profession: MCU engineer employer: Spectechnopribor inc. position: Laborotory chief country: Russia address: St.Petersburg, Korablestroiteley 39-1-478 birthday: 23-5-1969 last updated on 12/12/98

Smertenko Maxim(1986, 1) e-mail: smrmax@hotmail.com country: Israel birthday: 18.11.69 last updated on 04/18/01

Smirnov Alexander(1982, 3) e-mail: alexandr@smirnov.org.ru, ausmirnov@nwgsm.ru url: http://smirnov.org.ru/ phone: +7(812)9406991 profession: Softvare architecror / developer employer: Exadel Inc position: St-Petersburg country: Russia address: Lev Tolstoy st. 1-3 app 50 birthday: 05 Jun 1965 last updated on 05/22/06

Smirnov Alexander(1997, 4) e-mail: ceo@automized.ru url: http://www.automized.ru employer: Automized Trade Systems position: Director country: Russia address: SPb birthday: 14-02-1980 last updated on 05/06/06

Smirnov Andrei(1973, 5) e-mail: asmirnov@ford.com phone: (313)-2485652 profession: mathematician employer: Ford Motor Company position: visiting scientist country: USA address: 15704 Woodland, Dearborn, MI 48120

Smirnov Igor(1983, 6) e-mail: smirnov_ib@pnpi.nrcki.ru url: http://www.pnpi.spb.ru profession: Physicist employer: Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute position: Senior researcher country: Russia last updated on 06/14/18

Smirnov Paul(1996, 3) e-mail: s.paul@mail.ru phone: 7-812-514-0186 employer: Driver-Inter, Ltd. position: 3D graphics programmer country: Russia birthday: 16.06.1979 last updated on 01/13/05

Smirnov Vladimir(1974, V, school #38) e-mail: perspective@vcnet.com phone: 1-805-646-5894 profession: Electronics Engineer employer: PT Fiberoptics position: manager country: USA address: California, USA birthday: June 13, 1957 last updated on 09/30/02

Smirnova Julia(1989, 5) e-mail: julia@stillermann.spb.ru phone: +7(921)3505829 profession: Software developer country: Russia birthday: June 26 last updated on 02/04/06

Smirnova Tatiana(1991, 2) phone: ++7 (812) 510-52-38 country: RUSSIAN FEDERATION address: 194295, SPb, 13 Khudozhnikov prosp., apt. 2 birthday: 24 Dec 1973

Smirnova Vera(1964, 1) phone: +7 (812) 356-69-00 profession: mathematician employer: SPb Architecture Univercity position: assistent professor country: Russia address: 199157, Russia, SPb, per.Kchakovskogo, 5, fl. 89 last updated on 10/24/97

Smolensky Vadim(Dima)(1973, 6) e-mail: smolensky@usa.net phone: 7-812-3481752 profession: Radioelectronic employer: Spb Electrotechnical Univercity position: electronic country: Russia birthday: 15/07/56 last updated on 3/10/98

Smolina(Puzyreva)Tatiana(1994, 2) phone: 356-41-41 profession: student employer: St.Petersburg Technical University country: Russia address: Russia 199226 Nalychnaya 36-7-367

Snegurov Alexis(1990, 3) e-mail: vvv777h@mail.nevalink.ru phone: 1562767 country: Russia address: SP-B

Sobol Ed(1969, 6) e-mail: sobole20@scu.edu.au profession: student employer: self position: owner/slave country: australia birthday: 14/03/53 last updated on 07/04/02

Sobolev Kirill(1986, 5) e-mail: ksobolev99@hotmail.com phone: +1.415.722.46.36 country: USA, San Francisco birthday: 17 Aug. 1969 last updated on 01/30/07

Sobolev Sergey(1997, 3) e-mail: sobolevsp@gmail.com, sobolevsp@mail.ru phone: +7(921)7433782 profession: software developer / manager employer: Siemens position: program manager country: Russia address: 197374, Russia, Saint-Petersburg, 10-3-182, Yahtennaya str. birthday: 11.06.1980 last updated on 06/01/11

Soboleva Maria(1979, 5) e-mail: strela@mail.wplus.net phone: (812) 127-52-46 country: Russia

Sochava Sergei(1982, 3) e-mail: sochava@yahoo.com phone: (408) 720-8582 profession: Engineer employer: Intel position: Sr. Product Development Engineer country: USA address: 735 Hebrides Way, Sunnyvale birthday: April 25, 1965 last updated on 07/07/04

Sokolov Dmitry(2002, 5) e-mail: da_sokolov@mail.ru phone: +12183105400 country: USA birthday: 23.08.1985 last updated on 10/27/04

Sokolov Ilya(1969, B, school #38) e-mail: falconspb@km.ru, falconspb@mail.ru url: http://30165 phone: +4905113531376 profession: Electronik country: Germany address: Hannover birthday: 15/04/52 last updated on 02/09/07

Sokolov Serge(1986, 3) phone: 350-52-04 position: St.Petersburg country: Russia birthday: 07.10.69 last updated on 05/14/01

Sokolova Galina(1966, school #38) e-mail: Gsokolova@AOL.com phone: (415) 856 -0305 country: USA address: 3587 Lupine Ave. Palo Alto, CA 94303

Sokolovsky Vadim(1983, 5) e-mail: vadim@gpoint.com url: http://www.gpoint.com phone: (212) 765-6982 profession: programmer employer: GreenOiunt, Inc country: USA address: 77 WEST 55, #11G, NEW YORK, NY 10019

Solomakhin Vladimir(1982, 5) e-mail: solomakhin@freemail.ru profession: engineer country: Russia birthday: 21/02/1965 last updated on 10/29/04

Solovjeva Elena(1974, 1) e-mail: seb@bfa.spb.su phone: 329-81-81(office) profession: programmer employer: Baltic Financial Agency position: programmer country: Russia address: 193174, Shelgunova 31-1

Somov Mikhail(1976, B, school #38) e-mail: mikhail.somov@mail.ru, somovm@vokzaly.ru phone: +78127123610 profession: IT-manager position: CIO country: RU address: Marata 73 - 55 birthday: 17.12.1958 last updated on 08/03/05

Soms Nikolay(1999, 3) e-mail: niksoms@iname.com, niksoms@post.com phone: 352-9211 country: Russia address: St.-Petersburg, novosmolenskaia nab. 1-431, Zip: 199397 birthday: 14.01.82 last updated on 08/04/99

Sorokin Egor(2001, 1) e-mail: yoginvays@nwgsm.ru phone: +7(812)351-1490 profession: Programmer employer: SPbSTU position: Student country: Russia address: SPb, Nalich birthday: 16.12.1984 last updated on 02/28/02

Sorokin Vladislav(1985, 2) e-mail: sorokin@intsoft.spb.ru phone: 322-0380 profession: computer programmer employer: Intelligence Soft, Ltd position: programmer country: Russia birthday: 18.05.1968 last updated on 08/08/00

Sorokovykh Nickolai(1984, 2) e-mail: cair@infopro.spb.su phone: (812) 967-02-69 employer: Print & Publishing Company CAIR position: Director country: Russia, St.Petersburg

Soskov Dronchik (Andrey)(1996, 1) e-mail: drontozaur@aol.com phone: (812) 524-3318 profession: student employer: St.-Petersburg State Technical University position: student country: Russia address: Russia,SPb,Lenskaya ul.,17/2,382

Sosner Andrey(1991, 2) e-mail: Andy_Sosner@p0.f587.n5030.z2.fidonet.org phone: ++7 (812) 350-95-19 country: RUSSIAN FEDERATION address: 199397, SPb, 40/VII Nalichnaya St., apt. 88

Souschenko Anton(1996, 3) e-mail: csanton@dc1.phys.samson.spb.su url: http://ic.samson.spb.su phone: 1064257 profession: student country: Russia

Spasskaya Tatyana(1977, A, school #38) phone: (812) 3552460 profession: programmer country: Russia address: St.Peterburg ul. Opochinina 33-8

Spector Vadim(1979, 4) e-mail: vspector-at-gmail-dot-com employer: Seacert position: Chief Technologist country: USA address: California last updated on 11/21/08

Spiridonov Alexander(1975, 1) e-mail: aspiridonov@yahoo.com profession: Developer employer: Microsoft country: USA address: Seattle last updated on 07/01/10

Stadnichuk Alexey(1985, 1) e-mail: admin@itc-stadnichuk.de profession: Consultant country: Germany birthday: 7.12.1967 last updated on 03/30/13

Stam Mikhail(1981, 4) e-mail: mstam@us.ibm.com phone: 914-892-4109 profession: engineering employer: IBM country: USA address: mvs35@netscape.net last updated on

Stan (Erofeeva) Natalia(1986, 3) phone: 238-15-51 profession: psychologist employer: Library of Academy of Science RF position: librarian country: Russia birthday: 23.09.1969 last updated on 4/18/99

Staricyna (Moiseeva) Natalia(1994, 4) e-mail: staricyna_nataly@mail.ru phone: 2452222 country: Russia birthday: 10.06.1977 last updated on 02/13/04

Starikov Andrew(1992, 2) e-mail: xstar@mail.ru phone: 329-28-76 profession: Hardware engineer employer: CB "Petro-Aero-Bank" position: Programmer country: Russia last updated on 04/30/04

Startsev Innokentiy(2000, 4) e-mail: inno_ne (at) land (on) ru country: Russia last updated on 04/09/07

Stegaev Yuri(1985, 3) e-mail: mcs@mail.wplus.net phone: +7-812-963-2874 employer: MCS position: President country: Russia address: 19-1-665, Korablestroiteley str., SPb., Russia, 199226 birthday: 07/10/1967 last updated on 08/22/99

Steintzeig Alexander(1974, G, school #38) e-mail: alex40@gis.net phone: (508)7526840 profession: Programmer employer: Holmes Product Corp. position: Database Programmer- Intern country: USA address: 90-A Brightwood Ave., Worcester, MA 01604 birthday: Oct 7,1957 last updated on 9/30/98

Stemasov Dmitri(1980, 5) e-mail: stemassov@yahoo.com profession: mechanical engineer employer: PETROSET GROUP position: general manager country: Russia birthday: 18/01/1964 last updated on 06/20/09

Stepanov "aLinix" Stanislav(1999, 2) e-mail: alinixwl@chat.ru phone: 3286445 profession: Student position: Ne zhenat country: Russia address: V.O. 7-62-7 birthday: 12.12.81 last updated on 07/16/00

Stern Eugen (1966, A, school #38) e-mail: Eugen.Stern@ericsson.com phone: +46 8 6642103, +46 856876231 profession: HW System Digital employer: Ericsson AB position: Project leader country: Sweden address: Bo Bergmansgata 3, 115 50,Stockholm, Sverige last updated on 11/05/04

Stolarov Joseph(1973, 7) e-mail: yossi@sun100.hai.iec.co.il phone: ++972 (0)4 999 8820 country: Israel last updated on 8/19/97

Stol'berg Evgeny(1969, B, school #38) e-mail: stolberg@mail.wplus.net, gdir@1C-eskv.ru phone: 7-812-927-4939 profession: Manager in IT business employer: 1C-ESKV position: General Director country: Russia address: St.Petersburg birthday: December 1, 1952 last updated on 04/13/07

Stotski Yuri(1985, 5) e-mail: stotski_yuri@emc.com phone: +7-921-9123284 profession: Physicist, Software Development employer: EMC position: Principal Software Engineer country: Russia birthday: 23.3.1969 last updated on 04/30/08

Stouklov Igor(1980, 1) e-mail: istouklov@afpgco.com, istouklov@sitele.com url: http://www.afpgco.com profession: Business employer: AFP Ltd. position: Chief Marketing and Technology Officer country: USA address: California birthday: 08.24.1963 last updated on 04/23/10

Strjuk Evgeny(1977, B, school #38) e-mail: Strjuk@softjoys.ru phone: (812) 2340221 profession: programmer employer: SIAC position: programmer country: Russia address: Kamennoostrovsky 64

Strocov Vladimir(1980, 2) e-mail: F1XVS@fy.chalmers.se phone: +46 31 7723306 profession: physicist employer: Chalmers University of Technology position: Postdoc country: Sweden birthday: 04.10.1963 last updated on 12/6/98

Stroganova (Chumicheva) Svetlana(1980, 5) e-mail: svetla21@yandex.ru phone: 8 (901) 320-1901 profession: Enterprise Management employer: SPb wholesale company (food, devices for health) position: Director country: Russia birthday: 21, November 1962 last updated on 07/27/05

Strugatch Gennady(1967, 3) e-mail: gennadij.strugatsch@mow.siemens.ru url: http://www.siemens.ru phone: +7(812)312-23-11, 325-65-60 profession: Engineer (Electrical) employer: Siemens, St.-Petersburg position: Sales manager country: Russia last updated on 3/29/99

Stupishin Alexey G.(1976, 5) e-mail: stup@niif.spb.su, stup@tor.spb.su phone: +7 (812) 173-9010 (home) profession: Programmer/Astrophysicist employer: Free lance progr./SPb Univ. position: Senior researcher country: Russia address: Kupchinskaya 8-I-263, St.Petersburg, RUSSIA 192281

Surkis Anatoly(1981, 4) e-mail: surkis@digdes.com phone: 7-(812) 164-26-63 profession: Programmer employer: Digital Design position: Software Department Director country: Russia birthday: 05 december last updated on 8/29/97

Surkis Igor(1987, 1) e-mail: surkis@mail.ru phone: 275-1024, additional 1349 profession: programmer, engineer employer: IAA RAS position: scientist country: Russia birthday: 03 Feb 1970 last updated on 03/07/02

Surma Anton(2000, 4) e-mail: asdwarf@mail.ru phone: (812) 315-17-69 profession: Student country: Russia address: S-Petersburg, Marata ul., 75-5 birthday: 30.03. last updated on 08/21/00

Surma Regina(1970, 1) e-mail: asdwarf@mail.ru phone: 7 (812) 315-17-69 profession: Main accountant country: Russian Federation address: Saint-Petersburg, Marata ul., 75-5 birthday: 28.08 last updated on 10/22/00

Sushchikh (Kopilevich) Svetlana(1984, 6) e-mail: sveta@engineering.ucsb.edu phone: (805)-451-5258 profession: Physicist employer: UC Santa Barbara position: Dynamistka (Compressible Multifluid) country: USA birthday: March last updated on 05/14/05

Suvorov Vadim(1980, 4) e-mail: 30@stelary.com phone: (515) 224-5866 profession: Software Engineer country: U.S.A. last updated on 07/25/06

Sverdlov Michael(1985, 1) e-mail: msverdlov@hotmail.com, michael.sverdlov@sungard.com phone: 201 798-0458 profession: IT Engineer employer: Sungard Data Systems position: Data Communications Engineer country: usa address: 719 newark ave apt 2, NJ 07306, USA birthday: april 7, 1968 last updated on 04/26/05

Sverdlova (Lovett) Victoria(1977, 2) e-mail: viclovett@yahoo.com employer: CitiGroup position: systems consultant country: USA last updated on 11/22/06

Svoyskaya Marina(1982, 4) e-mail: svoyskaya@hotmail.com phone: (613) 722-9463 country: Canada last updated on 10/21/03

Swerdlov Julia(1985, 1) e-mail: jswerd@hotmail.com phone: (781) 321-9459 employer: Metricom, Inc. position: Computer Programmer country: USA address: Boston last updated on 11/25/99

Syrkin Alexander(1971, 6) e-mail: alexander.syrkin@oxinst.com, asyrkin@comcast.net profession: Scientist employer: TDI, Inc. an Oxford Instruments Company position: Technology Deputy Director country: USA birthday: April 27, 1954 last updated on 08/25/09

Syschikov Jury(1974, A, school #38) e-mail: ys@tmcons.spb.su phone: (812)- 1575738 profession: Physicist employer: TM consulting Ltd. position: Manager country: Russia

Syssik (Sysik) Valery(1992, 5) e-mail: term@mail.wplus.net url: http://wwp.mirabilis.com/12112007 phone: (812) 166-05-84 profession: Programmer employer: Petersburg Telephone Network position: Developer of Heat-control system country: Russia birthday: 13.11.75 last updated on 2/2/99


Tananykhin Dmitry(1981, 4) e-mail: dima.tda@mailcity.com phone: 7-812-5671175 profession: Network Engeneer (CNE) and Sales Analyst employer: Wrigley SPb position: IT Manager and Sales Analyst country: Russia address: SPb pr.Obukhovskoy Ob. 119-47 birthday: 28.06.1964 last updated on 04/17/01

Tarakanov Petr(1993, 2) e-mail: peter@aispbu.spb.su phone: (812)351-53-98 profession: student/astrophysic employer: SPbU - departament of Math/Mech country: Russia address: Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Korablesroiteley st. 42-1-137

Tarakanova Mariya(1990, 2) e-mail: florsita@yahoo.com, florsita@insightbb.com phone: 502-345-2945 profession: programmer country: USA address: 11910 Berry Hill Rd., Louisville, KY 40243 birthday: 9/29/73 last updated on 08/06/03

Taran Sofia(2000, 1) e-mail: sonya_taran@mail.ru profession: civil engineer country: russia birthday: 14/04/1983 last updated on 07/02/14

Tarasevich Andrey(1980, 1) e-mail: tarandrey@mail.ru, user_a_t@mail.ru phone: (812) 350 17 85, 913 79 51 profession: Leader of Real estate agancy country: Russia address: S.Pb Kima 4 - 275 birthday: 9/12/62 last updated on 08/31/02

Tarasova Yulia(1970, i, school#38) e-mail: ykwhite@cox.net country: USA last updated on 09/15/07

Tarchinskii Ivan(1986, 3) e-mail: i2-t@yandex.ru url: http://vk.com/tarczynski phone: +79112575981 profession: analyst country: Russia birthday: 17.12.1968 last updated on 12/13/13

Tarnovitsky Aleksey(1972, 2) e-mail: alekst@bezeq.com phone: 972-8-9297956 profession: IT Engineer employer: Bezeq Telecom position: Group Manager country: Israel last updated on 08/05/00

Tatarenko Taras(1981, 4) e-mail: yan@eltex.spb.ru phone: 1274274 profession: surgeon employer: TMO 20 (Hospital) position: surgeon country: RUSSIA

Tatarenko Yan(1985, 4) e-mail: yan@eltex.spb.ru phone: 3518714 employer: ELTEX position: head of structured cabling dept. country: RUSSIA

Tatarinov Dmitry(1983, 3) e-mail: dimitry@iname.com phone: +7 (812) 218-0165 profession: applied mathematics employer: LenBell position: system network engeneer country: Russia birthday: 16.05.66 last updated on 9/7/97

Tchernikh Alexey(1981, 3) e-mail: lexa@dmt.spb.ru phone: 320-64-20 country: Russia last updated on 05/29/01

Tchernycheva Maria(1996, 3) e-mail: Maria.Tchernycheva@polytechnique.org profession: student (Ecole Polytechnique de Paris) country: France birthday: 23.05.1979 Click here to see photograph last updated on 03/24/01

Tchirina Anna(1990, 1) e-mail: anna@at2706.spb.edu phone: 352-87-81 profession: mathematician employer: SPb State University position: post-graduate country: Russia address: SPb, ul.Korablestroiteley, 44, korp.2,364 birthday: February, 19 last updated on 4/19/98

Tchistyakov Elijah(1985, 4) e-mail: elijah@ht-systems.com phone: 247-2669 profession: Programmer country: Russia last updated on 09/14/99

Tebeleva Olga(1984, 1) e-mail: olga@compugen.co.il phone: 972-2-430882 profession: CS employer: Compugen position: Software engineer country: Israel address: Olsvanger 115/55, Jerusalem 96673 Israel

Temkin Leonid(1978, 4) e-mail: lenny@lamere.net phone: 207-9674082 profession: M.D. country: USA address: 239 Arundel rd. Kennebunkport, ME 04046

Tendler Marina(1964, B, school #38) position: retired engineer country: sweden last updated on 12/25/14

Teremkov Andrey(1998, 4) e-mail: Teremok@inbox.ru phone: 328-6778 profession: student employer: St.-Petersburg State University country: Russia birthday: 22 May 1981 last updated on 12/01/01

Terentjev (Reichberg) Alexander(1980, 6) e-mail: Reichberg@gmx.de birthday: 09.12.62 last updated on 12/01/99

Terentjev Mikhail(1972, 4) e-mail: mvt1954@mail.ru phone: 812-233-42-83 profession: specialist of radiation security employer: St.-Petersburg NIIRG country: Russia birthday: 1954, 21 of December last updated on 06/25/01

Tereshkevich Alexander(1973, 1) e-mail: alter@irisoft.ru phone: +7 921 954 05 28 country: Russia address: St.Petersburg, Morskaya nab. 45-195 birthday: 28/03/1956 last updated on 04/28/08

Ternovaya Lyudmila(1991, 2) phone: ++7 (812) 470-29-45, 151-45-39 country: RUSSIAN FEDERATION address: 188623, Pavlovsk, 8 Oborony St., apt. 10 birtday: 25 Oct 1974

Tevelev Anton(1984, 6) e-mail: anton.tevelev@yale.edu profession: Molecular biologist employer: Yale University position: Postdoctoral associate country: USA last updated on 10/7/97

Tikhomirov Dmitry(1983, 2) e-mail: toch@remax.ru url: http://www.remax.ru/ phone: (812) 2185848 profession: Graphic Artist employer: Remax Design country: Russia

Tikhonov (Alikimovich) Eugene(1981, 7) e-mail: Tikhonov_Evgeny_A@goznak.spb.ru phone: +7 (812) 372-1072 profession: Engineer-mechanic employer: St.-Petersburg GOZNAK paper-mill position: Head of IT-department country: Russia address: 198216, Russia, St.-Petersburg, boulevard Novatorov, 21-2-92 birthday: 5 june last updated on 05/06/04

Tikhonov Michel(2002, 2) url: http://www.phys-math30.narod.ru phone: +7-812-3721072 profession: Student employer: Mathematics and Mecanics faculty, SPbU country: Russia address: Saint-Petersburg, bul. Novatorov 21/2-92 birthday: 18/01/1986 last updated on 06/20/03

Timkovskaia Tatiana(1983, 6) phone: +7 (812) 314-1722 profession: Librarian employer: National Library of Russia country: Russia address: Rubinsteina 25-12, St.Petersburg, Russia

Timofeev Andrey(1985, 4) e-mail: webinfo@mail.ru phone: +(7-812)3251880 employer: Partiya position: Manager country: Russia address: SPb Leninskiy pr. 130 - 80 last updated on 02/16/00

Timofeev Ilya(1988, 4) e-mail: timofi@rpi.edu url: http://www.math.rpi.edu/~timofi/ phone: 518-438-8735 profession: Math employer: RPI position: Graduate Student country: USA address: 359-c Hackett blvd., Albany, NY 12208

Timofeeva Yulia(1994, 2) e-mail: yulia@ma.hw.ac.uk url: http://www.ma.hw.ac.uk/~yulia/ profession: Theoretical Neuroscience/Mathematical Biology employer: Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh position: Research Associate country: UK last updated on 05/15/05

Timofeeva Nadezhda(1985, 1) phone: (7-812)2558297 employer: "VESTI" Newspaper position: Designer country: Russia address: SPb Leninskiy pr. 130 - 80

Timofeevsky Alexander(1990, 1) e-mail: sanek@at2706.spb.edu phone: 7-812-352-8781 profession: Physicist employer: Tydex country: Russia address: Russia, 197198, S.-Petersburg, Lizy Chajkinoj St., b.18, ap.44 birthday: 15.07.1973 last updated on 3/2/98

Timofeyev Vladimir(1966, 1) e-mail: vladt@phoenix.princeton.edu profession: Oracle Programmer employer: Princeton University position: Analist country: USA last updated on 5/10/98

Timofeyeva Tanya(1988, 1) e-mail: tanya@solyanik.com country: USA address: WA, USA last updated on 5/10/98

Timokhin Vladimir(1978, 8) e-mail: vlatim@infopro.spb.su phone: 264-96-17 profession: DTP employer: Specialnaya Literatura Publishing House country: Russia address: Spb

Tinika Bryzgalova Maria(1989, 4) e-mail: m.tinika@colliers.spb.ru phone: +7 (812) 939-93-01 employer: Colliers Int. position: senior agent country: Russia address: St. Peterburg birthday: 30.01.1972 last updated on 09/05/02

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Titova (Veren) Nataliya(1982, 7) e-mail: natveren@yahoo.com, natveren@gmail.com phone: 1-650-393-9071 employer: HCL Technologies position: Product Specialist country: United States address: San Jose, California birthday: September 27, 1965 last updated on 03/13/18

Tiomkin Victor(1982, 3) e-mail: tem@policom.spb.su phone: (812) 325-84-00, 219-65-85 profession: programmer employer: Polikom Pro position: soft sales country: Russia

Tivianskaya Elena(1972, 4) e-mail: kovatch@usa.net phone: +7 812 217-0336 country: Russia address: 199406, St. Petersburg, Ostoumova St., 7/9, 9 last updated on 4/14/98

Tolchinskaya Yelena(1973, 4) e-mail: tolchinskaya@volpe.dot.gov phone: (617)738-0799 profession: programmer employer: Computer Sciences Corporation position: SPA country: USA address: 1870 Beacon St. #B1, Brookline, MA 02445 last updated on 12/15/99

Tolmachev Sergei(1966, 2) phone: (812)-234-07-85 country: Russia address: 197022, St.Peterburg, Ac.Pavlova st., 14-15 birthday: 19.02.1949 last updated on 08/16/99

Tolokno Konstantin(1991, 2) e-mail: mark@mmf.stud.pu.ru (Subject: for Tolokno) position: student at SPbGU country: RUSSIAN FEDERATION address: 197110, SPb, 16 Chkalovsky prosp., apt. 44 birthday: 4 Oct 1974

Tolstoy Vasiliy M.(1985, 5) e-mail: vmt@into.nit.spb.su phone: 7-812-540-6813 profession: prepress specialist employer: KAIR SPb, Russia position: adequate country: Russia address: Fedoseenko st, 30, 48 apt, Sain- Petersbourg, Russia. Zip code 195197

Topaj Dmitri(1987, 5) e-mail: topaj@rz.uni-potsdam.de url: phone: + 49 311 9771816 (uni) profession: Physicist employer: University of Potsdam position: Student country: Germany address: s. Klemeshov-Kagan birthday: 23.03.1970 last updated on 07/06/99

Topazh Raya(1990, 2) e-mail: topazhr@amdocs.com phone: 06-6959736 profession: Mathematician employer: Amdocs Israel position: Programmer country: Israel address: Eskol 850/6, Kiryat-Shmona, 10200, Israel birthday: 26/03/1973 last updated on 07/27/00

Toropova (Yurkina) Anna(1979, 6) e-mail: pt@dux.ru phone: home 812 594 7459, office 812 325 3014, 314 9844 employer: Perspective Technologies position: marketing manager birthday: May 3 1962 last updated on 10/19/97

Totrov Maxim(1986, 2) e-mail: max@molsoft.com phone: 1-619-2912835 profession: scientist employer: Molsoft LLC position: principal scientist country: USA birthday: Aug 2 1969 last updated on 01/29/06

Tourkin Alexey(1995, 1) e-mail: tourkine@poly.polytechnique.fr phone: 01 69 33 56 47 profession: student employer: Ecole Polytechnique position: student country: France last updated on 1/7/99

Tournianski Mikhail(1987, 4) e-mail: mikhail.tournianski@ukaea.org.uk phone: +(44) 1235 463378 profession: physics employer: UKAEA position: engineer physicist country: UK last updated on 1/24/99

Traskunov Michael(1991, 4) e-mail: beatles@ccs.neu.edu phone: (617) 783 7343 profession: computer science position: student of Northeastern University country: USA address: 270 Babcock st, 8G, Boston, MA 02215

Travnikov Vadim(1989, 4) e-mail: Vadim.Travnikov@t-online.de, travnik@hsu-hh.de profession: physicist employer: Helmut-Schmidt-University Hamburg position: Postdoc country: Germany birthday: 10.02.1972 last updated on 12/01/06

Troupansky Irene(1973, 6) e-mail: irka5555@hotmail.com profession: Software Engineer employer: Visibility Corp position: Technical Architect country: USA address: MA(Boston area) birthday: June 8th last updated on 07/28/04

Trub Dmitry(1996, 1) e-mail: dtrub@pabl.ru phone: 1055782 birthday: 23.12.1978 last updated on 10/04/99

Trunin Alexander(1986, 5) e-mail: trunin@mail.rcom.ru phone: 3277321 profession: programer employer: Terminal-Service position: programer country: Russia birthday: 20.07.1969 last updated on 3/16/98

Trushewski Ilia(1998, 2) e-mail: trush@starlab.ifmo.ru phone: (812)3454653 profession: student employer: SPbSU country: Russia address: St.Petersburg, Ul. Savushkina 130-1-151 birthday: 18/07/1981 last updated on 10/31/98

Tsarkova (now Borovkova) Yulia(1981, 1) e-mail: tsark@hotmail.com phone: (812)273 70 33 country: Russia address: St.Petersburg,Fontanka emb.34-8 birthday: 20.02.1964 last updated on 03/10/02

Tschegrov Nikolaj(1975, G, school #38) e-mail: tschegrv@isida.ipa.rssi.ru phone: (812)-156-90-45 profession: Computer Engineer employer: Institute of Applied Astronomy RAS country: Russia address: 198215 St.Peterburg post box 168

Tscherbakov Paul(1975, 3) e-mail: paul@cape.nw.ru url: http://www.cape.nw.ru phone: 217-56-88 profession: Good Man employer: Center of Advanced Education position: Saint-Pitersburg, 14-th line, 29 country: Russia address: 194291, Russia, Saint-Pitersburg,SaintJago-de-Kuba str., 8-2-54 birthday: 10 dec 1952 last updated on 6/9/98

Tsenter Alexey(1989, 4) e-mail: uv@astro.ioffe.rssi.ru phone: 812-597-7529 profession: physicist employer: Ioffe institute position: postgraduate country: Russia address: Russia 194356,S-Petersburg, ul. Esenina 20-2-12

Tseytlin Ilya(1990, 5) e-mail: jscbik@mail.wplus.net phone: +7(812) 938-51-25 profession: Physicist employer: JSC "BIK" position: Sales Director country: RUSSIA last updated on 10/06/99

Tsibulsky Igor(1985, 2) phone: 7 812 312 3652 profession: Pre-press polygraphy employer: Kair position: manager country: Russia birthday: 11/02/68 last updated on 09/16/99

Tsiper Evgeny(1984, 5) e-mail: e.tsiper@yahoo.com employer: Allianz US country: U.S.A. last updated on 09/30/13

Tsiper Masha(1987, 4) e-mail: TSIPERMV@UMDNJ.edu phone: (609)430-9229 profession: Molecular Biologist employer: UMDNJ position: Graduate Student country: USA birthday: 10-01-70 last updated on 03/19/02

Tsiporin Viktor(1991, 3) e-mail: viktortsiporin (at) yahoo.com phone: +49(0)1743007035 profession: Financial risk management consultant employer: KPMG Advisory country: Germany last updated on 07/13/07

Tsirel Sergey(1975, 2) e-mail: tsirel58@mail.ru phone: 7-812-2513302 profession: mining engineer employer: VNIMI position: leading scientist country: Russia address: P.b. 191, St. Petersburg, Russia, 198005 last updated on 06/12/03

Tsitelov Dmitry(1991, 2) e-mail: cit@imt.niimm.spb.su, 2:5030/52.17@fidonet.org (fidonet) phone: ++7 (812) 122-00-69, 523-77-19 profession: Programmer position: Working on MSc degree at SPbGU, Math & Mech.. dep. address: 196066, SPb, 104, Varshavskaya St., apt. 59 birthday: 30 Apr 1974

Tsitrin (Kroik) Irina(1971, i, school #38) e-mail: irina_k_us@yahoo.com country: USA birthday: 1954 last updated on 04/01/08

Tsoj Evgenij(2001, 3) e-mail: tsoj@bk.ru profession: engineer country: Russia birthday: 29.09.1984 last updated on 06/23/06

Tsuranoff Dmitry(1985, 3) e-mail: dots67@mail.ru url: http://dmitry67.narod.ru phone: (france) ): 06 99 88 67 94 profession: Programmer, DBA employer: TraceOne position: DBA country: Spb -> US, Boston -> Spb -> Paris, France address: 148 rue de la Republique, Montrouge, France birthday: 20 aug 1968 last updated on 06/21/03

Tsurinov Andrei(1973, 2) e-mail: tsurinov@lifshits.spb.su phone: 7-812(or switched to 512 ?)-2370141 profession: Designer of electronic systems position: LIMTU country: Russia address: St-Petersburg,197000, Petrozavodskaya 6-24

Tsvetkov Alexander(1985, 5) e-mail: tsvetkov@ast.usr.pu.ru url: http://astro.pu.ru phone: (812)-470-49-00, 988-54-95 profession: astronomer employer: Saint Petersburg State University position: Lecture Professor country: Russia address: Pushkin, Zarskoe Selo birthday: 09.06.68 last updated on 05/05/01

Tsyrkina Yelena(1973, G, school #38) e-mail: yelena@us.ibm.com phone: (802) 860-1582 profession: engineer employer: IBM position: Development team leader country: USA address: I-6 Stonehedge Dr., South Burlington VT 05403 USA birthday: 08/16/56 last updated on 5/3/98

Tuchkov Alexsander(1972, 4) e-mail: ATuchkov@esg.spb.ru url: http://www.esg.spb.ru phone: +7-812-430-3434 profession: Programmer employer: Bureau ESG, Ltd position: Managing Director country: Russia birthday: 29/07/1955 last updated on 08/07/99

Tumarkin Yakov(1972, 1) e-mail: yakov@spectr.spb.su phone: +7 (812) 249-8818 profession: Ingeneer employer: OKB SPECTR, SPb position: Director country: Russia last updated on 10/4/98

Tumin Mark(1982, 1) e-mail: mtumin@mail.ru url: http://www.tumin.de phone: +49 179 4748597 profession: programmer employer: DSD AG - Der Gruene Punkt country: Germany address: Espenstrasse 14, 41239 Moenchengladbach Deutschland birthday: 05.09.1965 last updated on 02/06/07

Tupitsyn Michael(1990, 1) e-mail: michael@krol.stud.pu.ru phone: 7-812-5329165 profession: Networker employer: SPb. State University position: Technical Assistant country: Russia address: 195257, Russia, S.-Petersburg, Grazhdansky pr., b. 81, ap. 15 birthday: August, 29th last updated on 2/27/98

Turoverov Vsevolod(1981, 3) e-mail: tdastor@mail.dux.ru phone: +7-812-352-1805 country: Russia address: Korablestroiteley st. 23-1-15, St-Petersburg, Russia last updated on 4/18/98

Tvaradze Georgy(1986, 5) e-mail: rabotnik_sna@hotmail.com country: Canada last updated on 12/13/02


Udalov Sergey(1979) e-mail: Udalov@kremlin.msk.ru phone: 272-49-77 profession: Biology-Enthomology position: Research Fellow country: StPeterburg address: Phone me

Uistraih Boris(1974, 2) phone: 7-812-2737883 country: Russia birthday: 06/27/1957 last updated on 3/1/98

Uliankina(Pshenichnaya(now)) Natalia(1968) phone: 529-84-48 employer: SberBank country: Russia address: Russia,Saint-Peterburg,pr.Udarnikov 27-34 birthday: 15.05.1951 last updated on 10/21/97

Usachev Pavel(1987, 4) e-mail: Pavel@cat.ioffe.rssi.ru profession: Radiophysicist employer: Ioffe Institute position: Junior researcher country: Russia address: Blagodatnaja 20-54, St. Petersburg, 196105, Russia birthday: 10 November 1969 last updated on 05/27/99

Ushakova Eugenia(1964, 1) phone: +7 (812) 322-06-10 profession: physicist employer: School #610 position: teacher country: Russia last updated on 12/20/99

Usick Svetlana(1996, 5) e-mail: test012000@mail.ru phone: +7(911)9385933 profession: advertisement country: Russia, St.Petersburg birthday: 04/05/1979 last updated on 01/12/06

Usmanov Arkadi(1974, 2) e-mail: usmanov@snoopy.phys.spbu.ru url: http://geo.phys.spbu.ru/~usmanov phone: 812-5344130 profession: physicist employer: University of St.-Petersburg position: scientist country: Russia address: Butlerova 13-671, St.-Petersburg birthday: November 30, 1956 last updated on

Usov Cyrill(1985, 3) e-mail: cyrill@hq.bereg.net url: http://www.bereg.net phone: +7-812-329-9191 employer: Bereg Ltd. position: Marketing director country: Russia birthday: 24/06/68 last updated on 08/08/00

Usov Sergej(1982, 6) e-mail: sergej.usov@tgsnopec.no country: Norway last updated on 02/02/01

Ussyshkin Vitaly (Dan)(1977, B(V), school #38) phone: +1(905) 660-4163 profession: Mechanical Design Engineer employer: Xerox Canada country: Canada last updated on 11/16/06

Usvyat Vladimir(1987, 2) e-mail: piterskii@hotmail.com profession: consultant employer: Portfolio Management Associates, Inc. country: USA last updated on 3/9/99

Utekhina (Yarmola) Natalie(1978, 1) e-mail: natayar@yahoo.com profession: System administrator country: Russia, SPb last updated on 03/24/00

Utkin Alexey(1988, 2) e-mail: utkin@mph.phys.spbu.ru url: http://mph.phys.spbu.ru/~utkin phone: +7-812-9318078 profession: Software Developer employer: Novavox Russia position: Team leader country: Russia address: Russia, SPb, 17 line, h.8, ap. 22 birthday: 28.02.1971 last updated on 03/18/02

Utkina (Panteleeva) Svetlana(1988, 3) e-mail: utkin@snoopy.niif.spb.su phone: +7 (812) 520-1253 profession: physicist employer: S.-Peterburg University Department of Physics position: postgraduate country: Russia address: 195426, Ap.245, home 9, box 2, Kosygina prospect, S.-Peterburg, Russia comment: Open for contact about job.

Utsekhovski Alexander(1974, A, school #38) e-mail: al_utsehovski@hotmail.com phone: +7921 958 27 96 profession: Manager employer: Aco-Plastmo A/S position: Sales manager country: Russia address: St.Petersburg, Bolsheokhtinski pr., 1-1-269 birthday: 05.08.1957 last updated on 01/30/02


Varaksin Vladimir(1975, A) e-mail: varaksin@forein.spb.ru, varaksin2@yandex.ru profession: forensic scientist (criminalistics) employer: Ministry of Justice, North-West forensic science Centre position: leading expert country: Russia address: Saint-Petersburg birthday: April, 22, 1960 last updated on 01/28/05

Vardapetyan Leon(1983, 7) e-mail: leon_usa@hotmail.com profession: applied mathematics employer: Ansoft position: research engineer country: USA address: Pittsburgh, PA last updated on 12/29/07

Vashchenko Vladimir(2008, 4) last updated on 03/14/19

Vaynblat Boris(1967, j) e-mail: bv887@cox.net, bv887@mail.ru, bv887@aol.com phone: 1-860-644-6630 profession: engineer employer: Jet Industries position: engineer country: USA address: 807 summer hill drive, south windsor, ct 06074 birthday: 07-27-1950 last updated on 05/11/07

Valerianov Evgeny(1980, 2) e-mail: valerianov@rambler.ru country: Russia last updated on 05/15/08

Varlamov (Gersht) Stanislav(1980, 6) e-mail: stanvarlamov@yahoo.com phone: (262) 552-9295 profession: Information Technology employer: JD Edwards position: Area Specialist country: USA address: 201 24th Ave., Kenosha, WI 53140 birthday: June 9, 1963 last updated on 01/15/01

Varlamova (Sharova) Elena(1977, 2) e-mail dues@peipk.os-z.spb.su OR lena@peipk.energo.ru phone: (812) 583-79-30 profession: Power Stations Stuff Trainer employer: St.Petersburg Institute of Qualification Upgrade (PEIPK) position: Head of cathedra country: Russia home address: 193231, Russia, Saint-Petersburg, ulitsa (street) Kollontai, 27-1-830 birthday: February, 11

Vasiliev Andrey(1974, 4) e-mail: wa@neva.ru phone: +7 812 552-0946 profession: Network specialist employer: Central R&D Institute of Robotics and Technical Cybernetics position: Head of ATM Laboratory country: RUSSIA address: Kompozitorov st. 9-26, St.Petersburg, 194355, Russia birthday: 29.09.57 last updated on 9/26/97

Vasiliev Vladimir(1976, 3) e-mail: coflot@mail.ru url: http://- phone: (812)-375-66-30 profession: economical and political expert country: Russia address: St.Petersburg, ul.Krasnoputilovskaja, 99-37 birthday: 13/12/1958 last updated on 11/29/07

Vasilieva Ekaterina(1980, 3) e-mail: tirexnews@home.com phone: 1-(416) 767-1576 employer: Vistainfo Canada, Inc. position: Senior Solution Developer country: Canada birthday: 08/06/1963 last updated on 08/08/00

Vasiljev Anton(2001, 1) e-mail: m01vam@star.spbu.ru phone: 560-0528 profession: student employer: St.-Petersburg State University country: Russia birthday: 30 June 1984 last updated on 12/01/01

Vasilyev Sergey(1981, 2) country: Russia birthday: 11.04.1964 died 09.12.2004 last updated on 03/22/06

Vasserman Lev(1991, 1) e-mail: vassermn@bimacs.cs.biu.ac.il phone: 972-3-5740040 country: Israel

Vassilevich Dmitri(1978, 2) e-mail: Dmitri.Vassilevich@itp.uni-leipzig.de phone: ++49-341-9732462 profession: physicist employer: St.Petersburg University & Leipzig University position: Research Associate country: Germany (present), Russia birthday: 4 Sept. 1961 last updated on 09/28/99

Vavilov Nikolai(1969, 1) e-mail: vavilov@mathematik.uni-bielefeld.de, vavilov@dsdipa.mat.unimi.it

Vecherski Alexander(1969, 3) e-mail: vech@infopro.spb.su phone: 007-(812)-520-98-68 profession: programmer employer: STAR Deutschland GmbH (temp) position: software enwickler country: Germany (temp) last updated on 03/24/00

Velikson Boris(1964, B, school #38) e-mail: boris_velikson@yahoo.com phone: +33 1 46 32 36 87 profession: teaching computer science, math and physics employer: various Engineering schools country: France address: 51 rue de la Roseraie, 92360 Meudon-la-Foret birthday: 1946 last updated on 10/25/03

Verbin Sergey(1971, 3) e-mail: syuv54@mail.ru phone: 7(812)428-4546 profession: Physicist employer: Sankt-Petersburg University position: Senior researcher country: Russia address: 197183, StPetersburg, p/o 183, for S.Verbin

Verentchikov Anatoli(1976, A, school #38) e-mail: Anatoli_Verentchikov@pbio.com phone: 1-508-383-7670 profession: Physicist employer: PE Biosystems position: senior scientist country: USA address: Boston birthday: 12.16.58 last updated on 05/05/99

Veselov Pavel(2001, 2) e-mail: pv@pochta.ru profession: IT country: Greece last updated on 05/21/13

Victorov Alexey(1973, 3) e-mail: victorov@nonel.chem.lgu.spb.su phone: +7 (812) 1427349 profession: Chemistry employer: St.Petersburg State University, Chem.Dept. position: Professor country: Russia address: Prosp.Kuznetzova,21-109, 198332 St.Petersburg, Russia birthday: April 16, 1956 last updated on 4/2/98

Vilenchik (Matusevich) Anna(1964, 2) e-mail: lev_vilen@yahoo.com phone: (781)642-6652 employer: Brandeis University address: Waltham, MA last updated on 04/25/00

Vilkov Boris(1990, 1) e-mail: vilkoff@solidum.com url: http://www.vilkoff.com, http://vilkoff.com phone: (613)828-9060 profession: Programmer employer: Solidum Systems Corp. country: Canada address: 223 Britannia Rd., Ottawa, Ontario birthday: 21 Aug 1973 last updated on 09/27/01

Vinogradov Alexander(1988, 2) e-mail: a.vinogradov@mail.admiral.ru country: Russia birthday: 21.01.71 last updated on 11/12/99

Vinokurov Fedor(2004, 2) profession: student employer: SPbSU last updated on 03/06/09

Vinokourov Yuri(1988, 4) e-mail: jokervin@yahoo.com phone: (514) 847-1327 profession: programmer employer: ABPTS Inc. position: Senior programmer-analyst country: Canada address: 1212 Pine avenue, 1704A, Montreal, Canada, H3G1A9 birthday: 1971 Mar 25 last updated on 03/26/00

Vinokurova (now Poletaeva) Alla(1981, 4) e-mail: kurazh11@list.ru phone: +7-812-297-81-06 profession: physicist employer: JSC "Obukhovsky zavod" position: interpreter country: Russia address: St-Petersburg, pr. M.Toreza, 23, app..6 birthday: 30/05/1964 last updated on 06/15/06

Vladimirova Masha(1989, 1) e-mail: vladimirova@ges.univ-montp2.fr phone: +33467610952 profession: Physicist employer: CNRS position: researcher country: France address: 985 rue des 4 Seigneurs 34090 Montpellier birthday: 06.01.1973 last updated on 07/19/04

Vladimirskaya Lydia(1996, 1) e-mail: lvladi@hotmail.com profession: international finance employer: Sydney Business Research position: product/service develoment country: Australia birthday: 08.10.1979 last updated on 07/14/06

Vladimirskaya (Segal) Olga(1990, 2) e-mail: os_segal@hotmail.com, olga_segal@yahoo.com phone: (301)-984-3126 profession: SW Engineer country: USA address: 261 Congressional Ln, Apt. 609, Rockville MD 20852 birthday: Nov. 09 1973 last updated on 01/14/03

Vlasov Andrey A.(1989, 1) e-mail: llanfair@ink.stud.pu.ru, llanfair@avk.stud.pu.ru phone: (7-812) 130-37-72 profession: physicist employer: Business Service, Ass. position: leading specialist on software country: Russia address: St. Petersburg, Tambasova Str., 26/2-66

Vlasov Serg(2002, 1) e-mail: super_los@mail.ru phone: +78123217834 profession: student employer: SPbSu, AppliedMath country: Russia address: V.O. 20-th line 13,38 birthday: 26.03.1985 last updated on 08/30/02

Vlasov Yurii(1981, 6) e-mail: vlasov@research.nj.nec.com url: http://www.neci.nj.nec.com/homepages/vlasov/ phone: (609)9512836 profession: physics employer: NEC Research Institute, Princeton, NJ position: scientist last updated on 7/3/98

Vodopyanov Anton(2003, 4) e-mail: frodo2003@mail.ru, lind@europe.com phone: 88123069006 profession: Student employer: no/\uTex country: Soviet Union address: Koroleva st., 42/3-105 birthday: 11.08.1986 last updated on 09/21/04

Voitenko Alexei(1989, 5) e-mail: alexvyah@yahoo.com url: http://www.kodeks.net profession: software developer employer: "Kodeks" position: software developer country: Russia last updated on 04/24/02

Voitenko Sergei(1967, 3) e-mail: serge@notpal.spb.su phone: (812) 312 2570, 310 1377 profession: Mathematic employer: Notary Chamber of St.Petersburg position: Head of the information&computer department country: Russia last updated on 10/16/97

Vojtenko Folomeeva Nataliya(1980, 5) e-mail: aisha_1980@mail.ru phone: (812)356-3307 (921)9848985 profession: Customs chief inspector employer: SPb Customs country: Russia address: SPb, Nalichnaya ul.,36-2-167 birthday: 07.09.1963 last updated on 06/29/05

Volchegursky Anatoly(1968, G, school #38) e-mail: avolcheg@ditechcom.com profession: Electronic Engineer employer: Ditech Communications Corp. position: H/W Manager country: USA last updated on 01/03/01

Volchkov Alexander(1997, 6) phone: 355-5822 profession: lazer engineer employer: LETI country: RUSSIA address: Nahimova st.1-448 birthday: 16.07.80 last updated on 10/22/99

Volkova Lidija(1965, 5) e-mail: Kitaewa@mail.ru phone: (812) 5296176 profession: Programmer employer: SpbGKA position: Programmer country: Russia address: Spb, Peredovikov 25-337 birthday: 28.09.1946 last updated on 12/19/00

Volkova Vera(1989, 4) e-mail: - profession: designer employer: - position: - country: Russia last updated on 05/04/04

Volodarskiy Stanislav(1990, 3) e-mail: slavav@creatstudio.com phone: 356-62-01 profession: mathematician employer: Creat Studio position: programmer country: Russian Federation address: SPb Nalychnaya 36-4-26 birthday: 29/12/1972 last updated on 08/26/00

Volodina Ekaterina(1993, 3) e-mail: katya.lab@mail.econ.pu.ru profession: Software Engineer employer: St.Peterburg University position: Network Administator country: Russia birthday: 08.09.1976 last updated on 04/13/00

Volosastov Serge(1990, 4) phone: 7-812-277-86-27 profession: Engineer employer: Petrovsky Alliance position: System administrator country: Russia address: 193036 St. Petersburg Nevsky av. 128-50

Volosov Leonid(1981, 1) e-mail: rheinger@yahoo.de url: http://homepage.ruhr-uni-bochum.de/andrej.usov/pers/volosov/p-win.htm phone: +49-(0)221/4002435 country: Germany address: Leonid Volossov, Bachemerstr. 143 , 50931 Koeln , Deutschland birthday: 05.08.1964 last updated on 10/27/03

Volovats Dimitry(1981, 6) e-mail: dvolovich@hotmail.com phone: +44 1635 865809 profession: System Analyst/Software engineer employer: Amdocs UK Ltd. position: Project manager country: United Kingdom address: 32 Almond drive, Thatcham,Berks RG18 4DZ birthday: 07/05 last updated on 11/03/00

Vorobeitchik Irina(1991, 4) e-mail: advert@mail.lenexpo.ru phone: 355-58-32 employer: LENEXPO Exhibition company position: manager of advertising and PR dept. country: Russia last updated on 10/8/98

Vorobieff Paul(1970, 7) phone: 598-33-32 country: Russia address: Kulturi 16-1

Vorobjov Nicolai(1974, 4) e-mail: nnv@maths.bath.ac.uk url: http://www.bath.ac.uk/~masnnv phone: +44 1225 339226 profession: mathematician employer: University of Bath position: Reader country: United Kingdom address: 7 Rudmore Park, Bath, BA1 3JA, UK birthday: 3/aug/57 last updated on 04/18/02

Voronina (Lavrova) Julia(1980, 4) e-mail: jlavrova@yahoo.com position: Soft. developer country: USA last updated on 10/07/03

Voronov Alek(1980, 6) e-mail: alilvo2005@yahoo.com, alexander.voronov@gs.com profession: Computers employer: Goldman Sachs Israel position: Vice-President country: Israel last updated on 02/09/08

Voronov (Chernyak) Ida(1980, 7) e-mail: ida.voronov@mailpoalim.co.il profession: Mechanical Engineer employer: Bank Hapoalim position: Team Leader country: Israel address: Netanya last updated on 02/09/08

Voykina Olga(2005, 1) e-mail: olechka30@list.ru profession: student country: Russia birthday: 23.09.1988 last updated on 10/05/05

Voznesensky Eugene(1980, 1) e-mail: voznesen@sbcglobal.net phone: (650) 591 5131 profession: Software Engineer country: US address: 32 Cadiz Circle, Redwood City, CA 94065 birthday: Nov 2 1963 last updated on 06/15/04

Vulfovich Yelena(1991) e-mail: Kauvel@aol.com phone: 248-926-6759 profession: Mechanical Engineer employer: RDS position: Designer country: USA address: Detroit birthday: 16 February 1974 last updated on 04/20/00

Vulfovich Yelena(1969, B) e-mail: yvulfovich@gmail.com phone: 508-309-3570 profession: Programmer country: USA address: Ashland, MA 01721 last updated on 03/22/13

Vygovskaya Ekaterina(2000, 1) phone: +7(812)355-56-17 profession: psychology employer: student country: Russia birthday: 11.09.1983 last updated on 06/11/02

Vygovsky Sergey(1978, 1) e-mail: bcc@tepkom.ru phone: +7(812)355-56-17(h); 428-41-87(w) profession: Programmer country: Russia birthday: 14.06.61 last updated on 06/11/02

Vymenets Youry(1987, 2) e-mail: mokrets@chgk.info profession: Project manager country: Russia birthday: 7.02.1970 last updated on 06/25/07

Vyskubov Alexey(1989, 1) e-mail: alexey.vyskubov@nokia.com phone: +358 50 4839505 employer: Nokia position: Research Engineer country: Finland address: Aallontaite 5B 24 Espoo 02320 birthday: 05.06.1973 last updated on 06/10/02

Weisman Albina(1968, 1) e-mail: albina@erols.com phone: 508-820-7344 profession: Information Technology employer: Putnam Investments position: Business Analyst country: USA address: 21 Debra Lane, Framingham, MA 01701 birthday: 05/30/51 last updated on 09/17/02

Wert Maria(1997, 1) e-mail: wert_maria@mail.ru profession: economist employer: Philip Morris Izhora position: Accountant country: Russia birthday: 16.11.80 last updated on 12/01/01

Wolfson (Kuznetsov) Eugeny(1984, 3) e-mail: eugenew@ilx.com phone: (212)510-4603 (office), (718)796-5233 (home) profession: Software Engineer employer: ILX Systems Inc. position: Senior Software Developer country: USA address: 3103 Fairfield Av. apt.9G, Riverdale NY 10463 birthday: October 16, 1967 last updated on 1/19/99


Yakhkind Leonid(1972, B, school #38) e-mail: usa444@hotmail.com profession: Database Administrator country: USA last updated on 08/29/06

Yakhkind Mikhail(1976, 4) e-mail: Yakhkind@aol.com profession: Business employer: Dual Consolidated Inc. country: USA address: Boston, USA last updated on 06/04/99

Yakhontov Konstantin S.(1983) e-mail: mail@konstantin.spb.ru url: http://www.konstantin.spb.ru phone: 7-812-3463503 profession: Orientalist country: Russia address: 197061 St. Petersburg Rentgena 15/31-68 last updated on 05/13/00

Yakobson Igor(1972, V, school #38) e-mail: sensr@kompac.spb.su url: http://www.compas.ru phone: (7-812) 321 58 32 profession: programmer & journalist employer: Compass position: owner country: Russia address: Russia, 199178, Spb, Sredniy prospect, 65, 5 birthday: 18.05.1955 last updated on 2/19/99

Yakobson Ilia(1992, 1) e-mail: yaxy100@yahoo.com employer: different software companies position: architect, PM, developer country: Russia address: Spb. Basil Island (different apatments) last updated on 06/02/05

Yakovlev Alexandre(1973, E, school #38) e-mail: alex.yakovlev@ncl.ac.uk url: http://sadko.ncl.ac.uk/~nay/ phone: +44-191-2228184 profession: University Professor (Computer Science) employer: University of Newcastle upon Tyne position: Reader in Computing Systems Design country: United Kingdom address: 82 St. George's Terrace, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 2DL England birthday: 9 April 1956 last updated on 7/22/98

Yakovlev Sergey(1974, B, school #38) e-mail: sergey.yakovlev@kronshtadt.ru phone: (812) 325-31-31 in. 74-02 profession: mathematics employer: ZAO "Transas" position: technical expert country: Russia address: SPb birthday: 16.07.1957 last updated on 09/02/02

Yakowlew Nickolaj(1980, 1) e-mail: nick@jakowlew.de url: http://www.jakowlew.de phone: +49-6471-39092 profession: programmer country: Germany birthday: 16 may 1964 last updated on 04/14/05

Yakushev Michael(1984, 6) e-mail: misha@stronik.spb.su url: http://www.soft-tronik.ru phone: 7-812-325-84-84 profession: Software engineer employer: Soft-tronik position: Product manager (LAN systems, Siemens Nixdorf) country: Russia address: St.Petersburg, Russia, ph. 7-812-348-33-39 birthday: October 05, 1967 last updated on 8/20/98

Yampolsky Tatiana (Sarah)(1979, 6) e-mail: sarayamp@hotmail.co.il profession: Programmer country: Israel, Jerusalem last updated on 03/04/02

Yanchevskaya Natasha (1990, 2) e-mail: markandeia@yahoo.com profession: Vostokoved birthday: 04.11 last updated on 02/02/02

Yanko Vitaly(1999, 3) e-mail: refuznik@rambler.ru url: http://fbr.fbi.ru phone: +7-812-4284407 profession: student of physics employer: physicist position: laboratory worker country: Russia address: Stary Peterghoff, Botanicheskaya str.,64/2 birthday: May 28 last updated on 03/26/01

Yaremenko Dmitry(1991, 5) e-mail: dmitry_yaremenko@hotmail.com phone: 351-63-90 employer: PeterStar position: Marketing Specialist country: Russia address: 34/42 Korablestroiteley st. Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 199155 birthday: 1, march, 1974 last updated on 12/16/97

Yarin Alexander(1970, 7) e-mail: ayarin@uic.edu phone: (312)996-3472 profession: applied physics employer: University of Illinois at Chicago position: Professor country: USA address: 216 58th Place, Clarendon Hills IL60514 USA birthday: May 20,1953 last updated on 02/03/07

Yarin Yakov(1971, 6) e-mail: j_yakov@hotmail.com position: unemployed country: Canada last updated on 09/04/04

Yarmola Yuri(1988, 1) e-mail: root@yar.spb.ru phone: 7 (812) 142-6237 profession: Programmer emplpoyer: FontLab DG position: Project Leader country: Russia address: St.Petersburg

Yavorskaya Maria(1995, 5) e-mail: yav_mas@pisem.net, yav_mas@yahoo.com phone: +7(812)5273954 profession: Linguist employer: Ectaco R&D country: Russia address: Rzhevka :) birthday: 23/03/78 last updated on 08/07/03

Yavshitc Alexey(1982, 7) e-mail: equ@mail.nevalink.ru profession: businessman country: Russia

Yukelson Michael(1978, 7) e-mail: michael_yukelson@mail.sel.sony.com phone: (408) 955-5353 profession: Electronic Engineer employer: Sony Electronics position: Senior HW Engineer country: USA address: 1575 Tenaka Pl. #Q8, Sunnyvale, CA 94087, USA

Yurganov Leonid(1963, A, school #38) e-mail: leonid@atmosp.physics.utoronto.ca phone: 1-416-9788-0341 profession: physics employer: University of Toronto position: Visiting professor country: Canada address: 41 Albemarle Ave., apt.3, Toronto, M4K 1H6, Canada

Yurkov Alexander(1972, 2) e-mail: yurkov@cape.nw.ru url: http://www.cape.nw.ru phone: 7-812-2175678 profession: mathematician employer: St.Petersburg State University position: Professor Assistant country: Russia address: Ap.61, Leningradskaya 87, Pushkin-5, 189620, St.Petersburg, Russia

Yusupova Natalya(2000, 3) e-mail: reveuse@rambler.ru country: Russia address: St.-Petersburd, Stachek 182-77 birthday: 31.03.1983 last updated on 09/28/05

Yutanov Nikolai(1977, 2) e-mail: yut@infopro.spb.su profession: publisher employer: TF country: Russia

Yutkin Alexander(1970, B, school #38) e-mail: yutkin@unitel.spb.ru phone: /812/ 542-7153 employer: State Marine Academy position: Associate professor country: Russia address: St.Petersburg birthday: 19.02.1953. last updated on 04/21/01


Zabodalov Sergey(2000, 2) e-mail: zab@omen.ru phone: 304-1712 country: Russia address: Repischeva str. 15/3-69 birthday: 23/08/1983 last updated on 10/29/00

Zabotin Dmitry(1985, 1) e-mail: zabotin@neva.spb.ru phone: (812)296-98-32 profession: Programmer country: Russia, SPb last updated on 12/15/99

Zabotina Ekaterina(1992, 2) e-mail: Ekaterina.Zabotina@us.pm.com phone: +1 914 335-3523 profession: mathematician position: Finance supervisor country: USA address: Stamford, CT birthday: January, 15 last updated on 08/02/01

Zaitchick Fima(1974) e-mail: sajt-e@dial.eunet.ch phone: 0041-1-49-34132 profession: programmer engineer employer: Dr.Ing.Koenig AG country: schweiz address: Letzigraben str.47 8003 Zurich Schweiz last updated on 9/26/97

Zaytseva (Bodrova) Mila(1982, 5) e-mail: mila72@juno.com, LZaytseva@centralboston.org phone: 781-388-3920; 617-755-0353 employer: CBES, Inc. position: Social worker country: USA address: 15 Granville Ave, Malden, MA 02148 birthday: 02/27/1966 last updated on 06/24/03

Zak Irina(1992, 2) e-mail: Irene@icb.spb.su phone: 553-8120 employer: Industry & Construction Bank, St.-Petersburg, Russia position: Expert country: Russia last updated on 2/5/98

Zakharov Mikhail(1996, 3) e-mail: zakharov@ic.ff.phys.spbu.ru profession: physicist employer: Math. Faculty of SPBU position: Programmer country: Russia address: unknown even to himself birthday: 17.09.1979 last updated on 01/03/01

Zakharov Sergei(1979, 3) e-mail: zakharov@hotmail.com; bcb@infoservice.spb.ru phone: 7-812-251-8711 employer: BCB Computer Technologies position: Deputy director country: RUSSIA address: Apt. 162, 33 Morskaya nab., St. Petersburg, 199155, RUSSIA birthday: 25-07-1962 last updated on 10/7/97

Zakharova (Koursish) Elena(1970, 5) e-mail: victor@leontief.ru phone: (812) 3287845 profession: Programmer employer: JSC "OWA" position: Financial Director country: RUSSIA address: 2d linija, 1-33, St.Petersburg, 199034, Russia birthday: August 29 last updated on 11/4/98

Zakharova (Tirskikh) Julia(2002, 1) e-mail: sile_scara@pisem.net phone: +7(095) 360-36-21 profession: student employer: MPEI, Applied Math position: Moscow country: Russia birthday: 07.11.1983 last updated on 01/14/04

Zakirov Ravil(1998, 2) e-mail: zakirov@rain.ifmo.ru employer: SPb SU ITMO country: Russia birthday: Oct 18, 1981 last updated on 03/29/06

Zambrovski Simon(1994, 9) e-mail: SZambrovski@gmail.com url: http://simon.zambrovski.org/ phone: +49 172 5451060 profession: Dipl. Inf. Ing. employer: Hamburg University Of Technology position: Research Assistant country: Germany birthday: 11.02.1979 last updated on 08/31/05

Zamyshlyaev George(1987, 4) e-mail: zamyshlyaev@nwgsm.com phone: +7 812 9655577 employer: North-West GSM country: Russia

Zapatrin Roman Romanycz(1975, B, school #38) e-mail: gudrs@mail.ru url: http://romanycz.travel.ru profession: mathematician employer: Quantum Information Group, I.S.I. Foundation, Torino position: Ac. Researcher country: Italy last updated on 03/19/02

Zarkhin Gene(1975, B, school #38) e-mail: geneza@comcast.net phone: 617-566-0768 profession: SW Engineer country: USA last updated on 09/09/03

Zaslavsky Boris(1988, 4) e-mail: bz@bz.spb.su url: http://www.bz.spb.su/ phone: 7-812-3275343 employer: Peterlink St.Petersburg position: Executive director country: Russia address: Basseynaya 45-66, St.Petersburg, SU-196070, Russia birthday: November, 2, 1971 last updated on 04/04/00

Zav`jalova(CHTCHetanova) Olga(1977, G, school #38) e-mail: chtcha@mail.admiral.ru phone: 812-232-6595 profession: physician country: russia address: Russia, SPb, kronverkskaja st.,27-2

Zelditch Alexey(1974, V, school #38) e-mail: azelditc@apple.com phone: (408)353-1433 employer: Apple Computer country: USA address: Los Gatos, CA last updated on 2/27/98

Zeliger George (Gera)(1965, 1) e-mail: zeliger.g@juno.com, George.Zeliger@state.ma.us phone: 617-254-6074 profession: Appl. Math/Statistics employer: MassDEP position: Env. Engineer country: USA address: 1615 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, MA 02135 birthday: 08/05/1947 last updated on 01/15/03

Zelman Grigory(1979, 2) e-mail: grgspb@mail.ru phone: (812)9431983 profession: programmer country: Russia last updated on 03/18/04

Zemlyanker (now Dubrovsky) Victoria(1986, 5) e-mail: dubrovsky_victoria@emc.com phone: 1-508-6168706 profession: software engineer employer: EMC Corporation position: Sr. software developer country: USA last updated on 3/12/98

Zhdanov Alexei(1989, 1) e-mail: azhdanov@gmu.edu url: http://mason.gmu.edu/~azhdanov/ phone: 703 993 18 66 employer: George Mason University position: Asst. Professor of Finance country: USA address: Washington, DC birthday: 11.11.1972 last updated on 12/26/06

Zhdanov Andrey (2002, 1) e-mail: zhdanov@rain.ifmo.ru, zhdanov@winlink.ru url: http://rain.ifmo.ru/~zhdanov country: Russia birthday: 18-Jan-1985 last updated on 02/22/04

Zhdanova (Zvereva) Elena(1980, 3) e-mail: azhdanova@nwgsm.ru country: Russia birthday: 22.02.1963 last updated on 03/29/01

Zheleznov Andrew(2008, 3) e-mail: zheleznov@bk.ru, antikass@rambler.ru url: http://vkontakte.ru/id968739?20846 phone: +79062774558 profession: student position: Saint-Petersburg country: Russia birthday: 15.02.1991 last updated on 06/28/09

Zheludeva Nina(1964) e-mail: vdmitr@aec.neva.ru phone: 234-36-18 profession: physics employer: Military University position: assistant country: Russia address: Sankt-Petersburg birthday: 29.04.46 last updated on 11/19/97

Zhidkov Evgueny(2001, 1) e-mail: jackis@peterlink.ru phone: +7(812)9326187 profession: system programmer/developer employer: SPbSTU, PhysMech, AppliedMath (1057/2) position: student country: Russia birthday: April 1st last updated on 03/02/02

Zhikharevich Boris(1980, 4) e-mail: forschool1@mail.ru country: USA address: Santa Cruz, CA last updated on 06/07/05

Zhikharevich Iosif(1971, zh) e-mail: iosifj@nm.ru, iosifj@rambler.ru phone: +7(812)3803299 profession: country: address: birthday: 25.05.54 last updated on 01/19/09

Zhivopistsev Victor(2002, 1) e-mail: zhivopistsev@mail.ru phone: (812)355-4693 country: Russia address: Sankt-Petersburg, Morskaja naberezhnaja, 19-82 birthday: 18.03.1985 last updated on 07/10/02

Zhivov Alexander(1970, 3) e-mail: azhivov@uiuc.edu phone: 1-217-352-6883 profession: mechanical engineer/researcher employer: Zhivov&Associates, L.L.C. position: President country: USA address: 3 Hampton Court, Champaign, IL 61820 birthday: June 15, 1953 last updated on 11/03/00

Zhorov Alexander(1992, 2) e-mail: Spb_Alex@yahoo.com phone: +1-416-224-0563 employer: P&G position: Manager country: Canada address: Toronto birthday: October 2, 1975 last updated on 10/17/02

Zhuchkov Alexandr(1981, 6) e-mail: alexfromoxta@mail.ru phone: +7(911)939-3972 country: RUSSIA address: St-Petersburg , Dekabristov Str. 50 , flat 16 birthday: 20 May 1964 last updated on 07/13/09

Zhukova Victoria(1991, 3) e-mail: vika@promt.spb.su employer: PROMT position: programmer country: Russia last updated on 05/30/01

Zhuravliova (Chevtchenko) Irina(1986, 3) phone: 269-86-72 profession: economist-mathematician country: Russia address: 192238 SPb Turku str 15-2-15 birthday: 30.01.1970 last updated on 4/12/99

Zhuze Vladimir(1987, 2) e-mail: vladimir@cs.wvu.edu url: http://www.cs.wvu.edu/~vladimir/ phone: 1-(412)-349-6549 profession: Software programmer employer: Biocontrol Technology, Inc. position: Senior Programmer / Analyst country: USA address: 39 N. 15th.St., Indiana, PA 15701 last updated on 2/5/98

Zilberman Daniel(1987, 2) e-mail: danfrompiter@gmail.com, danfrompiter@sbcglobal.net url: http://www.danielzilberman.com phone: (650)906-4961 profession: Web Aplications Architect position: Consultant country: United anti-Arab States of Armenia address: San Francisco, CA birthday: 06/23/1970 last updated on 05/21/05

Zinger Victor(1970, 4) e-mail: vzinger@msn.com, victor.zinger@uas.edu phone: (907)2478793 profession: Mathematics employer: University of Alaska position: Professor country: USA address: P.O. Box 8793 Ketchikan, Ak 99901 birthday: March 27, 1953 last updated on 09/22/02

Zlotchenko Eugene(1980, 4) e-mail: eugene_pritsker@yahoo.com url: http://www.thetwistergroup.com phone: 847-478-9220 country: USA address: Buffalo Grove, IL last updated on 09/16/07

Znamerovskaya (Zilber) Marina(1992, 5) e-mail: mznamer@mail.ru phone: 5501274 profession: Programmer country: Russia address: 2nd Murinsky 37-19 birthday: 26.03.1975 last updated on 02/19/01

Zolotareva Alla(1974, B, school #38) e-mail: mikamo@mail.ru, alla@beige.plala.or.jp, nichirocorp@rambler.ru phone: 81-1527-44-121 profession: mathematic position: president of company country: Japan address: Abashiri-gun Memanbetsu birthday: 05.03.1957 last updated on 03/19/07

Zotev Vadim(1989, 4) e-mail: vzotev@hotmail.com phone: 1-909-7860739 profession: Physicist employer: University of California, Riverside position: Ph.D. student country: USA address: 3637 Canyon Crest Drive, Apt.E207, Riverside, California 92507, USA birthday: May 9, 1972 last updated on 10/19/99

Zubkov Sergei(1971, 1) e-mail: ssergee@mail.ru, zssergee@hotmail.com, enought phone: +79052787660 profession: klimatologist employer: St.Petersburg State Yniversity position: Head of meteorological labaratory country: Russia birthday: 30.09.1953 Click here to see photograph last updated on 02/02/07

Zuev Valery(1966) phone: (812) 225-1148 employer: Technical Systems Security Center country: Russia address: Kriukova Ul. 13-26, St.-Petersburg 195268 Russia

Zuev Vladimir Urievich(1999, 3) phone: +7(812)-592-3900 profession: Student employer: MatMex country: Russia address: pr Lunocharskogo 7-2-242 last updated on 02/05/00

Zverin Yefim(1974, G) e-mail: tsify@workmail.com phone: (212)996-9877 (office) profession: financial employer: Dillon Scott Securities, Inc position: Managing Director/Regester Options Principal country: USA last updated on 05/05/05

Michael Zvezdov(1980, 3) e-mail: zvezdoz@metec-software.com phone: +7 (812) 727-80-84 profession: scientist employer: Metec Ltd. position: Senior Scientist country: Russia address: Moskovskoe chosse 16/1 # 79 St.Petersburg birthday: 17.01.1963 last updated on 11/16/05

Zyryanova Anna(1980, 5) e-mail: annger@niimm.spbu.ru phone: 428-73-34, 9198704 profession: mathematic employer: SPb University country: Russia birthday: 13. 06. 63 last updated on 06/27/05

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