30/38 school photo page

Click here to view a photograph of A.R.Maizelis taken at the School 38 '76 A reunion on 09/20/97. The photograph is provided by Sergey Liberman (1976, A).

Click here to view photographs of the Fall 1997 N.Y. reunion. The photographs are provided by Yuriy Gusev (1975, 5), and Vadim Pliner (1973, 7).

Click here to view a set of miscellaneous photographs provided by Benjamin Dysin (1991,2).

View photographs of teachers, students, and other stuff sent by V.L.Il'in to M.Chepovetsky (1976, 3).

View a photograph of Ada L'vovna Vaysburd and M.Chepovetsky (1976, 3), taken in Cape Cod in August, 1996.

View a photograph of (1996, 1) and their teachers (external link to the site of Dmitri Lomov).

View a photograph of Taisiya Ivanovna Kursish taken in October 1997 after the celebration of 100 anniversary of 30 school. The photograph is provided by Vladimir Rozhansky (1970, 1).

View photographs sent by Galina Dymkova (1988, 2).

View photographs of A.R.Maizelis and M.L.Shifman taken on 1/2/1999. The photographs are provided by Igor Katsman (1989, 5).

Click here and here to view teachers' photographs from the 1973 year book. Click here to view a photograph of the Physics teacher Aleksey Dmitrievich Usachenko. The photographs are provided by his son Kirill Ageev.

Click here to view a photograph of Boris Fedorovich Bloshkin, Math teacher (left), and Sergei Pavlovich Dernov, Director (right). Photographed circa 1950 by Eugene Shadrov (1933-1975), class of 1951. Provided by photographer's sister Valeria Shadrova. Also, class of 1951 (same source).

View a collection of photographs sent by Dmitry Slepichev (1999, 3).

A collection of photographs taken during V.L.Il'in's visit to the U.S.A. (May '99). Sent by Michael Chepovetsky (1976, 3).

Photographs of Iosif Jakovlevich Verebeichik taken by Sergei Voitenko (1967, 3) in March-April 1999 and scanned by Dmitry Roubashkin (1973, 2).

Taisia Ivanovna Kursish in the US (summer of 2000) -- a link to Igor Ginzburg (1982, 5) website.

Ada Lvovna Vaysburd in school #30, photographs by Vladimir Leonidovich Ilyin.

Photographs from Ilya Lotvinov (2001, 1): 1, 2, 3, 4.

A photograph of Mikhail Lvovich Shifman by Aleksey Tretyakov (class of 1990).

Photographs sent by Senia Klebanov (1982, 4): M.L.Shifman, M.L.Shifman, V.L.Ilyin, T.I.Kursish, V.L.Ilyin, T.I.Kursish, M.L.Shifman.

A photograph of M.L.Shifman and G.I.Rogozina taken on Saturday, December 24, 2005 in the Physics teachers room in the old 30-ka building across the street from Vassileostrovskaya. Provided by Gleb Gribakin (1978, 2).

Photographs of Aron Ruvimovich Maizelis, Iosif Abramovich Soloveichik and Lev Andreevich Kirshner, 1972-1973, from Michael Berkovich (1973, B, #38): [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]


M.L.Shifman (taken by Sergey Shlyapnikov in Jan 2010)

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